Cute Dogs Make Life Better: Especially When They’re ESAs!

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cutest dog breeds illustration of cute dogsThere are few things in this crazy world that are as sure elicit an “awww” moment from us as the wiggles and waggles of cute dogs are! Dog lovers know that just the very presence of a sweet doggy face is usually not only able to melt the coldest heart of stone, but that dogs also provide an infinite supply of joy and emotional support!


There are a Lot of Cute Dog Breeds that Make Wonderful ESAs! 

Providing emotional support to a human struggling with mental health disorders or psychological conditions are the primary duties of an Emotional Support Animal (ESA). Because dogs, in general, can show great empathy and understanding there are basically no restrictions on what breed of dog can become an ESA.

As there are no specific duties that will be required of an ESA dog, except to be a constant friend and companion, any cute dog breed can be eligible to become a loving ESA to a human who suffers from conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, and phobias.

Why are Dogs So Cute? It’s Like They Were Designed to Make Us Love Them!

Dogs are always cute, and the reason is pretty self-explanatory – those squishy bodies, the silky soft fur, droopy and floppy ears, and sparkly eyes have a purpose.

These features are natures way of helping dogs to acquire a human protector and guardian. Having a human means they’ll have a warm, cozy bed, a bowl overflowing with kibble. These human caregivers also provide essential attention and medical provisions!

Our DNA is programmed to faff and fawn over creatures smaller than us, and cute dogs are certainly no exception. Besides the fact that they complement any home and become loyal and loving family members, there is a bit of science behind why we find them so irresistible

Genetics provided them with furry bodies, and humans enjoy the tactile sensation of soft coated fur under their hands. Tand there never was a Cocker Spaniel nor German Shorthaired Pointer who minded an ear scratch or belly rub.

Adorable dogs also present with eye and fur coloring that is extremely attractive to the human eye. Let’s be honest, who can ignore the lolling tongue that gives pooches their goofy looks. Nature made sure that our companion dogs would be well taken care of!

How Dogs Evolved to Become Man’s Best Friend

The ancient partnership between canine and human goes back a long way – some bright minds approximate around as long as 40,000 years ago. Some scientists claim that DNA research and evidence places the origin of domesticated dogs in two locations – East and West Asia.

Another field of study claims that the modern dog is a direct descendant from the wild wolf. In some breeds, the familial features have disappeared through the generations, with Poodles and Pomeranians being a case in point.

The more obvious modern breeds with wolf-like characteristics include the German Shepherd, Rough Collie, and the Alaskan Malamute – and there’s no denying their wild, albeit friendly side!

Scientist do agree on one crucial point though, and that is the fact that the taming of the wolf to the modern dog was one of the most unexpected and remarkable events to ever occur in human history.

cutest dogs emotional support dog napping on owner

Any Cute Doggies Can Become Emotional Support Animals 

Any dog can be an ESA! All it takes for your doggo to become an emotional support dog is an ESA letter from a licensed mental health professional (LMHP). There are 2 important federal laws that protect ESAs. The first is the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), which allows ESAs to fly with their owners free of charge.

The second is the Fair Housing Act (FHA). This act protects people with disabilities against discrimination when looking to rent accommodation. A landlord cannot refuse you accommodation on the grounds that you have an emotional support dog or cat, even when a “no-pet policy” is in place.

How to Get Your ESA Letter and Make You Doggo Your Constant Companion! 

Any person suffering from an emotional or psychological difficulty might find it necessary to get an ESA. These furry friends are loyal companions provide loving and emotional support. ESAs can aid in stabilizing their moods and in keeping them occupied or distracted.

Making sure that your ESA can consistently be at your side, takes only a little effort on your part. The most important part is significant being obtaining an ESA letter from a LMHP. If you are considering getting an ESA, the first step is as easy as taking Certapet’s free online 5-minute pre-screening!

If your answers suggest that you are eligible, CertaPet will connect you with a LMHP and you could have your ESA letter in as little as 48 hrs!

This letter will need to comply with specific requirements, including the following:

  • Having your letter written or printed on a licensed mental health professional’s letterhead, along with their signature, and also the date the letter was issued.
  • The mental health professionals license type, the date the license was issued, their license number, and the state in which the license was issued.
  • Confirmation from the LMHP that you have a condition that affects your daily life and activities and that the support of an ESA would be beneficial to your ailment.
  • Your personal details, including your name and details of your animal, such as their name and breed.

Cute Dogs Have so Much to Offer us Hoomans! 

