The Best Dog Boots That Will Keep Dog Paws Happy! 

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puppy in dog shoes learning how to wear booties for dogs and dog snow bootsDog Boots? It’s no wonder that many pet parents question the motivation behind putting shoes on a dog’s paws. Are they fashion statements or are they functional?

Doggy wear is not only a fashion statement, and it’s not limited to dog clothes. Doggy boots are functional! They keep your pooch’s paws warm and safe from the harsh elements. There is more to pup boots than you might imagine!

SUMMARY VERSION: We recommend the Vets Preferred brand for your choice of Paw Protector and Snout Soother.

Keep Your Adventure Pup’s Paws Safe Whatever the Season!

Baby, it’s cold outside. But you still need to answer nature’s call. Whether the Summer sun is merciless or the salt covered ice is all over the sidewalks! There’s no need for your fur baby to suffer – dog boots to the rescue!

Your best friend enjoys joining you on a hike? Great! There are boots specially designed to protect their paws! On sharp, rocky terrain or out in the snow? Your pup and senior dogs are covered!

The same goes for pups suffering from sore paws, who just want to lick at them – slip on a protective dog shoe to keep them from exacerbating the wound.

Help Keep Those Paws Cool with Dog Shoes in Summer!

Lightweight, durable and oh-so-cute, dog shoes for those warm summer days and nights will allow you to take your best friend out even when it is really hot out.

Runs on the beach or in the city can quickly turn into nightmare activities in summer. In some cases, roads and sidewalks get sizzling hot and will burn your dog’s paws. Enter dog boots!

cold dog paws in the best dog boots running through the snow

Dog Boots for Winter: Why Dog Snow Boots are a Great Idea!

Yes your pooch, whether a lap dog or an adventurous terrier, will feel the cold with paws exposed to the Winter elements.

They will keep your doggo’s sensitive paw pads safe and warm. They’ll also keep your best furry friend from slipping and sliding around.

These boots work as well on ice as they do on slippery hardwood floors. Reflective accents keep your pup safe and visible in poor lighting conditions. Styles are available for winter, summer, hiking trails and all manner of terrain and surfaces in every conceivable size.

Ruffwear also makes boots liners that make wearing Ruffwear boots even comfier. Whatever your dog needs, Ruffwear has them covered! An added bonus is that, by removing the boots before pup heads into the house, you’ll keep your floors clean!

Cutesie Dog Booties for Pups Who Hate to Get Their Paws Dirty

A puppy in booties is quite simply adorable! And Fifi will love you for having her best interests at heart when she sees the “ick” and “ew” of the great muddy outdoors.

A Dog in Rain Boots: It Doesn’t Get Cuter Than That!

Water-proof doggy rain boots like those by Qumy, look like water balloons and do their job swimmingly. They fit securely, are not at all bulky and slip on easily.

These boots are great for pets who prefer to be bare-pawed. They allow pups to still feel the ground as well as allowing for full paw motion and maximum comfort. These rubber boots protect puppy paws and keep them dry and warm when it’s wet outside.

How to Measure Your Dog’s Paws for the Right Size Boots

If the shoe fits, Fifi should wear it. Provided it fits snugly and comfortably, of course. Since dog boots are available in all sizes, you’ll need to determine what’s right for you and yours.

You don’t want to resort to duct tape to keep the shoes on. Pup boots should fit snugly around the ankle with a bit of room at the toes. They should allow enough wiggle room without skimping on support.

Suppliers measure paw size either by weight or the length from the heel of the pad to the tip of the toenail. Resign yourself to the knowledge that your dog will need to adapt before feeling comfortable wearing booties.

white puppy wearing dog socks and dog booties - dog rain boots - in the rainy weather

4 Ways to Get Your Pup Used to Their New Swag

Introducing boots is not as simple as slipping on a new collar.

  1. Positive reinforcement. Offer a treat after slipping on and tightening each shoe.
  2. Go slow. A bad reaction calls for a reward after each successful step. If pup goes nuts, wait for them to calm down before removing the shoes, and then start again.
  3. Association. When the shoes are on, it means a walk is going to happen!
  4. Praise and Reward. When they accept the shoes, have a moment of playing fetch or a romp outside together.

