The Science of Cuteness: Why People Can’t Resist Cute Puppies

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two cute puppies as world's cutest dogsCute puppies, you either love them, crave them or adore them, right? No matter who you are, how old you are, where you live or the language you speak, pictures of cute puppy dogs always provoke the same response.

Ready, set, Awwwwwww!

It doesn’t need to be National Puppy Day for a little puppy appreciation. Keep reading to discover the cutest pictures ever!

A Brief History of How Dogs Became Man’s Best Friend

Since the end of the last ice age (11,700 years ago) dogs have been cozying up to humans for warmth, friendship, and survival. They helped us hunt and in return, we gave them shelter, food, and companionship. They’ve carried us through harsh winters, pulled our sleighs, guarded our homes, fought with us in wars and licked our faces for centuries.

Since then we’ve both evolved a lot and our companionship has only gotten stronger.

Dogs now rely on us! Did you know that up to 90% of puppies will die in their first year without human help?

There’s a simple solution to this tragedy – ADOPT ALL THE PUPPIES!

The Difference in Pup Parenting Between Wolf and Dog Mothers

Before humans and their canine companions, the world was home to apes and wolves. Yep, our pooches have evolved just as much as us humans!

Pictures of cute puppies with their wolfmother

Wolves can be cute… but a wolf pup will lose to a puppy pup every time in the cute competition.

The key difference in the upbringing of these closely related species is the time spent with their parents. Momma wolf will spend up to 2 years loving, guarding and teaching her pups, while domestic Daisy will be sick of her pups in 11 weeks, at most.

Those cute pups are actually cute by design – after 11 weeks their best chance of surviving in this world is to be adopted by you! The cuter they are, the more likely they’ll find a human-slave to care for them.

At What Age do Cute Puppies Peak in Cuteness?

A study into cute puppy dogs where people were shown pictures of the sweetest little fluff babies (AKA puppy heaven) has determined that pups are at peak adorableness between 6 and 8 weeks old.

This totally makes sense, as this is the time when pups need human attention most. Without our help at this point in their doggy lives, they have a slim chance of survival.

Cane Corso pups, for example, are the most heart-wrenchingly adorable at around 6.3 weeks. Jack Russell Terriers are cutest at 7.7 weeks old… but let’s be honest, they’re adorable from start to finish!

Cute puppy Black Cane Corso puppy

4 Physical Features That the Cutest Puppies Share

  • Big bright eyes full of love and wonder
  • Floppy ears or legs
  • Soft, round, huggable bodies
  • Being so soft and fluffy you could die!

These features (apart from the fluff factor) are all the same as human babies. Scientists believe that this is why we adore pups so much. Infant faces will always trigger maternal instincts in humans, so pups have evolved to mimic the same loveable features on their own cute faces.

Adult faces, much like grown doggy faces, are loveable too… but not as cute.

Funny Puppies are the Cutest Puppies: Puppies with Quirks!

All puppies are adorable… but some are just too cute! The best pups always make us laugh. From a-dork-able Yorkie haircuts to sneezing Cocker Spaniels… gah.

Cocker Spaniel puppy cutest puppies in the world

These pictures of puppies are cuteness overload.

Cutest Dog Breeds

In the puppy heaven study, researchers found that the pics of Yorkshire Terriers evoked the most “OMG IT’S SO CUTE” but they’re not the only cute dog breed around!

cute dogs and cutest puppy in a basket

Puppy Shih Tzus are just as cute as adult Shih Tzu! These small dogs are ultra fluff balls that never really lose their cuteness.

Cute Puppy Pictures of the Snuggliest Breed!

Wait, here comes a curveball.

Yes, it’s the French Bulldog puppy and it’s just waiting for snuggles! While they aren’t the most attractive when fully grown, the puppy French Bulldogs are firmly in the adorable category. All pups are cute, regardless of breed.

cutest dog breeds adorable puppies playing

And the Award for the Cutest Puppy Ever Goes to:

Pomeranians puppies! Like a little cloud of fluffiness, they’ll float away if you don’t give them adequate cuddles.

pics of puppies Pomeranian fluffy puppies

Close second comes the Golden Retriever pup who’ll bound into your life like a ray of golden sunshine.

cutest dog in the world cute Golden Retriever puppies

3rd place – King Charles Spaniel.

cute puppy, cute dog spaniel

4th place – Pug attack!

super cute puppy pictures puppy agility

5th place – Corgi.

Corgi puppy cutest dogs

How to Give Adorable Puppies the Best Start in Life!

To grow from baby pooches to adult dogs, a human helping hand is needed! Give your pet a paw up by following these steps.

Early Training and Socialization

Train them from early on and keep things social. Some breeds are a bit bossy, so you may need to teach young obi-pup some discipline to control the barking force. Let them know that you are boss and not to be aggressive to other cute puppies!

funny puppies cute German Shepherd puppies

A Well Balanced, Nutritious Diet

Dogs eat veg! Your cute puppy needs a balanced diet including lots of yummy meats, carbs, and vegetables. Unlike cats who can’t stomach fruit and veg, your pup needs them to grow big and strong. Dog food is already perfectly balanced for your pup’s diet, so no fuss is needed.

