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Dog Abortion: Ethics, Methods, Costs and More

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are different reasons for a dog abortion. Also, there are many ways to terminate pregnancy in dogs. Read on if you want to find out more about the methods and costs involved.. Is Dog Abortion Possible? The short answer: Yes, dog abortion is possible. There are a variety of veterinary solutions for terminating a pregnancy in female

Mast Cell Tumor Dog Symptoms, Causes, Treatments and More!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Unfortunately, dog cancer is a thing. The disease doesn’t spare our furry companions. In fact, mast cell tumor dog cancer is pretty common. It adds up to about 20 percent of all skin tumors in dogs. But it doesn’t have to be a death sentence. If Fido is diagnosed early, there are plenty of treatment and therapy options, including

Dog Abscess: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and More!

Reading Time: 4 minutes A dog abscess can make a dog owner feel woozy. Fido can be in pain, have inflammation in their tissues, and lose their feistiness. Despite all that, abscesses are more common than you may think. Plenty of dogs get it every year, with bacteria coming into their bodies, for a variety of reasons. Some get it on their skin after getting a

Dog Coughing: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and More!

Reading Time: 4 minutes When humans choke on something, they cough. When they have the flu, they cough. Canines are very much like us in this aspect. A dog coughing can mean a number of things, from foreign bodies lodged in their throat to pneumonia. As a pet owner, it’s your duty to look after your dog’s health. The next time you hear Fido coughing

Dog Incontinence: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, and More

Reading Time: 3 minutes Anyone—human, dog, or cat—can become incontinent at some point in their lives. In fact, dog incontinence is more common than you may think. You’ll notice some doggos leave drops of urine wherever they go. That can happen for many reasons and to all breeds. Luckily, diagnosis and treatment are possible. Keep reading to get the

Dog Sneezing? What’s Making Fido’s Honker Honk?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Did you know that African Wild Dog packs sneeze as a way to cast a vote? Yes, it’s true! Researchers have observed these animals and realized that the dogs used sneezes to come to a group decision to move off and hunt. Perhaps your canine is using their dog sneezing as a form of communication, or maybe it’s just something

Using Neosporin on Dogs: Safety, Usage and More!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fido has just come home and you realize he has a cut on one of his paws. Your first instinct will probably be to reach for a first-aid kit and apply some ointment on the wound. But can you use Neosporin on dogs safely? This medication is popular with humans and super handy. But before you apply it to dog wounds, there are some things

Eye Drops for Dogs: Different Types, Uses, and More

Reading Time: 3 minutes Eye drops for dogs have multiple uses. Some treat bacterial infections, while others are used to clean dirt or mild wounds. Regardless of their purpose, eye drops for dogs have proven to be quite beneficial to our dogs. SUMMARY VERSION: Watching your pup suffer isn’t easy, luckily here are some products that might work:  

Merrick Dog Food: Nutritious and Delicious Food for Your Pets

Reading Time: 3 minutes Knowing your pup is getting the right nutrients is any pet parent’s concern. Not only that, but they also want Fido’s meals to be as delicious as possible. Merrick dog food joins taste and nutrition into an amazing formula. Their homemade dry and wet foods get those tails wagging—and vets smiling! It’s the perfect

Pet Stroller: For Furry Friends on the Move!

Reading Time: 4 minutes A pet stroller is exactly what you might picture when you hear those words. You’ve seen baby strollers often enough in the past, right? Well, nowadays pet strollers are made for different kinds of pets. There are all sorts of different kinds of strollers for the various sizes of pets and their respective needs! All product and Company

Pepto Bismol for Dogs: The Little Pink Pill for Upset Stomachs!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pepto Bismol for dogs is a great over-the-counter medication. It is used to treat an array of conditions. Today, dog owners use this human medicine to treat problems like vomiting, diarrhea, and indigestion in their furry friends. To learn more about Pepto Bismol for dogs read on! All product and Company names are Trademarks™ or

Dramamine for Dogs: Anti-Nausea Meds for Car Sick Pups?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ahhh, road trips—they’re a ton of fun! Puppies love exploring new places with their owners. But, sometimes, they get motion sickness, just like we do. Cue Dramamine for dogs. This medication helps with the symptoms of motion sickness, from vomiting to dizziness. It’s often recommended to pets by vets. But what exactly is

Carprofen for Dogs: Pain Treatment, Dosage, Side-Effects and More

Reading Time: 3 minutes What do you do when your puppy is hurting? Maybe they’re living with arthritis. Perhaps they’re having hip dysplasia pain. No matter the situation, carprofen for dogs is here to help. This safe pain relief drug is one of the most trusted and recommended by vets. But before you give Fido a tablet of carprofen, you need to learn

How to Get a Dog to Lose Weight

Reading Time: 4 minutes Canine obesity is one of the biggest health concerns veterinarians battle against. Pet parents need to know how to get a dog to lose weight! Why? Well, according to the recent survey of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 56% of dogs in the United States are diagnosed with obesity. Health Issues Caused by Canine Obesity There

Boop! How to Soothe and Solve Common Dog Dry Nose Issues

Reading Time: 4 minutes It’s no secret puppies have an outstanding sense of smell. But did you know they collect information about their surroundings by licking their nose? That’s why keeping their snout moist is a must. So what should you do about a dog dry nose? While it may not be an indicator of anything super serious, it’s a good idea

A Parent’s Guide to Doggles aka Dog Goggles

Reading Time: 3 minutesNot all dog owners know that their furry companions can wear sunglasses, goggles or: doggles! Getting protective eyewear for dogs who love the outdoors is an awesome idea. It protects their precious eyes from dust, sand, UV light, and bugs. Not to mention that they’re super stylish and turn any pooch into a style icon! Dog Eye

Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs? Here’s Why!

Reading Time: 5 minutes Have you ever asked yourself: why is chocolate bad for dogs? It’s probably safe to assume that most people love it! It’s flavorful, has been enjoyed by ancient Mesoamerican cultures since time immemorial, and it’s feasted upon on Valentine’s Day as a seemingly benign treat for humans… However, can it can life-threatening

The Miracle That is Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Reading Time: 4 minutes Apple cider vinegar for dogs: Ancient folklore or legitimate cure-all? For centuries, apple cider vinegar (ACV) has been hailed as an inexpensive and effective treatment for all sorts of ailments. What exactly is it used for? Can ACV treat the same maladies in dogs and cats as in humans?

Best CBD Oil for Dogs: A Review of the Top 5 Brands

Reading Time: 5 minutes There are so many kinds of CBD on the market, from CBD hemp oil to CBD dog treats. It can be hard to choose one. Today, we are bringing you a roundup of the best CBD oil for dogs that your money can buy! SPOILER ALERT: We rank Honest Paws as the #1 brand for CBD products. What Makes the Best CBD Oil for Dogs? There are so many health

Purina Fortiflora: Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

Reading Time: 3 minutes Many dogs and cats have digestive tract problems. From cats with diarrhea to pups who can’t digest their food properly, this is a problem that needs to be fixed. The Purina Fortiflora nutritional supplement for dogs and cats is here to put an end to this once and for all. It promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract and a strong

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