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A Deeper Look into The Middleton Family

Reading Time: 3 minutes “It was love at first sight.” Silly thing to say for most people. But for Holly and Aaron Middleton, it was the truth. Six months after they met, they took a little trip to a little town called Las Vegas where the couple said “I do” and began their new life as the Middletons before Aaron would be deployed overseas. As the couple’s

How Long Do Dogs Live? Here are the World’s Longest Living Dogs

Reading Time: 6 minutesHow long do dogs live? You’ve had your dog since he or she was a puppy. They may have only been a few months old when you brought them home. The two of you have enjoyed many happy years of playing, exploring, relaxing, loving, and living together. One of the factors you probably kept in mind when you adopted your dog was their lifespan.

Aluminum Ant Hill Art: Beautiful Yet Controversial

Reading Time: 4 minutesWhat do you see when you look at this picture? Do you see a lovely and intricate metal sculpture? In fact, Mother Nature and a bunch of her little helpers are largely responsible for this amazing creation. Can you guess what it actually is? Is it Scary? Bizarre? Perhaps. Art? You decide. Here is another beautiful, very complex work from