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27 September, 2017

Getting and Emotional Support Animal in Washington, DC

Emotional Support Animals have become more common over the past decade.  This is largely due to the many studies that have been done which show the great benefit these animals can have for their partners.  From nursing homes for the elderly to apartments in Washington, D.C., Emotional Support Animals have been gaining a solid presence in everyday life for a …

11 September, 2017

Getting an Emotional Support Animal in Miami, FL

People who struggle with disabilities are afforded certain privileges and rights when it comes to their service animals. For example, service dogs that act as guides for their visually impaired owners are usually allowed into certain areas where pets would normally be banned, such as grocery stores and restaurants. But what of those who own animals that aid with mental …

11 September, 2017

The Guide to Emotional Support Animals in San Diego, CA

If you suffer from a mental or emotional disability, it can be a major benefit to have an emotional support animal who can provide you with companionship and care. These well-trained creatures can be there for you, can help you when you are struggling and can make it easier to do day to day activities. The difference between an Emotional …