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Do Emotional Support Animal Letters Expire?

Reading Time: 3 minutes More people than ever are turning toward emotional support animals (ESAs) as an alternative treatment plan for mental illness. Not only do ESAs have a massively beneficial impact on the mental health of their owners, but they are also protected by two very important federal laws. All people need to get an ESA is an ESA letter. But, do

New Year, New Laws: The Illinois Assistance Animal Integrity Act

Reading Time: 2 minutes With the new year, new legislation has taken effect in Illinois. The Illinois Assistance Animal Integrity Act just went into effect on January 1st and helps housing providers fulfill their obligations to disabled residents by determining exactly what is required to establish disability and disability-related need for an assistance animal. What’s

Emotional Support Animals and the Human Animal Bond

Reading Time: 4 minutes Pet owners will be the first to tell you that having a pet is an amazing experience. You get to share your day-to-day with your adorable pooch. But there’s so much more to companion animals than the cuteness factor. Did you know the human animal bond does wonders for your physical and mental health? Being around animals is especially

Understanding the DSM 5 and Emotional Support Animals

Reading Time: 3 minutes Hundreds of psychiatrists have written this book on mental health disorders. Quite literally. It’s called the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, but you probably know it as DSM 5. Health professionals from all over the world use this manual. It contains guidelines for licensed mental health professionals about

A Complete Guide to the Allegiant Air ESA Policy

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you planning to board a flight soon and wish to take your emotional support buddy with you? We have good news. The Allegiant Air ESA Policy is very welcoming of assistance animals. You can take your furry companion hassle-free. Keep reading to learn more about the documents you’ll need and the restrictions in place! Allegiant

How Your ESA Can Help Make This a Happy Thanksgiving

Reading Time: 4 minutes Thanksgiving is usually a day for celebration and gathering. Friends and family get together to celebrate this national tradition every November, centuries after the first settlers and Native Americans had their famous meal. But for some, Thanksgiving is a sad day. It’s more common than you may think. Amid the tradition of eating

Getting an Emotional Support Animal in Washington State

Reading Time: 4 minutes The rainy Pacific Northwest winters can put a damper on anyone’s mood. They can make it harder for people with mental or emotional disabilities to live their day-to-day lives. That’s why getting an emotional support animal in Washington state is such a great idea. Those with a mental illness will benefit greatly from the company

ESA Weekly News October 27th: Michigan Debates ESA Laws and North Dakota Law Weeds Out Fake Service Animals

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s been a crazy week for emotional support animal news. Michigan started debating new emotional support animal (ESA) laws in the state senate this week. Meanwhile, North Dakota passed a law to punish those who misrepresent service animals. Keep reading to get the full scoop. See If You Qualify for An ESA Here Michigan State Debates

Why Your Emotional Support Squirrel Is on the No-Fly List

Reading Time: 4 minutes Squirrels are adorable, who could resist them? Some people love these animals so much they have gotten an emotional support squirrel. But keeping the fluffy rodents as ESAs isn’t quite straightforward. Did you know virtually all airlines don’t allow them on board of commercial flights? Or that not all landlords accept squirrels

Getting an Emotional Support Animal in Florida

Reading Time: 4 minutes Live on Miami Beach, in the Keys or anywhere in between? Wondering if an emotional support animal in Florida is right for you? Find out all you need to know about ESAs, service animals and companion animals – plus how to get an ESA letter for Florida – in our guide. Take CertaPet’s Free Screening Test Emotional Support Animal

ESA Weekly News Report September 17th: Emotional Support Pit Bulls Can Fly

Reading Time: 2 minutes Much has changed regarding emotional support animals on flights. Today, we cover two big stories about this topic. The first is about a new federal guideline allowing pit bulls aboard planes. The second is a look back at the changes made by Frontier Airlines to its ESA policy a year on. Get up to speed with us. See If You Qualify for

Emotional Support Dog Canada: All You Need to Know

Reading Time: 5 minutes So you’ve thought of getting an emotional support dog in Canada. It’s a great idea! These loving animals help individuals with disabilities cope with their emotional and mental health issues. They definitely make living in Canada a much easier and more comfortable experience. But do you know all the ins and outs of owning

Everything You Need to Know About the Air North ESA Policy

Reading Time: 4 minutes You’re going to Yukon! Fido is coming with! Which airline to book? Who will allow your precious emotional support animal (ESA) to fly with you? Air North is one of Canada’s ESA and pet-friendly airlines! Depending on the size of your emotional support animal, they may travel with you onboard, or as checked baggage. Read on for more

A Guide to the Central Mountain Air ESA Policy

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you are flying between the Western Canadian districts of British Columbia and Alberta, you might consider flying with Central Mountain Air. This airline comprises mostly smaller aircraft, but happily, they do permit some pets and/or emotional support animals (ESAs) to travel on-board. Read on for the finer details of the Central Mountain

Can a Landlord Legally Insist I Spay or Neuter My ESA?

Reading Time: 3 minutes By now most people know that a landlord has to provide reasonable accommodation to anyone with a disability. This includes people who own emotional support animals (ESAs). But where do a landlord’s rights begin and end? Can a landlord legally insist I spay or neuter my ESA? Read on to learn more! Let’s Start at the Beginning:

A Guide to Navigating the Flair Air ESA Policy

Reading Time: 4 minutes If you’re getting ready to travel within Canada with your emotional support animal, we have great news! The Flair Air ESA policy is welcoming towards small cats and dogs and their owners. Start packing your bags, read our comprehensible guide on traveling with an ESA, and start planning your next vacation! All Aboard! Flair Airlines

A Complete Guide to the Pacific Coastal ESA Policy

Reading Time: 3 minutes Thinking of taking a vacation? Then we highly suggest paying a visit to British Columbia. And what better way to make your trip even more exciting than by taking your emotional support animal with you? Luckily, the Pacific Coastal ESA Policy welcomes your furry friend. Learn about all the regulations and restrictions right here! All Aboard!

ESA Weekly News Report August 13th: DOT Issues ESA Air Travel Guidelines

Reading Time: 2 minutes This week, we’ve seen some interesting emotional support animal news. Today, we’re sharing it with you. Our first story is about the Department of Transportation’s new guidelines for airlines. The second is a cautionary tale about abiding by airline regulations when flying with animals, whether they are ESAs or not. See

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