Cerenia for Dogs and Cats: Stopping Motion Sickness Once and For All!

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cerenia for dogs maropitant citrate tabletsFor some dogs, car sickness gets in the way of joining in on family holidays and fun! Cerenia for dogs is a new medicine that has now been developed to treat vomiting in pets. Read on to learn more about Cerenia for dogs.

What is Cerenia for Dogs?

Cerenia for dogs is a wonder drug when it comes to preventing acute vomiting or motion sickness in dogs.

Maropitant citrate is a medication that makes it very hard to stimulate the vomiting center. Whether the vomiting is a result of an infection (parvovirus), pancreatitis or even chemotherapy, Cerenia can help your pooch out!

With the administration of either Cerenia tablets or the Cerenia injectable, it is widely used among dog owners and veterinarians too. As well as being user-friendly, Cerenia is also the only FDA-approved drug on the market for treating canine motion sickness!

This provides a sense of comfort and guaranteed safety when using it for our little pooches! Vets tend to use Cerenia in the clinic with patients suffering from the side effects of other drugs such as morphine.

Morphine causes nausea and vomiting in some dogs, and the Cerenia injectable can be used to quickly subside these effects. Cerenia for dogs doesn’t stop there though, there are tons of other ways its used to help out our little friends!

CBD Oil for Dogs is A Natural Way to Relieve Nausea in Dogs

Although Cerenia is an excellent medication for treating vomiting in dogs, it isn’t in any way a natural form. For some people, this can be off-putting. But don’t worry, there are alternatives!

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Not only does CBD oil help in vomiting but it also has an analgesic effect, it helps with relieving skin allergies and anti-inflammatory effects too!

As well as helping with a range of health issues, CBD oil has far fewer side effects and is less aggressive in treatment.

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Cerenia Maropitant Citrate Uses: From Canine Motion Sickness to Acute Vomiting

The versatility of this drug is incredible! The active ingredient is known as maropitant citrate, and this works on the emetic center in the brain.

As mentioned earlier, vets will use Cerenia injectable to treat vomiting in dogs caused by other drugs. Before going into surgery, dogs are pre-medicated with opioids (an analgesic) which can induce acute vomiting!

So, Cerenia will often be used to stop dogs vomiting before and even after surgery!

In the clinic, it is not just opioids that can cause vomiting in dogs, but also the likes of toxins, parasitic infections, and even stress!

The problem with vomiting in the clinic is that not only the dogs’ welfare is compromised but also any oral medications given might not be absorbed well.

However as mentioned earlier, this Cerenia for dogs is versatile! Taking this drug home in tablet form is easier than most and comes with utter convenience. With a normal dose of one tablet a day, it couldn’t come any simpler!

At home uses include:

  • preventing car sickness
  • relieving anxiety and
  • general calming effect on those dogs that can be highly strung.

If you’re planning a road trip away with the family, its easy enough to call into your local vet and pick up Cerenia tablets!

Having dogs that do get motion sickness should not be a reason to leave them behind!

Thanks to Cerenia, fewer dogs are missing out on the fun and there’s much less mess when they come road-tripping with us! Or maybe you’re hosting an event at your house but have a really anxious pooch!

These Cerenia tablets are completely safe to use for calming and soothing the likes of anxiety and highly strung dogs! Or if you breed, most puppies will vomit for absolutely no reason!

This can be extremely inconvenient if they do so on your nice new rug! So whether it be an at home use or an in the clinic used medication, Cerenia for dogs really does its part to improve the life of dogs and people!

dog sleepy, cerenia side effects

Famotidine for Dogs and Cats: When Treating That More Serious Dog Upset Stomach

As a pet med, Famotidine for dogs and cats aids the turbulent stomach acid within your pet’s tummy. Also known as Pepcid for humans, Famotidine is there just as Cerenia to keep your dog from not feeling so sick.

It also works to help heal ulcers in the pet’s stomach. If you believe your cat or dog to have a stomach ulcer or any more serious gastric problems then do not wait and call the vet.

Pepcid for Dogs/Pepcid AC for Dogs

Like Cerenia and CBD oil, Pepcid for dogs also helps with the nausea and uneasiness a dog may get from either in a car, boat, or any other way.

For Pecid dosage in dogs is around 0.22mg to 0.44mg per pound every 12 to 24 hours.

Cerenia Tablets for Dogs: How Does it Work?

Now that we’ve seen the versatility of Cerenia for dogs, let’s look at how the magic actually happens!

As well as an anti-nausea drug, Cerenia acts on the emetic center in the brain, acting directly on the prevention of vomiting.

But how exactly does this prevent vomiting? Well, it is a complex system but here’s a brief summary to help with the science of it all!

The link between motion sickness and vomiting has a lot to do with conflicting signals coming from the vestibular system and the eyes.

The vestibular system handles information relating to spatial orientation, movement, balance, and equilibrium. It is located in in the ear and so when dogs are traveling, the movement is sensed.

This sensory information is sent to the brain for interpretation. Simultaneously while sitting in the car, the eyes receive no information on movement!

These conflicting pathways of information gathered and are sent to the brains area postrema. The area postrema interprets this information and sends an impulse the to chemoreceptor trigger zone.

