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7 August, 2018

What is Mange in Dogs? Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and More!

Most people are familiar with the annoyance of a dog with an itch. Their little legs go crazy trying to get that hard-to-reach spot behind the ears. Not only does it annoy us, but imagine the frustration they go through! After fleas, mange in dogs is the most common cause for itchy skin. The intense itch can cause open wounds …

7 August, 2018

Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease in Dogs: A Nasty Tick Bite!

Lyme disease in dogs is a tick-borne disease caused by a bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. Infection is passed between hosts by biting ticks, typically the Deer tick or black-legged tick. From dangers to prevention, read on to learn more about Lyme disease in dogs.

3 August, 2018

Mother Natures Greens! The Many Uses of CBD Oil for Dogs

Over the last few years, cannabis oil has gained much popularity amongst consumers. In particular, pet owners now choose to use CBD based products to help better their pet’s life! But, what are some uses of CBD oil for dogs? and can CBD products really benefit your dog? Read on to find out more! CBD Oil For Dogs: Pros and …

3 August, 2018

#1 Guide on Separation Anxiety in Dogs and How to Cure It

Separation anxiety in dogs can be defined as a problematic behavior that expresses itself through signs like barking, whining, property destruction, self-mutilation and attempts to escape. It is not to be confused with simulated separation anxiety, which is a learned behavior. A dog that suffers true separation anxiety is in a state of absolute panic when left alone. This dog will howl for as long …

2 August, 2018

A Pet Parent’s Guide to the Best CBD for Dogs

The debate about using holistic remedies for pets has never been hotter. And lately, there have been more veterinarians prescribing CBD for dogs. This non-psychoactive oil comes from either marijuana or the hemp plant. However, unlike these, CBD oil doesn’t have the THC potency of marijuana and can be very beneficial for a pet’s health. This oil helps with seizures, …

1 August, 2018

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? Causes, Treatments, and More!

Does your dog eat poop? Every dog owner today has probably been unfortunate enough to catch their sneaky pooch sneak a piece of cat poop. But, do you ever wonder why do dogs eat poop? Well, read on as the answer might just surprise you! Why do Dogs Eat Their Poop? Now, why do dogs eat poop has been quite a …