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Can a Landlord Legally Insist I Spay or Neuter My ESA?

Reading Time: 3 minutes By now most people know that a landlord has to provide reasonable accommodation to anyone with a disability. This includes people who own emotional support animals (ESAs). But where do a landlord’s rights begin and end? Can a landlord legally insist I spay or neuter my ESA? Read on to learn more! Let’s Start at the Beginning:

A Guide to Navigating the Flair Air ESA Policy

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re getting ready to travel within Canada with your emotional support animal, we have great news! The Flair Air ESA policy is welcoming towards small cats and dogs and their owners. Start packing your bags, read our comprehensible guide on traveling with an ESA, and start planning your next vacation! All Aboard! Flair Airlines

A Complete Guide to the Pacific Coastal ESA Policy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thinking of taking a vacation? Then we highly suggest paying a visit to British Columbia. And what better way to make your trip even more exciting than by taking your emotional support animal with you? Luckily, the Pacific Coastal ESA Policy welcomes your furry friend. Learn about all the regulations and restrictions right here! All Aboard!

ESA Weekly News Report August 13th: DOT Issues ESA Air Travel Guidelines

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week, we’ve seen some interesting emotional support animal news. Today, we’re sharing it with you. Our first story is about the Department of Transportation’s new guidelines for airlines. The second is a cautionary tale about abiding by airline regulations when flying with animals, whether they are ESAs or not. See

All You Need to Know About the Flair Air Pet Policy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could board a flight and enjoy your vacation with Fido? We love taking our pets with us on special trips. It brings us so much joy and makes for an unforgettable getaway! Fortunately, the Flair Air Pet Policy is welcoming of our furry friends. All Aboard! Flair Airlines Welcomes Pets on Their Planes! Traveling

All You Need to Know About the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Canada and the United States are brimming with exciting vacation destinations. From the Golden Gate Bridge to British Columbia’s national parks, there’s so much to see! Taking your furry friend along is the best way to make the most of your trip. Luckily, thanks to the Pacific Coastal Pet Policy, you can take Fido with you.

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