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Previcox for Dogs: Benefits, Dosage, Safety and More

Reading Time: 5 minutesPrevicox, with the active ingredient firocoxib, is a chewable non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that is used as a painkiller for dogs suffering from osteoarthritis. Your dog and you have been inseparable from the moment you first laid eyes on each other. He shares your bed, your food and your passion for fishing. You share your

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing The Best Dog Dewormer

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhen the vet tells you that your dog has worms, or if you notice worms in your dog’s feces or vomit, you are likely to be stricken with horror and start thinking about where to find the best dog dewormer. However, tapeworms in dogs are incredibly common. Both dogs and cats are susceptible to parasitic diseases, and tapeworms and roundworms

Benadryl for Dogs: The Do’s & Don’ts, Dosage, Side Effects, And More

Reading Time: 5 minutesIf your dog or emotional support animal suffers from severe allergies or allergic reactions to things around them, then you know how hard it is to watch them go through that pain. However, there is a solution: Benadryl for dogs. “What, you say?! This ‘human drug’ can be used on dogs?! I’m not sure about that…” Benadryl

Tramadol for Dogs: The A-Z Guide

Reading Time: 4 minutesAs an avid animal lover, nothing is more disconcerting than knowing that your dog is in pain. For instance, if your pooch has always been affectionate and suddenly becomes irritable and distant, they may be in pain. Alternatively, a once-independent pooch who suddenly becomes super clingy could be ill. Pooch pain may be chronic,

Flea Pills for Dogs: The Ultimate Guide Every Pet Owner Must Read

Reading Time: 7 minutesYou love your pets and want to make sure they are well protected from those pesky fleas and ticks. Walking into your local pet store- examining all those flea pills for dogs available over the counter can be quite intimidating. So many choices with such as range of prices. How do you know which is the best? All product and Company names

Dasuquin: Pros and Cons of this Joint Supplement for Dogs

Reading Time: 4 minutes This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here. SUMMARY VERSION: We recommend VetApprovedRX for Dasuquin. They have an A+ BBB rating and have been in business for nearly 2 decades. Check them out here. As time goes on, we watch our pets age. It always seems like just yesterday when we were watching a