Hear Cats Meowing? All You Need to Know About Cat Sounds!

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fluffy kitten making cat meow sound

When you hear cats meowing, what’s your first reaction? Is it a sign of hunger? Happiness? Fear? Today, we’re breaking down why cats meow. Spoiler alert: there’s more than one reason for this kitty noise! Once you master the meow, you’ll be one step closer to mastering cat communication.

Why Do Cats Meow? There Are Many Potential Reasons!

Kittens start making meow sounds soon after they’re born. As we’ll see, this is the way they communicate with their mommy. As they get older, they keep meowing—but for different reasons.

There are so many explanations for a cat meow. Depending on how loud the meow is and on their body language, you can learn a lot about Mittens from this sound. Let’s get started!

A Look at How Mittens Makes That Meow Cat Sound

If you’re paying attention, you’ll see every type of pet communicates with other animals and, sometimes, with humans. Dogs bark and howl when they see another dog. Birds chirp and sing. Well, cats meow to talk to their owners!

Science Is Cool! The Origin of the Cat Meow Sound

We’ve always known that cats communicate. For a long time, scientists thought cats meowed to pass on messages to other cats. For example, if they spotted another animal, they might meow to greet them. But now we know that’s not the truth.

Domestic cats are the only felines who still meow in adulthood. If you look at feral cats closely, you’ll notice they make some cat noises, but they won’t meow! Yet, when they’re babies, they meow all the time.

This made researchers realize cats meowing are cats trying to talk to humans. When they’re kittens, in the middle of a big litter, they’ll meow to draw their mom’s attention to them! As soon as they grow up, they stop making those sweet meow sounds, unless they are around humans. If they want to tell another cat something, they’ll make other noises, such as hissing or purring.

three grey kittens meowing and making cat sounds

Cat Language 101: Know Your Cat Noises!

Cats are chatty animals! They have a big repertoire of sounds and they all mean different things. Feline sounds can include a soft purr, hissing, meow sounds, yowling, and growling.

Cat Meowing, Cat Crying, Cat Yodeling, Cat Screaming? Cat Sounds Differ!

Is there a better reason to learn what each cat sounds means than to understand Mittens better? We don’t think so. We’re sure knowing all this will come in handy in the future!

Female cats will yowl when they’re in heat. They do this to attract male cats so they can have babies. Unless you spay or neuter them, they’ll yowl loudly every two weeks.

Kittens and adult cats alike start chattering when they see prey. They can’t help it, they just get so excited and need to release those crazy feelings, in one way or another!

Even while cats sleep they can make noises. For example, they can purr loudly or softly if they’re having a particularly good dream.

5 Reasons for Meowing Cats

Let’s get to the bottom of why your cat is meowing. Different breeds meow differently. Siamese kittens, for example, are notorious for meowing loudly! But the reasons why they make this noise is the same for all breeds.

Meowing Cats Could Be Hurt

Cats meowing can mean they’re in pain or in distress. Usually, they’ll vocalize their discomfort loudly to draw their owner’s attention. This meow will usually be fraught and sound stressed. If you hear it, it’s time to get help!

Sad Kitten? A Crying Cat May Be Lonely

There’s nothing sadder than a crying kitty, but it happens! Cats are social creatures, contrary to popular belief. They like spending time with humans or with other cats. If you’ve been working long hours lately, there’s a chance you’ll hear meow sadly when you get home. It’s a sign that they need some much-deserved cuddles!

A Kitten Meow May Signal Food Time

Other times, cats meowing could be a sign of hunger! Kittens beg their moms for milk when they’re newborns. When they grow up, they start asking their human companions for food. So, keep in mind: meowing time might be dinner time!

cats meowing cute kitten making cat noises

Screaming Cat? It Could Mean “I’m So Mad!”

When Mittens is mad, they will meow loud and clear for everyone to know they’re not happy! Sometimes, the meowing is accompanied by growling and menacing body language. Think ears flattened and pointing back, tail close to their body, hissing, and hair all puffed out. That’s one kitten you don’t want to mess with…

Mittens Could Be Greeting You!

It’s not all negative things, though. Cats meowing can also be happy to see their owners after a long day apart. If their tail goes up and they rub on you when they see you walk into your home, Mittens is happy to see you!

Do Cats Cry When They’re Happy?

There are happy cat sounds, too! Purring usually means your kitten is content and living the life of their dreams. Trills also often mean joy and excitement.

Next time you’re lounging on the couch with Mittens, pay attention to the noises they make. Do they purr? Do they breathe heavily while taking a nap?

If Your Cat Won’t Stop Meowing: Time for a Vet Visit!

Unfortunately, not all meow sounds are positive. Pay attention to your cat’s noises. While healthy cats frequently meow, if your cat’s meows get out of hand, it’s time to go to the vet. It could be the sign of pain or of an illness they can’t fight off on their own. Don’t ignore it: take Mittens to the vet to make sure you’re in the clear.

The Cat’s Meow That Melts Hearts: A Kitten Meowing

Gentle cats meowing seem to wipe all our worries away. At the very least, they can distract you from your worries for a few minutes at a time! Is there anything cuter than a kitten who fits in the palm of their owner’s hand meowing asking for food and cuddles?

cat meowing angry crying cat

Having a Bad Day? Watch Some YouTube Kittens Meowing!

We all have our tough days. Fortunately, there are tons of adorable kitten meowing videos on YouTube. It’s certain to put you in a better mood and turn that frown upside down!

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