The connection between cute dogs and their humans is unbreakable. A cute puppy makes every frown turn upside down. It creeps into your heart and becomes the proverbial “man’s best friend.”

The unlimited supply of love, adoration, loyalty, respect, devotion, and reverence that your cute pup will bestow upon you is unfathomable. They just can’t love you any deeper and seems to exist solely for your benefit. Now tell me, what human does not need this in their life?

Our Top 2 Picks of the Cutest Dog Breeds 

Different human personalities gravitate toward their own personal choice of what breed of dog they admire the most. Elderly people might prefer quieter and more restful pups. Bikers might enjoy the company of a French Bulldog. Boisterous kids will appreciate the unlimited energy of the terrier breed. Each to their own!

The Golden Retriever: Possibly the Cutest Dog Ever? 

cutest dog in the world golden retriever lying on floor

Owners of this beautiful golden-haired canine will answer this one with a resounding YES! What part of this pooch is not cute? From their friendly grin, droopy ears, big paws, soulful and expressive eyes, all the way through to their never-still shaggy tail.

With goldens, it’s not just outer beauty that matters; the Goldie has a heart of gold to match. This doggo is undoubtedly at the top of the list for the winner of the cutest dogs contest.

Is the Corgi the World’s Cutest Dog? 

cute dog breeds corgi sitting on grass

Absolutely! How in the world could you ignore that chubby little bod, those stubby legs, out of proportion ears, and oil-drop eyes?

Besides being the personification of cuteness overload, their personality certainly keeps up with their looks. Energetic and lovable they are an absolute pleasure to be around.


Feast Your Eyes on These Cute Dog Pictures: Introducing The Cutest Dogs and Most Adorable Dogs!

Warning! Cuteness overload to follow!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

cutest dog ever cavalier king charles spaniel staring

Bernese Mountain Dog

cutest puppies adorable bernese mountain dog puppy panting

Labrador Retriever

cutest puppy ever young black labrador retriever looking at something

Boston Terrier

cutest puppy in the world boston terrier puppy wearing harness

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

beautiful dogs soft coated wheaten terrier sitting on train tracks

Bichon Frise

adorable puppyhappy bichon frise smiling

Don’t Let the Pedigrees Fool You! There are Some Mixed Breeds That are Too Cute to Boot! 

While pedigree pups and pooches registered with the American Kennel Club are sought after due to their impeccable bloodlines, buying a thoroughbred is often not a viable option for households looking to add a four-footed friend to their home.

Besides being ridiculously expensive, pure-blooded animals are often plagued with health issues and demand an excessive amount of care and maintenance – not always what the average family signs up for.

Mixed breed mutts are perfectly perfect companions. Don’t be fooled over the hype of pure-bred being the best. Hybrid and crossbred pups can become the perfect addition to any residence. Plus, they make for very, very cute dogs. Who can deny the cuteness factor in breeds like the Sheepadoodle or Chiweenie?

Adopt! Don’t Shop! The Cutest Dogs Ever Can Be Found in Shelters! 

As mentioned above, laying out the cash for a pure-bred English Sheepdog or Komondor is a costly endeavor. Not everyone craving the companionship of cute dogs can afford the extravagance.

There are, unfortunately, many, many, mixed breed dogs, runaways, and discarded dogs waiting for a forever home. They are currently holed up in cramped and lonely cages at shelters set up to care for these throwaway pets. They sit with cocked ears, eagerly awaiting your arrival.

There are small dogs, large dogs, huge dogs, female dogs, male dogs, any dogs you can think of, just waiting to be adopted and shown what it means to be cared for. A little bit of positive reinforcement and a whole lot of love will have any forgotten dog transformed into the most loyal companion imaginable.

adorable dogs shelter dog getting a treat

Just Remember: The World’s Cutest Dog is the One You Love Most! 

No matter what you decide to do – either by visiting your local shelter or go knocking on the door of the American Kennel Club, acquiring a dog is a huge and life-long commitment. If you have decided to make the jump to being a full-time pet owner – good for you!

You won’t be disappointed; you’ll always have a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen to your stories, expressive eyes that understand your every mood, and someone to keep your feet warm. And best of all? They’re all yours and you’ll love them forever and a day!

Cute dogs are the epitome of love, and owning an adorable puppy dog will most certainly bring out the soft and endearing side of your personality. It doesn’t matter what shape or size they are, the cutest dog in the world really is the one you love the most. The one that’s yours!

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