Delta Airlines ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet

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delta airlines aircraftLike many airlines, Delta has updated its policy allowing people to travel with their emotional support animals. There have been many incidents involving ESAs on planes, and people taking advantage of the Air Carrier Access Act. This law is meant to help and protect people who have a real mental and/or emotional disability and need the support from their animal. But many people are abusing it by passing their pets off as ESAs.

We’ve put together a fact sheet that outlines everything you need to know about Delta’s ESA Policy. You need to make sure you check every single item on the list, otherwise, your ESA will be denied access!

Get Prepared to Fly with CertaPet’s Delta Airlines ESA Travel Letter Fact Sheet!

For people with disabilities, be it depression, mood disorder or some other mental illness, traveling is often a stressful and nerve-wracking experience. Covered by the ACAA, having their ESA with them is a tether to keep them calm, grounded, and distracted from the chaos around them.

The fact sheet informs you about the airline’s rules and regulations regarding the breeds and species allowed on their flights, the documents needed (your ESA letter being one of those), and how your animal is expected to behave during the flight.

Non-emotional support animals that fall under Delta’s Pet Policy must also follow the rules about animal behavior and breed restrictions.

delta esa travel letter fact sheet

Their planes, their rules!

If you (or your animal) don’t adhere to these regulations, you don’t have much ground to make a fuss. Airlines are simply trying to make flights safer for ALL passengers, and to stop people from taking advantage of a law that is meant to protect people with actual disabilities!

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