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bulldog eating out of slow feed dog bowl stainlesIt’s no secret most dogs love to eat. But what may be a secret to some dog owners may not know is that not all bowls are created equal. There’s so much variety in the dog bowl niche. You can find stainless steel dog bowls, raised dog bowls, ceramic dog bowls, plastic dog bowls, among many other styles.

As always, when there are so many choices available, pet parents don’t always know which dog bowls to choose from. Should they pick style over functionality? Is it possible to have a function, durability, and style all in one bowl? What about bowls for dogs with special needs? Is there a bowl out there to help my ill pup?

In this article, we’ll be going over all the types of dog bowls you can imagine. Style, durability, safety, and many more points will be covered — so keep reading!

What Are Pet Bowl Feeders and Waterers?

Pet bowl feeders are a special kind of bowl. They’re not the typical bowl that you place on the floor for your dog to eat. No, they’re bowls that are usually raised by a wooden or metal structure. This way, your dog doesn’t bend down as much to reach their food.

Pet bowl waterers are very similar. Instead of holding your dog’s biscuits, they hold water. They’re also elevated and make it easier for your dog to meet their water needs without needing to bend down as much.

There are also other kinds of dog feeders. They are also known as “dog food and water dispensers” and can be either manual or automatic dispensers.

Pet food bowls and waterers are, without a doubt, an improvement from the plain and old bowls you see for sale almost everywhere.

There Are Many Dog Bowls and Dog Feeders Available on the Market!

We believe that not all bowls are created the same. All kinds have their own characteristics, advantages, and even disadvantages. All pet parents want to get their four-legged buddies the best that money can buy. Because of this, more and more pet products stores and online retailers are stocking up on the different kinds of pet bowls.

But which ones should you choose? And why are some kinds of bowls more popular than others? Don’t fret — we’re answering all your questions.

husky eating out of elevated dog bowls

Best Ceramic Dog Bowls on Amazon!

Ceramic bowls are also known as stoneware pet bowls and are made of hard material that usually has a strong glass-like shine.

Taking care of ceramic dog bowls is easy. They have a special coating to help keep them clean and a lot of bowls are dishwasher safe. All you have to do is rinse them with some hot water and soap or pop them in the dishwasher.

However, they’re not the most durable out there. Dropping them on the floor or accidentally hitting the bowl on a counter can cause them to break or crack. A ceramic dog bowl with knicks and cracks is not safe. A small piece of ceramic could fall into your dog’s food and bring them a lot of gastrointestinal problems.

The Bone Dry Lattice Ceramic Pet Bowl comes in three different sizes to suit all dogs, from tiny to large. It has a silicone ridge on the bottom that is skid-proof. This means that even those dogs that love pawing at their bowls won’t turn your kitchen into a watery and food mess.

They’re made of porcelain ceramic and FDA-approved, completely safe for your pup, and very easy to clean. They come in three different colors and two different designs. They’re the perfect addition to any kitchen or balcony!

The bright side is that they come in many different designs: from something simple and classy to something over-the-top and exuberant. If you want to class up your home while not disregarding functionality, then ceramic bowls are for you. They add the perfect pop of color to any room.

Slow Feeder Dog Bowls to Buy

If you have a four-legged glutton at home, slow feeder dog bowls will be a Godsend. They’re specially designed to make dogs that eat too fast slow down and enjoy their meals, not gorge them down.

The Super Design Slow Feed Dog Bowl slows down eating by five times. Even the most avid eaters will slow down and savor their meal with this bowl. The ridges make eating more fun and a puzzle while still being safe. The bowl has no sharp edges and is also ideal for brachycephalic breeds.

You can safely put this bowl into the dishwasher to kill all germs and bacteria. The bottom is lined by a silicone band that is skid-proof and prevents the bowl from tipping over.

Eating too fast can cause just as many problems for a dog as it can for a person. If your pup is eating too fast, they’re not chewing their food and so will have a harder time digesting it. You might have seen them puke up whole biscuits or seen intact biscuits come out in their poop. If so, then they definitely need to slow down.

The Iris Elevated Feeder is a two-in-one product. On one hand, it’s an elevated platform where you can fit two stainless steel dog bowls at the same time. On the other, the part of the product that makes it elevated serves as storage space. It can hold up to 64 cups of dried pet food. Talk about efficiency!

Slow feeder dog bowls have ridges or small structures inside the bowl where the biscuits get sort of stuck. This makes dogs eat smaller bites, which in turn means they eat more slowly. The name slow-feeding dog bowls suit them well.

beagle drinking from dog water bowl

Best Raised Dog Bowls on the Market! Elevated Dog Bowls!

