Dog Bath: Products, Tips and Tricks You Need to Know

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Dog bath

A Dog’s bath time is the best and most entertaining part of having one as a pet… Who are we kidding? Most dog owners know that dogs don’t like to take a shower. Except for Labradors and Golden Retrievers, most dogs prefer to keep their paws away from the tub. That’s why we will show you all the tricks and products to make the monthly dog bath routine easier, simpler, and FUN for both of you.

Best Products for a Simple and Easy Dog Bath

Everything is easier when using the right tool. For a perfect dog bath, we recommend you take a look at these products:


Abrupt changes in temperature can affect your dog’s health. Therefore, we recommend that a dog’s bath time water is neither too hot nor too cold. However, controlling those changes of temperature using a hose or a conventional shower can be tricky while performing some dog bath magic.

Products like the Aquapaw are ideal to have better control over the quantity, accessibility, and temperature of the water that you are using to bathe your dog. The Aquapaw’s glove shape is also easily adaptable to any water source. Its innovative design allows you to caress, soothe, comb, and bathe a dog with each stroke. Simultaneously, the Aquapaw eliminates residues and dog shampoo thoroughly… and better yet, faster!

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool
The innovative click on/click off design makes it easy to bathe your pet in the same way you would pet them with one hand, and always have the other hand to keep them under control.
Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
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Dog Bath Brush

A dog bath brush is an indispensable product for domestic pet grooming. There are as many models as there are combinations of types of fur and styles. There are large-tooth, fine-tooth, gloves, even flea combs and tick tweezers! When using a dog bath brush, keep in mind that:

• The longer your dog’s hair, the more grooming time and dedication it will need.

• Using a flea comb during Flea-Tick season is a basic strategy to prevent diseases.

• Adequate dog grooming helps keep shedding season under control.

• Brushing your dog’s coat accelerates and promotes skin regeneration.

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush
The KONG ZoomGroom is the best grooming and shampooing brush available. It removes loose hair like a magnet, and it stimulates capillaries and natural oil production for healthy skin and a healthy coat.
Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet

Booster Bath

A dog bath session could easily be a part of a triathlon. The effort to keep your dog still while bathing it, removing shampoo thoroughly and faster, using the towel to remove the excess water and blow drying its hair, all of this while kneeling on the tile bath floor… That requires some Pilates training. Fortunately, the Booster Bath for Dogs has come to the rescue.

The Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathing and Grooming Center is a convenient solution to keep backaches and knee problems under control. It consists of a raised tub, equipped with a harness to keep your dog safe, giving you 360-degree controlled access for bathing your dog professionally in the comfort of your home.

Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathing and Grooming Center
Eliminate the troubles of bath time with the Booster Bath Elevated Dog Bathing and Grooming Center. This elegant, convenient and functional pet bath helps to relieve most of the issues with home pet bathing such as slipping and sliding, chasing the shampoo bottle, backaches from bending over, and messy bathroom cleanups! The U-shaped opening is designed for convenient entering and exiting and the elevated tub keeps your pet contained while giving you 360-degree access for easy washing and grooming. When you’re ready to start, just use the included 3-point safety harness to keep your pet secure and in place, then remove the legs when done for easy storage.
Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
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Dog Towel

Cute dog wrapped in dog towel

Removing excess water thoroughly from your baby’s hair after a dog bath is essential.

• Helps prevent blow-drying burns.

• Reduces the chances of your dog’s getting a fungal dermatological infection.

• Prevents some of the dog’s shaking splashes.

• It helps you connect by giving your dog some love after making it go through such a “hard time.”

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy Towel
Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy Towel can help you get your wet dog dry after a bath. It’s an absorbent microfiber towel that soaks up 20 times the amount of water and mud than the average shammy towel can. And it dries eight times faster than cotton towels or a blow dryer. This quick-dry towel also features dual hand pockets with elastic to allow for a better grip when drying off your pooch. Added bonus: your dog will enjoy the feel of the ultra-soft fabric as it massages him while it dries.
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Dog Shampoo

A good dog shampoo not only provides nutrients and silkiness to your furry baby’s coat, but it also helps to prevent skin infections, control excessive oiliness and residues, and fight ticks and fleas infestations.

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo
Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Dog & Cat Shampoo reduces time spent scratching and leaves more time for cuddling. This soap-free shampoo is made specifically for dry, itchy skin. The thoughtful formula provides plenty of relief and deodorizes your fur baby without irritating his skin or washing off topical flea applications. Purposeful oatmeal and aloe combination work to re-moisturize and heal scratched skin while reducing itching, keeping him from scratching himself again.
Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
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Never mix different shampoo brands in the same dog bath! The interaction of its components can be toxic for your dog. Needless to say, human shampoo of any kind is not suitable for dogs and it can cause irritations.

3 Tips Before Bath Time

Prevent ear infections:

Never, under any circumstances, allow water to go inside your doggie’s ears. Dog’s ears are very delicate and tend to become infected easily; that’s why some experts recommend placing a large cotton plug to prevent water from entering.

Before the dog bath:

Brush its coat! This will help eliminate dead cells, increase the dog shampoo’s effectiveness, and cut down the chances of clogging your drain.

Mise en place:

No, of course we are not suggesting you eat that beautiful pup! No way! Using this advanced cooking technique is ideal to avoid bath time complications. Place the brush, towels, shampoo, and any other supplies you can think of near you. This way, you will reduce the chances of having your dog running away from the tub.

How often should you give a dog a bath?

There are those who recommend bathing it when you can recognize the characteristic smell that dogs have when they need a shower… Recently some veterinary dermatologists have begun to recommend that the dog bath should be seminal to keep bacteria and fungi at bay. The most accepted rule is that the perfect dog’s bath frequency is: eleven a month.

Keep Calm: Not all Dogs Like Baths

Why? Oh! Why! There are viral videos of dogs enjoying bath time as if they were Cleopatra’s descendants, but no! My dog hate’s to bathe! As soon as she watches me take her dog shampoo bottle, she starts putting up a show.

Why is my dog like this? Simple! Dogs don’t like the smell of shampoo or losing “control” for so long. Please, understand them! For dogs, the olfactory world is significant, and while the smell of “dead animal” makes them feel as if they were the pack’s alpha dog, smelling like strawberry-scented shampoo … well, let’s just say it’s not so appealing.

Practice Makes Perfect!

• Extremes are never good: Always use lukewarm water for your dog’s bath.

• Placing a towel at the bottom of your tub creates an “anti-slip” surface.

• Bathing your dog early in the morning means you both can go for sunlight’s walk and make sure its coat is completely dry by noon.

• Don’t skimp on the towels. The more you use, the better you can wrap your dog and prevent it from splashing the bathroom walls, the furniture, the carpet…

When to Take Fido to the Professionals

Depending on the breed, your dog’s coat might require professional grooming exclusively. Sheep-type breeds, for example, tend to have a special long double-coated hair that need specialized dog baths. Typically short-hair dogs are easy to groom at home, while hairless dogs need moisturizers and very gentle products to take care of their sensitive skin.

Splashes of joy

Your dog’s bath time can become a fun time for both of you. How? You just have to work on your dog bath technique and interpret their reactions in the tub. For example, some dogs enjoy baths in the outdoors! Some dogs deal more easily with bath time if you hand them a couple of treats. So, grab a towel, the best dog shampoo in the store, and roll up your sleeves, because it’s about time to… Fido? Where did you go?

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