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10 January, 2018

Zyrtec for Dogs: A Useful Tool in the Fight Against Allergies

Summary Version: DO NOT USE ANYTHING WITH PSEUDOEPHEDRINE IN IT (Zyrtec-D)!!! Normal zyrtec or generic versions with the active ingredient cetirizine are ok to use. Check out these links to purchase: Brand Name Zyrtec or Generic Zyrtec. Dosage: 0.5mg/lb every 12-24 hours. Zyrtec for Dogs Inevitably the seasons change. Winter brings ice and snow, summer brings the blazing sun, autumn changes …

5 January, 2018

What is the Best Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach?

When your dog starts showing symptoms of diarrhea or an upset stomach, you should look first at the pet food you’re using. Selecting the best dog food for sensitive stomach can make all the difference! What’s Causing My Dog’s Sensitive Stomach? If your pet starts suffering from diarrhea or an upset stomach, turn to the list of ingredients on the …

5 January, 2018

Cosequin: The #1 Vet Recommended Joint Health Supplement

We all know what its like to age and feel our joints slowly deteriorate and cause us agony. Joint pain can affect dogs of all different ages, breeds, and sizes also, and it can be hard as the owner to understand their suffering when they can’t tell us. That is why you should be giving your furry friend Cosequin. The …

5 January, 2018

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Dog Dewormer

When the vet tells you that your dog has worms, or if you notice worms in your dog’s feces or vomit, you are likely to be stricken with horror and start thinking about where to find the best dog dewormer. However, tapeworms in dogs are incredibly common. Both dogs and cats are susceptible to parasitic diseases, and tapeworms and roundworms …

28 December, 2017

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs: Signs, Treatments, and Prevention

Simply explained, hip dysplasia in dogs is the name for a hip joint that hasn’t developed correctly. Early onset hip dysplasia in dogs usually begins while a dog is still a pup, usually around four or five months old. Older dogs with osteoarthritis, a type of joint inflammation, are also prone to it. It is a degenerative disease that causes …

21 December, 2017

High Fiber Dog Food 101: Everything You Need to Know

The health benefits of a diet high in soluble fiber and other forms of dietary fiber are well-known – when it comes to humans, at least. But what about high fiber dog food? Is it as important to feed your dog high-fiber food as it is to ensure that you consume a diet made from only the best ingredients? Absolutely.