Elevated dog bowls look like trays with a water bowl and a food bowl on top. This tray-like elevation support is usually made of wood, plastic, or metal. The bowls can be made of plastic, stainless steel, or ceramic.

A lot of veterinarians and dog experts believe that elevated dog bowls are the healthiest for dogs. They think that some gastrointestinal problems are caused by bowls placed too low for the dog. Elevating the bowls would drastically reduce their risk of getting sick.

Foreyy Raised Pet Bowls are chic and sleek elevated pet bowls are great for both cats and dogs. But our favorite thing about them, besides their functionality, is the fact that they’re made of bamboo. Since the bowls are made of stainless steel, you can pup them in the dishwasher and be sure that all the germs and leftover food will be gone.

The bamboo structure itself has non-skid material on its feet. This will keep the tray in place wherever you decide to put it. It is also available in three different heights: 3 inches, 7 inches, or 10 inches. The bowls also come in different sizes, from holding 20 ounces of water to holding 50.

It’s also a great choice for giant breeds. Large dogs won’t have to bend over as much and hurt their neck and back trying to eat and drink.

Our Pets Healthy Dinner Elevated Feeder is an elevated feeder that’s available in three different heights: 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches. It’s great for all dogs of all sizes! Its stainless steel bowls are machine washable and very durable.

Another cool feature is the fact that the water bowl can be turned into a water dispenser. Simply take off the stainless steel bowl and have the dark-blue built-in plastic bowl be filled up by the water from any 2-liter water bottle that you fit into the elevated tray.

Stainless Steel Dog Bowls

Stainless steel dog bowls are a drastic improvement to the oh-so-popular plastic bowls. While plastic bowls have harmful toxins and chemicals that may leach into your pup’s food, stainless steel bowls do not.

Neater Feeder Deluxe Dog Bowls combines two kinds of bowls into one: elevated dog bowls, and spill-proof bowls. It’s great for your dog’s health and amazing for your kitchen’s cleanliness. Being an elevated dog bowl means it helps with gastrointestinal issues. The stainless steel bowls are machine washable and completely safe for your dog.

Any spillage that may happen will be trapped on either the top tray (if it’s spilled dried kibble) or in the bottom tray (if it’s water that was spilled). This cuts down on the time it takes for your dog’s feeding station to be cleaned.

These bowls are probably the most durable out there. Not even the most chewing-avid dog will be able to break it. They’re dishwasher-safe, can be washed with boiling water to rid it of germs, and they withstand falls and being rough-handled pretty well.

filled up dog food bowl

Another great thing is that they’re durable even when used as outdoors dog bowls. Rain, sunshine, and winds won’t make this bowl rot away.

Most bowls come with a silicone ridge on the bottom that fix it more firmly to the ground. This prevents spillage and makes way less of a mess when compared to plastic bowls. The only downside of stainless steel dog bowls is that they aren’t as customizable as the ceramic ones are. They do come in a few different colors and designs, but if you value style a lot, they might not be the best for your home.

Max and Neo Stainless Steel Non-Skid Bowls has come up with two stainless steel bowls that fit into a spillage-proof silicone mat. The ridges of the mat are slightly elevated, catching dried kibble and drops of water while your pup eats.

It will help you keep your kitchen free. The 12-ounce bowls and the mat are easy to clean and have been approved by the FDA, meaning they’re completely safe.

How to Select the Perfect Dog Food Bowls

It’s important that we choose a good food bowl for your emotional support animal (and for out pet too!).

If your dog has trouble digesting their food because they eat too fast, we highly recommend a slow-feeding dog bowl. Even if they don’t get sick from eating too fast, we recommend this bowl to obese dogs who need to slow down and not gorge down their food.

Giant dogs will definitely benefit from having elevated dog food and water bowls. This makes eating more comfortable for them and prevents some gastrointestinal issues.

Lastly, if you have a dog bowl outdoors, we recommend getting an ant proof bowl. There are many kinds out there (double-deck bowls, anti-ant resin bowls, etc) but they all do one thing: keep ants away from your dog’s food.

What’s So Great About a Slow Feed Dog Bowl?

Slow feed dog bowls have been seemingly everywhere lately. They’re building quite a reputation as a must-have for puppies that are too eager during meal times.

Eating too fast causes some problems to some dogs. While not all dogs get sick, those who do suffer from excess gas, indigestion, and even vomiting. Some veterinarians point fast eating as a cause for Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) or bloating. Though it’s not yet proven, most people can agree that eating too fast isn’t healthy.

