Our CertaPet Team

Meet the team and their furever families!
Animal lovers, ESA owners, and enthusiastic professionals all make up our team here at CertaPet.
We work to help those in need of Emotional Support Animals get connected to licensed mental health professionals and guide them through their journey to a peaceful mind and mental wellness.

While aiming to break the mental health stigma, our team is filled with diverse individuals and unique passions that help support the spirit and goals of CertaPet.

Women with her ESA dog

Stephanie and Otis

Hello, my name is Stephanie, a CX Team member, and this is Otis the wiener dog (Dachshund)! He's a grumpy old man and I love him. While he's actually my dad's dog, I babysit him from time to time and love him as if he were my own. There's certainly something magical about the time we spend with animals so the benefits for emotional and mental health are numerous and shouldn't be underestimated. Being part of the customer experience team for CertaPet is great because I get to help people understand the real deal about Emotional Support Animals and connect you to LMHPs who will then help determine whether it's the best option for you.

Women with her ESA dog

Prairie and Asher

My name is Prairie Conlon, and I am a mental health therapist that utilizes animals for mental health therapy. I believe in the healing power of animals and enjoy the opportunity to work with people and help them towards their wellness goals.

Men with his ESA dog

Felipe and Tita

Hi, I'm Felipe, a Developer, and my pet is Tita. A sweet dog that I adopted from the streets 2 years ago, she has with no doubt changed my life by adding responsibilities, but most importantly, adding love in my house and family. She is loyal, respectful, and very kind. As a developer for CertaPet, I am honored to know that we have help change the lives of people and pets for the better.

Men with his ESA dog

Gonza and Frankie

Hi, my name is Gonzalo, Lead UX/UI Developer, and this is Frankie, my first and lovely dog. I never had a pet before and have to say, he completely changed my life. I work at CertaPet and always felt so proud of being part of this great tool that helps lot of people, but now that I have Frankie, I can understand even more the importance of having our pet with us and how they impact in our day to day lives.

Women with her ESA dog

Emily  and Calvin

Hello, I’m Emily, the Influencing Marketing Manager, and I have a very cute Italian Greyhound named Calvin. I have had him for a year and a half! I knew about him the day he was born and even went to visit him the day he opened his eyes for the first time. Calvin is my little sidekick and I love taking him everywhere I can with me. I started off by making a YouTube video about my love for the brand and to educate people. Now I have a full time job with CertaPet for about a year now. The best thing about what I do is knowing that I am helping people that suffer from mental illness and educating people about the process of obtaining an ESA letter.

Women with her ESA dog

Maite and Lupita 

Hi, I'm Maite, a Software Developer, and my dog is called Lupita. She's a 9-year-old Toy Poodle who I have owned since she was just a month old. As one of the most affectionate and sleepyhead dog I have ever had in my life, Lupita makes my days more fun, is always close to me, and is part of the family. I have been working at CertaPet for a year as a Developer and Designer and love doing so because we get to help people live with their ESAs, making them enjoy every moment without worrying.

Women with her ESA dog

Gul and Fiona

Hello, I’m Gul, the Mental Health CX Manager, and this is Fiona. Found next to a trash container in very bad shape, she was cared for by 2 nice ladies during a storm who took her in hoping to find her furever home. Meanwhile, I was looking into adopting a dog and saw her picture on Facebook. I fell in love instantly. The day I picked her up, my life changed. She is my joy, my home, and my best friend. I have been working with CertaPet for over 2 years, and I have heard so many stories about ESAs and now I can relate to them. I have always enjoyed working for this company, helping people and their ESAs, listening to their stories, and now sharing mine. All is priceless. A fur buddy can give you the joy and happiness you have been looking for.

Women with her ESA dog

Jen and Mao

Hi, I’m Jen, a CX Rep! Here’s your friendly neighborhood cat lover and her feline master! Mao is my emotional support and my dear friend; and she has been for the past ten years! I found her as a very small kitten hiding under a car one day and took her home and we’ve been together ever since! At first, she was timid and very nervous around people, and with time she became the perpetual pampered queen of the house. She’s definitely a lap cat and loves all the attention she can get, but she’s also very loyal and will always have time to sit and listen to you even if she doesn’t understand anything you’re saying. As for myself, I’ve been proudly working with Certapet as a customer experience representative for more than a few months and I can safely say it’s been the most rewarding months of my life. There’s never a dull moment with my job and I love being able to help other people be able to enjoy their fullest lives with their animals and develop the kind of lasting, supportive relationships that I’ve experienced with my own Mao.

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