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ESA Weekly News December 22nd: New Airline ESA Laws on the Way in 2020?!

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every week, we bring you the latest emotional support animal news pieces. Today, we’re delivering on that promise. Our first story is about changes that may be coming to ESAs on planes. The second is about an Iowa man who wants his emotional support coyote back. Sit back and get caught up! See If You Qualify for An ESA Here ESA

ESA Weekly News December 4th: New Michigan Bills Cracks Down on ESA Fraud, Looking Back at the Updated American Airlines ESA Policy and Man Threatened to Be Evicted

Reading Time: 3 minutes Airline policies change all the time, but some things stay the same forever. This week, we bring you yet another emotional support animal news update. We’re looking back at all the changes made to American Airlines ESA Policy over the year. You need to be ready to fly with Fido or Mittens before the busy holiday season! We’ve

ESA Weekly News November 19th: Mission Landlords in Trouble for DIY ESA Rules

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every week, without fail, we bring you the freshest emotional support animal news. This time, we bring you news of a Mission couple who have come up with their own ESA rules for their rentals. We also bring you an update on a sad ESA story we covered a while back. Get your coffee and get caught up. Finally, we check in with CertaPet’s

ESA Weekly News November 11th: New Florida Bill to Combat Abuse of ESA Laws and ESA Chicken Case Goes to Court

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s always something going on in the world of assistance animals. Today, we look at a proposed Florida Bill which aims to combat  ESA fraud. We also bring you two emotional support animal news stories. The first is about a new case going to federal court involving four emotional support chickens. The second is a heartwarming

ESA Weekly News October 27th: Michigan Debates ESA Laws and North Dakota Law Weeds Out Fake Service Animals

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s been a crazy week for emotional support animal news. Michigan started debating new emotional support animal (ESA) laws in the state senate this week. Meanwhile, North Dakota passed a law to punish those who misrepresent service animals. Keep reading to get the full scoop. See If You Qualify for An ESA Here Michigan State Debates

ESA Weekly News Report October 16th: Pets Allowed on Uber Rides and Labrador Calms Courtrooms and Police Stations

Reading Time: 2 minutes As always, we’re bringing you the best emotional support animal news on the internet. This week, we have two pieces. The first is about Uber Pet, a new service from the world-famous transportation company. The second is a heartwarming piece about a service dog who has helped an entire Californian community. See If You Qualify for

ESA Weekly News Report October 8th: CertaPet Launches Veterinarians Website and Missouri Woman Fights Legal Battle Over ESA Monkeys

Reading Time: 2 minutes Every week, we bring you a roundup of emotional support animal news. Today we report on an exciting new Veterinarians website launched by CertaPet. We also look into the legal battle of a Missouri woman fighting to keep her emotional support monkeys. Keep reading to catch up and learn more. See If You Qualify for An ESA Here “Veterinarians

ESA Weekly News Report September 25th: Delta Lifts Ban on ESAs on Long Flights

Reading Time: 3 minutes Once more, we’re bringing you the latest scoop in emotional support animal news. We have a couple of stories to cover today. The first is about Delta Airlines lifting the ban on ESAs on long flights. The second covers an ESA policy at the University of Delaware, which has affected a couple of students. The last one covers one of

ESA Weekly News Report September 17th: Emotional Support Pit Bulls Can Fly

Reading Time: 2 minutes Much has changed regarding emotional support animals on flights. Today, we cover two big stories about this topic. The first is about a new federal guideline allowing pit bulls aboard planes. The second is a look back at the changes made by Frontier Airlines to its ESA policy a year on. Get up to speed with us. See If You Qualify for

ESA Weekly News September 10th: Michigan Cracking Down on Fake ESAs and Temple University Welcomes ESAs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every week, we keep you informed about the latest emotional support animal news. We’re exploring two stories this week. The first is about a law being studied in the Michigan House concerning the misrepresentation of ESAs. The second is a look at Temple University and their experience with ESAs. See If You Qualify for An ESA Here Michigan