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8 June, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Peanuts? Is Peanut Butter Safe for Dogs?

Peanuts. You love them, hate them, or break into hives on contact… but can dogs eat peanuts? Before you go and give human foods to your four-legged friend, make sure you know whether your peanuts or peanut butter is safe for dogs!

22 May, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Shrimp? Is This Seafood Safe for Mr. Pup?

There’s nothing as good as some hot, steamed shrimp! A delicacy amongst many cultures, shrimp is perhaps one of the most commonly consumed seafood in today’s world. Every so often we may be tempted to share this delicious seafood with our pup—but wait! Can dogs eat shrimp?

21 May, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Onions? Are Onions Bad for Dogs?

Lots of people have questions about what dogs can eat. Maybe you want to minimize food waste by feeding table scraps, or perhaps your dog loves to scavenge and get its nose into places it shouldn’t. Either way, knowing what human food your dog can eat is vital to keeping your pooch safe and healthy. Today’s question: Can dogs eat …

19 May, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Mango: Is This Fruit Good for Your Pup?

Sweet and juicy! Who could not resist a slice of mango?  Heck! even our dogs may be tempted to steal a piece of mango from your plate. But, can dogs eat mango? Over the last 20 years, millennials have begun to push forward and feed more fresh fruit and vegetables to their pets! Apples, fresh leafy greens, and even mangos! …

18 May, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

Potatoes are one of the staples of most people’s diets. They’re just so delicious! You might be wondering, “can dogs eat potatoes?” After all, they’re a hearty food! Surely dogs would love them too, right? This might not be right. Not all foods humans eat are suitable for dogs. Keep reading to find out if you can feed your dog …

17 May, 2018

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Is this Veggie Safe for Your Pup?

Dogs are notorious for stealing human food. However, what they want to try out isn’t always the best for them. Yes, vegetables are very healthy for humans, but giving it to dogs isn’t always a good idea. Have you ever wondered “Can dogs eat cucumbers?” If so, keep reading our article to find out. Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? To put …