The chemoreceptor trigger zone then sends signals to the vomiting center where the dog is induced to vomit.

This is the part of the pathway where Cerenia interferes!

Cerenia acts on the signals being sent to the vomiting center. The vomiting center is in the medulla oblongata (back part of the brain).

By preventing the receptors in the medulla oblongata from receiving messages from the chemoreceptor trigger zone, it makes it’s very difficult for the animals to vomit!

Although it may sound a little complex, just know that Cerenia actually has a direct effect on the vomiting pathway and acts as a receptor antagonist!

Cerenia for Cats: Can Cats Use this Antiemetic?

That’s right, this wonder drug doesn’t just stop at dogs! It is also FDA-approved for preventing vomiting in cats too! Cats may vomit due to disease, parasitic infections or induced drug side effects.

kitten after taking cerenia for cats

Cerenia injection is used in vet clinics to often subside the vomiting while trying to find the underlying cause. This is important because cats are typically in a lot of discomforts when vomiting and it can also make it very difficult to make any diagnosis!

Also if any medication is given orally to the cat, it is likely it will be vomited up and will not benefit. This is why the Cerenia injection is so essential! If the tablet was given to already vomiting animals, it would just be brought back up and no useful effect would come from it!

Cerenia Cats Dosage: How Much does Kitty Need?

Most cat owners will not have to worry about calculating the dosage, as this is left to the vets. The dose is often stated on the packet too.

In tablets, the dosage for cats is around 2mg/kg and in the Cerenia injectable is around 1mg/kg.

But don’t worry too much about the dosage! Your veterinarian will cover any urgent questions regarding dosage!

Cerenia Injection for Dogs: Fast Acting Injects to Prevent Fido from Throwing Up!

As a veterinarian, you’re often looking for the fastest way to subside vomiting in both dogs and cats!

With vomiting animals, it can be hard to address the underlying problems, and not to mention the discomfort for the animal!

Cerenia tablets for dogs will take around 2 hours before they have an effect. These are used preferably for dogs and cats before going on a car trip.

This is why vets tend to go for the injectable form of Cerenia for in-clinic use, which has an effect within minutes of the Cerenia injection.

For clinic use, this is perfect as immediate effects are desired, and also helps to put Fido at ease while he’s in such an unfamiliar environment!

cerenia injection into dog

Cerenia Side Effects: From Excessive Drooling to Lethargy

As wonderful as this drug is, as, with all drugs, there are side effects. Side effects are important to be aware of as sometimes they can escalate and cause further discomfort to your dog.

Some side effects of maropitant citrate include:

  • drooling
  • loss of appetite
  • watery guts sounds, and
  • lethargy

These side effects will often persist for 24 hours after the dose. If given as a Cerenia injection, there can also be a considerable amount of pain at the injection site.

Avoiding putting pressure or touching the injection site is advised. Because of these undesirable side effects, it is recommended not to use Cerenia in consecutive days as you may end up starving your Fido!

However, sometimes, especially in the clinic, using Cerenia for a couple of consecutive days is unavoidable.

For example, when the vet is trying to keep oral medication down in the patient without vomiting it up. In this case, it’s important to avoid using the same place for administration every day as this can result in a very tender and painful injection site!

Cerenia Dosage for Dogs

Again, you do not have to worry too much about dosage! Your vet will have all the information on the dosage.

It is extremely important you read and understand the dosage when using maropitant Cerenia. For both dogs and cats, the dosage is based on the weight of the animal.

So, depending on the weight you may have to give half a tablet or even three!

In dogs, this can range from 16mg/kg to 160mg/kg! Yes, quite a difference! However, the Cerenia injectable solution is just 1-4 mg/kgs once daily and this is administered subcutaneously (not intravenously)!

cerenia cats and dog medication bottle

5 Facts You Need to Know about Cerenia for Pets

  1. Caution should be taken when using Cerenia in puppies under 16 weeks of age. A study showed puppies under 16 weeks old using Cerenia showed evidence of bone marrow hypocellularity. Bone marrow hypocellularity can lead to many other health problems as the puppy ages! So be sure not to use Cerenia tablets or any form before the age of 16 weeks in dogs.
  2. The use of Cerenia for dogs in conjunction with numerous other drugs has not yet been studied. For this reason, it is important to be cautious when administering commonly used protein-bound drugs. These include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, cardiac and behavioral drugs. There could be unwanted adverse reactions!
  3. Safe use of Cerenia injectable solution has not been yet been tested for the medical use in treating gastrointestinal obstruction either! Further precaution should be taken with this, as well as lactating and pregnant bitches.
  4. Cerenia tablets can be given to puppies between 4 to 9 months to help with the acute vomiting. Although mentioned earlier, giving Cerenia in consecutive days was not recommended, this is also another exception. With puppies, Cerenia tablets are given for 5 consecutive days to prevent acute vomiting. important to keep in mind the injection site though!
  5. The active molecule in the Cerenia tablet, maropitant citrate, is actually a receptor antagonist! This means it actively inhibits receptors, in this case, the neurokinin 1 receptor. This is responsible for transmitting information to the vomiting center!

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