Pssssst. Lay off the treats unless you want a truly chubby pup!

Fluffy Puppies Need Grooming!

One of the best feelings in the world is when a fluffy pup wriggles in excitement because it’s time for a brush! Fluffy pups need grooming for a number of reasons, mainly to stop them over-heating and to keep their coat fresh and clean.

If you’re not keen on brushing a pup or need a dog that’s good with people who have allergies, look for non-shedding dogs like the poodle or Maltese.

A Safe Space

Your pup will need a home within a home! Dog crates and kennels are essential, so your pup can have some personal space. Small dog breeds don’t necessarily need small kennels. Check out our full guide on dog crates to figure out what your pup needs!

cute dogs puppies sleeping in a box

Positive Reinforcement

Give your pup plenty of encouragement and love when they do something right! Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your pup. Give them rewards and activities they love. Make sure that your toys and treats are suitable for your puppy. Keep the coloring page puppies for your human bubbas and the chew toys for your fluff babies!

Pet Insurance

All cute animals need pet insurance. To properly take care of them and ensure that they receive the right medical care when needed, you should get insurance! It doesn’t need to cost the Earth, but it does need to cover you for emergencies. If your puppy is a particular breed that’s prone to certain illnesses, check that your insurance will cover it!

cute dog breeds funny puppy playing with money

Whether Cute Dogs or Cute Puppies: They All Deserve to Live Their Best Lives!

Your dog may not always be as cute as when they were a little snuggle puff. Remember that a dog needs constant care and attention. There will be times when it’s hard but there will also be times when you couldn’t get through the day without their doggy love.

Don’t just buy a pup because they’re cute, make sure you can give them a loving home for life!

Supplements to Keep Your Cute Puppy Calm and Carefree from the Inside Out!

Pups are known to be energetic bundles of joy… this can get tiring pretty quickly, especially when it’s nap time. Finding ways to keep your dogs and pups calm and carefree is not only good for your home and patience but also your dog’s wellbeing.

Honest Paws

This is a great brand! No, we’re not just saying that. It really is. Their products are all lab tested, GMO-free, THC-free and legal in all 50 states. What more could you want?

Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs

This awesome little product called CBD oil is made from hemp oil. It’s designed solely for dogs and can do many wondrous things including:

  • Reduce allergy reactions including dry, irritated skin, redness and swelling. Ahhh, sweet relief!
  • Soothe painful joints in older pooches and young pups that have had *too* much fun.
  • Keeps your pet calm for traveling, visits to the vet and other high-anxiety situations. This is a real lifesaver.

You’ll also be super relieved to know that the Honest Paws Purity Oil can be mixed directly into their food! No trying to coax your pet to swallow pills or rub in an ointment. You can add a few drops to their dog food once or twice a day.

Don’t forget to consult your veterinarian if you are unsure how much to give your pup!

Honest Paws CBD Oil For Dogs
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Honest Paws CBD Treats

It gets better.

These tasty treats are super yummy and contain the Honest Paws oil, so you can give them a nutritious snack that doesn’t have them running up the walls and chasing tails for hours on end!

Try the turmeric flavored dog treats, made from 100% organic, non-GMO ingredients that your pet will love.

FYI, coconut and peanut butter flavors are also available. You’ll be resisting the urge to omnomnomnom them up yourself!

Cute Puppies Need Vets Preferred

Vets Preferred is another epic place to buy calming and nutritious foods for your snuggle baby. All of their products are recommended by actual vets, and pet lovers adore them too!

Their motto is: prevent now so you don’t have to treat later.

A happy, healthy pup makes for a long-living canine companion!

Vets Preferred Advanced Milk Rx Supplement

This supplement milk powder is designed for growing pups (especially those that were abandoned too early) and older doggies that need nutrition for raising they own pups!

It’s basically milk formula but for pooches.

It’s also super easy to digest for even the most sensitive of doggy stomachs. They can guzzle this down happily to strengthen their immune systems and promote the growth of strong bones and teeth.

The advanced milk powder is even perfectly balanced with all the essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats and carbs that your dog needs in their diet. If your cute puppies can’t keep down solid food, you know that this milk can fill the puppy bowl!

Vets Preferred Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Now doesn’t this sound like a gourmet puppy treat!

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is similar to Honest Paws CBD oil, but for immune systems and heart health. It comes in a little pump bottle for you to add to your pup’s meals, manufactured and bottled from an FDA-approved factory. Vets love this product too!

BONUS: salmon oil contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that will make your pup’s coat shine like a diamond and feel as soft as silk. Cuddles will become even more irresistible!

Vets Preferred Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil
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The Cutest Dog in the World is the One You Love the Hardest!

Just like human infants, we all think that our puppies and kittens are the cutest!

Don’t just buy a pup because they’re fashionable. Bring home the pup that makes your heart sing. He or she will fast become your close companion so no matter how big they grow or how much cuteness they lose, they’ll always have a place in your heart.

When looking for cute puppies for sale, always pick a reputable breeder too.

To finish this super long but super adorable article, here is one last picture of the cutest puppy of cute puppies for you to drool over!

adorable puppy sleeping

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