A slow feed puppy bowl comes to combat this problem. They have ridges that look like a labyrinth inside the bowl that turns frantic eating into a challenge. The biscuits get stuck between the ridges and so the dog must try to free them. Consequence: they eat smaller bites and so take longer to finish their meal. Brilliant isn’t it?!

Decyam Fun Pet Feeder Dog Bowl is perfect for pups and toy breeds. The ridges force your dog to enjoy their meal and not swallow the dried kibble whole.

The bowl itself is made from BPA-free plastic and it comes in several different colors and ridge pattern designs.

The bowls size is perfect for our beloved small dogs, only measuring 8 inches in diameter. It also helps prevent puppies from choking on the kibble and makes for a fun and challenging meal!

collapsible dog bowls

Make Your Dog Feeding Station Fancy With a Dog Bowl Stand!

There are many designs for dog bowl stands up for sale online. You have wooden stands, colorful metal stands, and even rustic-looking stands. You could even DIY a dog bowl stand using scrap pieces of wood! It all boils down to how creative you can be.

Besides making their feeding station stand out for all the right reasons, they may help dogs with gastrointestinal problems not get sick. Not to mention that giant dog breeds love these tall stands, as they don’t need to bend over as much.

Premium Elevated Pet Bowls! If you’re looking for a modern-style elevated dog bowl stand, you’ve found it. It’s made out of bamboo and it holds two stainless steel dog bowls at the same time. Because of its height, you can alternate which bowls to fit into the slots: a deeper or a more shallow bowl.

Weighing three pounds and having non-skid material on the base makes it very hard to be knocked over. This means no spillage, no mess, and less clean up.

Best Collapsible Dog Bowl and Dog Water Bottle

Dogs that love to travel and go on hikes must always be well-nourished and hydrated. But when you’re on the go, you probably don’t want to bring a bulky dog bowl with you in your bag. Say hello to your new travel buddy: collapsible dog bowls!

Ruffwear Quencher Bowls are perfect to bring in your backpack. It’s an easy-to-pack collapsible bowl made from BPA-free and waterproof fabric. It comes with two drawstrings that allow you to close the bowl and keep the biscuits inside fresh and safe! Both the water and the food bowl are a lifesaver for pet parents on a trip with their beloved dogs.

Kurgo Collaps-A-Bowl is this collapsible silicone bowl that can become as thin as just one inch. When you’re ready to feed and water your pup, pop it back in place and expand it, and put the kibble and fresh water in it. Once they’re done eating, simply collapse it again and that’s it! You have a portable and efficient dog bowl with you.

Top 2 Dog Food Bowls for Tiny Dogs and Even Dog Dishes for Big Dogs!

But what about the adorably tiny designer dogs? If you’re the proud owner of a small bundle of love, don’t worry. We’ve picked out the best four dog bowls for them.

Neater Feeder Express Pet Bowlsare all about keeping your kitchen clean and mess free. It’s slightly elevated but made especially for small dogs. The 1.5-cup-sized stainless steel bowls come out of the platform and can be machine washed.

Whatever water is spilled from the bowl is collected on the bottom tray and can then be easily dumped out.

The dried kibble that falls from its bowl is contained on the top tray. If you’re looking for a way to prevent spillage and keep everything clean, the Neater Feeder will be your friend.

Our giant furry friends also deserve the best bowls out there. That’s why we’ve come up with our definite top 4 dog bowls for large dogs.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder, a psychedelic-looking slow feeder, is perfect for large dogs. Its five different intricate inner design slows down dogs when eating and makes mealtime more fun and challenging. The best part is that the bowl is made from BPA-free plastic and it’s durable. It even holds up to four cups of dried kibble at a time!

Dog Bowl Mat for Dogs Prone to Messy Eating/Drinking

We’re all about cutting down on cleaning time, and we can start that by making your pet’s feeding station less messy. That’s exactly what dog bowl mats came to do!

Hoki Found Silicone Mat a waterproof mat is not only cute but also highly functional. You can put your dog’s water bowl and food bowl on top of the silicone mat and rest assured that it will collect the spillage for you. At the end of the day, simply rinse it with warm water and you’re good to go!

Easyology Premium Pet Food Tray catches all the spilled water and food from your pet’s bowls for you. Its elevated ridges make sure nothing escapes the tray, making cleaning less of a hassle. The feet of the tray have a non-skid silicone material that fix it in place. It’s made from non-toxic plastic which is 100% recycled. It’s eco-friendly and anti-mess!

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