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CBD Oil for Horses: Benefits, Dosage and More!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Everyone’s heard of the miracle that is CBD oil. Although most people aren’t experts in CBD, it is just about common knowledge that this oil has massive health benefits for humans and their furry canine and feline friends. But what about our hooved friends? Read on to learn more about CBD oil for horses, and whether its benefits

A Ferret Parent’s Guide to Taking Care of These Cute Critters

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nicknamed the “Stinky Weasel thief,” the ferret has undoubtedly become one of the more popular pets in the United States. Although they may be small in size, this feisty little critter can have a big personality! To learn more about keeping a ferret as a pet, read on. Ferrets as Pets: The Furry Friends we All Love! A ferret

How to Care for Your Pet Hamster: From Toys, Food to More!

Reading Time: 6 minutesWhen we think about classic nostalgic pets, the hamster is the first thing that may come to your mind! Fluffy, friendly, small, and cute—hamsters are undoubtedly one of the most memorable pets of our childhood. So, if you’re looking to relive this nostalgia, or if you’d love to introduce your children to a one, then read

The Parakeet: A Bird with a Big Personality! {The Best Toy Included}

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe Parakeet birds are a type of parrot species that have a distinctive long tail and green feathers. These fun birds are found all over the world including Asia, Australia, South America, Africa, and even New Zealand. These birds are not only incredibly social, but they are also very affectionate and playful. So, if you are considering

Cockatiel 101: A Guide to Your First Tiel and The Best Toys to Buy!

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe cockatiel bird has easily become one of the most loved pets around the world! Loyal, playful, and affectionate, cockatiels are the type of bird that can suit anyone who’d love a break from dogs and cats. So, if you’re new to cockatiel pet ownership then you’re just in luck! In this article, we’ll cover everything

A Beginner’s Guide To Baby Hedgehog Care

Reading Time: 5 minutesWhen it comes to common household pets, a baby hedgehog might not be the most obvious choice. However, baby hedgehogs are fast becoming one of the more popular exotic pet choices in the United States and around the world. In fact, it is estimated that more than 40,000 hedgehogs are kept as pets in the United States alone. While some pet