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Introducing the Lowchen aka Little Lion Dog

Reading Time: 3 minutes The eye-catching Lowchen AKA little lion dog is a sweet-tempered and loyal little lap dog! Lowchens make great companions for both adults and children alike. They are energetic, spunky little dogs. They have a wonderfully even temperament and a big personality that will dominate your home and your life! A Brief History of the Lowchen

Cat Care 101: When, How and Why Do Cats Purr?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Take a guess at how many cat lovers melt when they hear a kitty purr. Answer: all of them! But how many pet owners can actually answer the question “Why do cats purr?” Not very many. A purring sound can have a lot of different meanings. Sure, cats that purr are usually happy; but did you know they can also be frightened? Keep

CBD Oil for Depression: Does it Work?

Reading Time: 3 minutes With cannabidiol (CBD) popping up everywhere, the consumer demand for CBD oil for depression and anxiety is high and growing. With fewer side effects in most people, studies show that it may be an effective option to treat various mental illnesses or mood disorders such as depression. For those who have been self-medicating for years,

CBD Oil for Autism: The Science and The Myth

Reading Time: 3 minutes There is no cure for this condition, but luckily, there are a variety of treatments that can help improve the quality of life of those suffering from autism, as well as those who have autistic people on their lives. One treatment option, in particular, stands out: CBD oil. CBD oil for autism may not be a cure-all, but it certainly has

Why Your ESA Deserves a Trip to a Pet Supermarket or Pet Store

Reading Time: 4 minutes A pet supermarket – is it a supermarket for pets? Or is it a supermarket where pet parents buy pet stuff? Well, it’s both! A place for you and your four-legged friend to shop together for all their needs and wants! Your Emotional Support Animal Gives You So Much: Time to Give Back a Little Doesn’t a trip down to the pet supermarket

Top 10 Pawsitive Resolutions For Dog Owners

Reading Time: 2 minutesVow to Visit the Vet Your dog’s yearly examination is an integral part of preventative care. Many medical problems, such as obesity, arthritis, or diabetes, can be alleviated or cured altogether if caught at an early stage. Remember: not all medical conditions are obvious so yearly health and wellness exams are essential to a