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Movies make us feel a whole range of emotions in under two-and-a-half hours. Films that feature a dying dog are our weak point and make us weep. Have you ever found yourself wondering “Does the dog die?” in the movie you’re about to watch? If so, you’re not alone! Does The Dog Die is an awesome website saving all animal lovers’ hearts from pain and suffering.

Does the Dog Die: The Perfect Movie Spoiler Website for Animal Lovers!

Do you have a canine companion or have you ever lost a pet to an accident? If so, you’re probably like us and hate sad movies in which pet animals die. It’s so hard not to start sobbing!

The people who founded Does the Dog Die know how heartbreaking that is. So, in order to spare your furry friend loving heart, you can now check the website before watching a dog movie.

Using it is so easy. Just go to and type in the name of the movie. On your screen, you’ll see a list of trigger warnings, from “dog died” to “horse died” and much more! This website truly is a wonder—it has already saved us from so much grief!

Sadly, the Best Dog Movies Seem to Have a (Sad) Common Theme

Why is it that so many movies feature a beloved dead dog? Probably because they’re our best friends and we don’t take their death lightly! Movie producers want our eyes to tear up or even bawl. So, they choose to include the death of a puppy or deteriorating dog health scenes…

Dog owners aren’t the only ones who mourn a scene of a dog death. Plenty of people who have never even owned dogs before actually feel grief and sad during these scenes!

Don’t believe us? Ask your friends, even those who are not dog owners, if they cried in these movies. Ask about Marley & Me, Where the Red Fern Grows, and A Dog’s Purpose, for example.

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The Animal Movie That Broke Us All: A Dog’s Life

If you don’t want to watch a scene in which a dog is dying, skip this movie! Albeit heart-warming, it definitely has its sad, depressing pet scenes.

This is the sequel to A Dog’s Purpose, a movie about a dog that dies over and over again and always reincarnates. It features hospice care, abuse, and neglect—not for the faint-hearted!

Movie Websites Like This One Save Us So Much Heartache!

We love doggos so much that watching movies where they die takes a huge toll on our emotions. Thus, we couldn’t be happier about a website like Does the Dog Die. Instead of getting emotionally invested in the fate of a fictional pup who is killed by the end of the story, we can sleep soundly and avoid grief!

Some Spoiler Movie Sites Are a Must

Sure, no one likes spoilers. But sometimes, we need them. The feelings of loss and sadness that comes with watching “dog died” movies are real. So, ask yourself, would I rather be spoiled for the movie or avoid it altogether if I find out there’s a dead dog in it?

Everyone will have their own answers, and that’s okay! We, personally, would just rather skip the movie. Or, at the very least, go into it fully prepared to see a pup’s life drain for their eyes.

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From Old Yeller, Hachiko to A Dog’s Purpose: Movies About Dogs Don’t Have to Be Terrifying to Watch

For many years, moviegoers have bawled at the theater because of a dog’s death in a film. Old Yeller, the 1957 movie, is a great example of this. Marley & Me, the story of an elderly dog with cancer and in hospice care, shown in theaters in 2008, is a more recent one!

Many of the best movies ever made do feature the death of a dog. What if you still want to watch them? Well, luckily Does the Dog Die is here to make the blow to your heart not as harsh.

Check beforehand if the dog dies in the movie. If they do, go into it prepared to see this scene. It will be much easier to not care as much for that pup and avoid the feeling of grief.

Old Yeller tells the story of a family who warmed up to a stray puppy. Hachiko is the heartbreaking tale of a strong human-animal bond that never wanes. A Dog’s Purpose highlights how loyal dogs are and how ready they are to give their owners every ounce of their love. They are awesome movies we recommend watching—but keep those tissues at hand!

Next Time a New Dog Movie or Cat Movie Is On: Search “doesthedogdie” First!

Before heading to the cinema, it might be a good idea to check out the Does the Dog Die website. Safeguard your heart as to not get it broken into dozens of little pieces.

The best thing about Does the Dog Die is that it also gives you other trigger warnings! It will tell you if there is a cat, horse, or pet death and if there is any animal cruelty involved, too.

A Movie Needs to Give You the Feels, But Not Make You Weep!

A good movie keeps you entertained, but a spectacular movie is one that makes you feel! Yet, there is a difference between a touching movie and one that rips your heart out. Puppy movies that highlight illness, veterinary care, and death are never fun to watch.

If you’re weak of heart like we are, look no further than Does the Dog Die. There are plenty of awesome dog movies out there that won’t show dead dogs. Use the website to figure out which one to watch next!

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Sad Dog Movies Remind Us to Love Our Furkids Hard

In a sense, movies about dog deaths are a way of reminding us how much we need to love our furry friend at home. They make you realize just how lucky you are to have this canine companion by your side. So, after watching a sad movie, go home and cuddle with your loyal canine friend! Cuddle hard, because life is short!

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