Cosequin: The #1 Vet Recommended Joint Health Supplement

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CosequinWe all know what its like to age and feel our joints slowly deteriorate and cause us the agony. Joint pain can affect dogs of all different ages, breeds, and sizes also, and it can be hard as the owner to understand their suffering when they can’t tell us. That is why you should be giving your furry friend Cosequin.

The #1 Vet-Recommended Joint Health Supplement, Cosequin by Nutramax will give your dog the much-needed spring in their step.

Throughout this article, we will be discussing the ingredients of the infamous product, how it works, the benefits, and a break down of everything you need to know before giving it to your dog.

Cosequin Ingredients

Cosequin for dogs is a nutritional supplement that promotes healthy joints in your furry friends despite their age, weight, and size. It contains the substances glucosamine and chondroitin and is highly recommended by vets for older dogs and those of a larger breed.

Nutramax Cosequin, the #1 leading brand of this particular supplement, includes the following ingredients:

  • 100% pure Sodium Chondroitin Sulphate
  • 99% pure Glucosamine Hydrochloride
  • Manganese

Depending on the brand of soft chewable tablets you can, Cosequin can also include omega fatty acids to give your dog a beautiful and healthy glowing coat.

Cosequin for Dogs, Cats, and Horses: How it Works

Various pets and horses as a collage on a white background, Cosequin for pets

This joint supplement sounds great, but how does it work exactly?

Cosequin contains two active ingredients that rebuilds and restores joint cartilage. These ingredients are chondroitin and glucosamine.

Chondroitin is a sulfate that works to slow down the breakage of cartilage that is caused by enzymes. Glucosamine is a component in our dog’s cartilage that keeps it smooth and moveable.

The benefits of these ingredients combined include:

  • Joint recovery
  • More mobility
  • Easing of pain
  • Breakdown of enzymes
  • Better quality of life

The other benefit of this joint supplement is that is isn’t just for dogs but rather for cats and horses too. Whilst cats can take your regular Cosequin, if you are looking to buy the supplement for your horse then it is recommended you look at Cosequin ASU or Cosequin Equine.

Who Will Benefit from Taking Cosequin, Cosequin DS or Cosequin DS plus MSM?

If you think that Cosequin sounds like the right supplement for your dog, then you should understand that there are three different types of the product you can buy. These include:


Cosequin along is your standardized joint supplement by Nutramax. If your dog is suffering from mild joint pain and discomfort, then it’s best to start them on a lower dosage of Cosequin to see how they respond.

Cosequin DS

Cosequin DS (double strength) is stronger than your normal Cosequin tablets and is recommended for dogs that have the onset of serious arthritis and joint pain.

Cosequin DS Plus MSM

Cosequin DS Plus MSM is made with higher levels of glucosamine than Cosequin DS which will help improve the dog’s flexibility more, as well as target pain and inflammation better. This is recommended for dogs with severe arthritis.

Cosequin Dosage

Vet holding Cosequin tablets dosage for a little white dog

The dosage of Cosequin ds for dogs should be administered over a period of four to six weeks, however, some dogs may respond during a much shorter period. If this is the case, then the number of Cosequin DS chewable tablets that you will give your dog may be reduced to a maintenance level and you should contact your local veterinarian.

The general Cosequin double-strength tablet dosage is:

  • Weight of 10 lbs < – ½ tablet daily
  • Weight of 10-24 lbs – 1 tablet daily (½  in the morning and ½ in the evening)
  • Weight of 25-49 lbs – 2 tablets daily (1 in the morning and 1 in the evening)
  • Weight of 50-100 lbs – 3 tablets daily (2 in the morning and 1 in the evening)
  • Weight of 100 lbs > – 4 tablets daily (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening)

Again, if you aren’t sure when to start your dog on the maintenance level, consult your local vet.

Dasuquin vs. Cosequin: Is There a Difference?

Nutramax has created two supplements that target joint pain in your dogs. These are called Cosequin and Dasuquin and are both effective when it comes to giving your dog some relief.

Let’s break them Dasuquin vs Cosequin down, and see which one is better for your dog:


Much the same as Cosequin, the ingredients include glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM. What differentiates it from the other supplement is that Dasuquin with MSM contains ASU (avocado/soybean unsaponifiables) that directly target active pain. The price of Dasuquin tables ranges, but is roughly $79.99.


As explained above, Cosequin has the active ingredients of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and in some cases, omega fatty acids. The price of Cosequin tablets also ranges, but is roughly $35.00.

Is Cosequin The Only Way to Help The Joint Pain in Your Dog?

Cosequin for dogs can help your pup in pain, but are there other options for making him feel better?

Vets Preferred Advanced Joint Support

Vets Prefered Advanced Joint Support is another outlet when you’re considering pain relief resources for your loving friend.

With the help of glucosamine & chondroitin, your dog can maintain healthy joints and/or have more mobility making some of the pain go away.

It’s tough when he or she has arthritis and has a problem getting around. With Vets Preferred Advanced Joint Support, you can now let your dog feel a little better and put the smile back on their face.

Honest Paws Pain Relief CBD Dog Treats

It might sound crazy but Cosequin and CBD dog treats do have some components in common.

Does your dog experiences anywhere from mild to severe pain?

Might be from cancer, arthritis, any joint and mobility problems, inflammation, or just overall pain.

What if they are prone to certain diseases like liver or kidney disease? All of it hurts for you to see them in that condition, especially with all the prescriptions, surgeries, and countless vet visits that rack up.

With Honest Paws Pain Relief CBD Dog Treats, you can help ease that pain and give them comfort without the excess pills and whatnot.

We know this treat can’t cure cancer or diseases, and we are not encouraging you to stop all the medicine prescribed to your dog (that’s up to your vet), but it can help them feel better and lead an easier life like all doggies should.

OTC (Cosequin) vs Prescription (Dasuquin)

So, the question is, which one is right for your dog?

If your dog is suffering from a minor irritation or joint pain, then Cosequin should be enough to help them throughout their day to day activities.

If your dog is suffering from severe arthritis, hip dysplasia, or any other conditions involving the joints or cartilages and is in a lot of pain, then Dasuquin is the better choice.

The Woof on the Street! Cosequin Reviews:

Cosequin joint supplements have been highly reviewed by both veterinarians and pet owners as the number one supplement in improving and encouraging healthy joints. Many pet owners have claimed to see a drastic improvement in their dog’s moveability, decreased pain, and overall better quality of life.

Where to Buy Cosequin

  • Amazon
  • The Vet Shed
  • PetCo
  • Allivet

Special Offers and Cosequin Coupon

Most places will offer you a Cosequin coupon, but you can find a collection of special offers here:

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump is just a Cosequin Treatment Away!

If you want to see your pooch jumping for joy and running around the backyard pain-free, then Cosequin is definitely a healthy supplement you should be looking at. With a fast action response time and raving reviews, your dog can live a better and more fulfilled lifestyle.

Who wants to suffer joint pain? Alleviate their pain with Cosequin and the amazing benefits it has for your furry friend.

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