No Boots, No Protection: How to Treat Dog Paws Hurt by the Elements!

Cracked, raw and bloodied paws or pads can make for not only a miserable and sore dog but also a very sad pet parent! Never fear: There are some great products available to help heal and soothe those sore paws and snouts!

Paw Balm and Snout Soother!

The right Paw Balm can get your pup back on the road regardless of the weather conditions. The balm creates a semi-permeable barrier between the pads and any surface, preventing damage by extreme cold and insulating against extreme heat.

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Vets Preferred Advanced Pad Protection$15.63
We recommend this product because it is All-Natural, we use it for OUR pets, and it's Made in the USA.

It’s easy to apply, with or without your pup’s co-operation, and there is no need to shave the area first. Spread the paw balm directly onto the paws and spread a thin layer between toes or on pads. Take care to always wipe your dog’s paws before heading back indoors.

Just as paws take strain from the elements, so too does a doggy nose. Cracked noses are just as likely in the summer as in winter, depending on your fur baby’s activity levels. Bring on the snout soother!

Just always be sure to choose products designed specifically for dogs, and which don’t contain any harmful ingredients. Because you KNOW they are going to be licking at their paws!

Amazon Best Sellers on Boots for Dogs!

Amazon is a dream come true for dog lovers. They sell every conceivable necessity, luxury item or treat imaginable for man’s best friend, regardless of size, breed or personality. The options are very nearly endless, and so we have narrowed down the dog boots on offer to just these few:

  • Ruffwear Dog Boots are stylish high-performance boots designed to provide warmth, traction, and protection.
  • Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots are trendy but unobtrusive and are recommended for senior dogs or pooches who slip on tiles or hardwood floors. They go on easily and they stay on!
  • Pawz Dog Boots are made of natural rubber!
  • Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots are the answer for fitting boots like a glove. They are for use in any weather and all conditions – from hiking to a walk to the fire hydrant.
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Pet Boots 4 Pcs Outdoor Waterproof and Wearproof Running Shoes for Dogs Pet Rain Boots by Union Rich (6#(2.9’’X2.5’’), Black)$29.99
b> Do you still leave your favorite dog running around with bare feet? Do you still worry your dog with the beriberi, toe inflammation and scratches? Do you still worry your dog will suffer from frostbite during snowy and rainy days? The pair of cool dog shoes comes as a perfect solution to all your problems.

The size is inner diameter of the shoe and is measured by hand. Please excuse us if there is any measurement error.
Measure paw width for best fit. Refer the size chart with actual size of pet boots and choose the best suitable size for your dog.
  5# (2.7''X2.2'')

Please follow these easy measuring instructions to ensure a comfortable fit:
1, Place the paw on a piece of paper and press down on the top, mimicking how the paw spreads when the dog is walking.
2, Mark the left and right sides on the paper and measure the distance between the marks.
3, The width of the paw should be smaller than the boot size.
4, If your dog is in-between sizes, select the larger size.
5, We suggest you use foot breadth first and foot length second before choosing the size.
6, Pet dog might experience some discomfort the first time he wears the pet shoes. You could help him with some simple training.
Pet shoes mainly focus on the width of the foot and the length of the foot is used as a reference. 
For Cleaning:The dog shoe are hand washable and dried naturally in the air.
Kindly Attention: Though the soles are waterproof, the dog boots can not be applied in deep water or in sands, because there may be water or fine sand seepage through sewing needle holes.

Fashionistas and practical Joes alike can find what they need for their furry friends: fluffy puppy slippers, hardy hiking boots, rain boots, snow boots and lightweight summer togs. There’s a shoe for every paw.

Common Questions on Dog Boots

Is there a waterproof boot for my Yorkie who does not tolerate bulky footwear?

Whenever hubby brings our large breeds inside after their walks in wet weather, I spend hours cleaning floors. Will dog boots ease my suffering?

My dog suffers from allergies, will dog boots stop her chewing at the sensitive skin between her toes?

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