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The Mysterious Manx Cat: A Tailless Feline Friend!

Reading Time: 5 minutesManx cat lovers will happily tell you of this breed’s prowess as a hunter, its unusual love of water, its friendly nature, and many other things that make it a wonderful pet. But perhaps the trait that the Manx breed of cat is most known for is its lack of a tail! Read on to learn all about this unique breed. Meet the Cute Tailless Cat:

Large Cat Breeds That Make for the Purrfect ESAs!

Reading Time: 7 minutesDoes the idea of cuddling with a big warm ball of fur sound appealing to you? If so, the large cat breeds might be just what you’re looking for! These cats are cuddly, beautiful, have unique personality traits, and have we mentioned they’re large? Everything about these large cats is adorable — it’s just like having

From Russia With Love: The Siberian Cat Breed

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Siberian cat – this is one fur baby that is very hard not to adore! As you may expect with a cat from the cold climates of Russia, Siberian cats are robust – and they wear their thick and lush fur coat with pride. The Siberian is also an extremely loving and loyal breed that makes an excellent and affectionate companion. For

The Bombay Cat: Kings and Queens of the Black Cat Breeds

Reading Time: 4 minutesAs with the Bengal and the Savannah cat, the development of the Bombay cat breed stemmed from a desire to have a miniature version of a wild cat. In this case, a sleek black panther. The inspiration for the name of the breed comes from the black leopard of India. With their glossy black coat and their copper-gold eyes, Bombay cats are

Gentle Giants! The Ultimate Maine Coon Cat Breed Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe Gentle Giants of the Feline World: The Maine Coon Cat Breed! The Maine Coon is the lion of the domestic cat world! But this breed is affectionately known as the gentle giant for their kind and loving nature. Could the Maine Coon breed be the feline friend you’ve been looking for? What’s in a Name: Mancoon? Maincoon? Main Coon?

The Exotic Shorthair Cat – America’s Favorite Kitty!

Reading Time: 4 minutesIntroducing the Exotic Shorthair Cat Breed! The Exotic Shorthair cat is actually not that exotic, it’s just a shorthaired Persian. Also known as the “furniture with fur” cat and “lazy man’s Persian” this cuddly kitty is America’s favorite cat breed! The Brief History of Exotic Shorthair Cats The 50s. The decade that gave