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A Guide to Safely Using Ivermectin for Dogs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every pet parent should take their dog or cat’s parasite prevention routine very seriously. Giving your pet preventative medication regularly is easy. Getting rid of an infestation: Not so much. Enter Ivermectin for dogs! As with all pharmaceuticals, it is important to know how to safely give your dog Ivermectin. Read on to learn more

Using Neosporin on Dogs: Safety, Usage and More!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fido has just come home and you realize he has a cut on one of his paws. Your first instinct will probably be to reach for a first-aid kit and apply some ointment on the wound. But can you use Neosporin on dogs safely? This medication is popular with humans and super handy. But before you apply it to dog wounds, there are some things

Eye Drops for Dogs: Different Types, Uses, and More

Reading Time: 3 minutes Eye drops for dogs have multiple uses. Some treat bacterial infections, while others are used to clean dirt or mild wounds. Regardless of their purpose, eye drops for dogs have proven to be quite beneficial to our dogs. SUMMARY VERSION: Watching your pup suffer isn’t easy, luckily here are some products that might work:  

Dramamine for Dogs: Anti-Nausea Meds for Car Sick Pups?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ahhh, road trips—they’re a ton of fun! Puppies love exploring new places with their owners. But, sometimes, they get motion sickness, just like we do. Cue Dramamine for dogs. This medication helps with the symptoms of motion sickness, from vomiting to dizziness. It’s often recommended to pets by vets. But what exactly is

Pepto Bismol for Dogs: The Little Pink Pill for Upset Stomachs!

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pepto Bismol for dogs is a great over-the-counter medication. It is used to treat an array of conditions. Today, dog owners use this human medicine to treat problems like vomiting, diarrhea, and indigestion in their furry friends. To learn more about Pepto Bismol for dogs read on! All product and Company names are Trademarks™ or

Carprofen for Dogs: Pain Treatment, Dosage, Side-Effects and More

Reading Time: 3 minutes What do you do when your puppy is hurting? Maybe they’re living with arthritis. Perhaps they’re having hip dysplasia pain. No matter the situation, carprofen for dogs is here to help. This safe pain relief drug is one of the most trusted and recommended by vets. But before you give Fido a tablet of carprofen, you need to learn

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