ESA Weekly News Report October 8th: CertaPet Launches Veterinarians Website and Missouri Woman Fights Legal Battle Over ESA Monkeys

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Every week, we bring you a roundup of emotional support animal news. Today we report on an exciting new Veterinarians website launched by CertaPet. We also look into the legal battle of a Missouri woman fighting to keep her emotional support monkeys. Keep reading to catch up and learn more.

“Veterinarians by CertaPet” is Here and Ready to Help all Pet Owners

Because having a pet requires the utmost responsibility, it’s no secret that pet parents are always looking for the best care for their four-legged friends. To help pet owners connect with their local veterinarian practices, CertaPet has created a new website named Veterinarians by CertaPet.

This vet directory will help pet parents find neighborhood veterinarian practices using their phones. Plus, the website comes with several tools to help pet parents conveniently connect with preferred veterinarians. 

  • Search tools on the website help users find veterinarians in convenient locations and compare reviews.
  • Users are able to call the practice directly from the website for making appointments.
  • Additionally, users can connect with veterinarians over live chat. In most cases, an online veterinarian consultation can help pet parents avoid more expensive trips to the clinic.

Veterinarians by CertaPet is launched in New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix and Los Angeles. More cities will be added over the next few months.

Veterinarians by CertaPet

Missouri Woman Fights to Keep Three Emotional Support Monkeys

Texane McBride-Teahan owns three emotional support monkeys: Paula, a black-capped capuchin; Zoey, a patas; and Kalie Anna, a bonet macaque. She is now in a legal battle to keep custody of the three animals after a neighbor complained to the city council.

According to Creve Couer, the Missouri city where McBridge-Teahan lives, monkeys are considered “inherently dangerous animals.” For that reason, they’re banned in all residential areas. Despite that, the three monkeys live in Texane’s house.

Paula, Zoey, and Kalie Anne help their owner cope with post-traumatic stress (PTSD), which she’s had since she was a teenager. Texane has a doctor’s letter confirming her disability and “registration cards” for her monkeys. In spite of that, she is being summoned to appear in court in November.

McBride-Teahan told CNN her monkeys aren’t dangerous animals. According to her, they only weigh nine pounds each, are very docile, and “want to live in peace.”

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CertaPet’s View on This Week’s News

We are incredibly excited about the new Veterinarians by CertaPet website. Not only does CertaPet care about helping people get there ESAs, but we also care about helping pet and ESA owners provide the best care they possibly can for their four-legged furkids. This website will help people get quick and convenient care for their animals, by connecting them with vet clinics in their area!

Regarding the ESA monkeys, no one likes seeing people with disabilities struggle to live comfortably. That includes Texane McBridge-Teahan and her battle for the custody of her three companion monkeys.

That said, Creve Coeur does effectively ban monkeys from residential areas and “registration cards” are not legal to have. Only an emotional support animal letter can hold up in court.

CertaPet’s licensed mental health therapists only write letters for cats, dogs, and the occasional bunny as ESAs. We understand that other animals may have therapeutic value and we do not discredit that at all, but it is our policy to only recognize dogs cats and rabbits due to zoning restrictions, health concerns and regulations, and public safety.

If you’re struggling with a mental or emotional disability, you’d probably benefit from getting an ESA. Getting started is easy and straightforward, too! You can start by taking our free 5-minute pre-screening. Then, if you qualify as a potential ESA owner, we’ll put you in touch with a licensed mental health professional (LMHP) in your state who can issue your ESA letter!

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