The Best Dog Christmas Stocking Fillers for Fido

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happy golden retriever with dog christmas stocking

Christmas is coming! This is the time of year for sharing the love and bringing family members together. And since your pet is a part of the family, now is your chance to give them some festive spoils too. All year, pets provide us with companionship, security, emotional support, and laughter. Before another year rolls around, take the time to celebrate the furballs in your life. Get that tail wagging by giving Fido his very own dog Christmas stocking this year!

Here are Our Favorite Dog Stockings with Puptastic Christmas Treats

When Christmas morning rolls around, so does the excitement. While everyone flurries to open gifts, why not include your fur baby by preparing a dog Christmas stocking for them?

A Dog Christmas Stocking You Can Personalize

By all means, mix and match Fido’s favorites into a stocking for Christmas. The LO LORD LO Dog Paw Christmas stocking allows you to plan a personalized gift for your adorable dog. Fill it with some DIY dog treats, a new leash, or a candy cane dog collar to add to their festive attire. There are many stocking designs available, including a paw stocking, a reindeer, and a snowman. This can also make a great gift for the pet lover in your family. 

Rated 4.50/5.00
LO LORD LO Christmas Stocking
Christmas Paw stocking with a loop,Hang able stocking is perfect for storing treats, bones, or Outward Hound toys. Christmas Paw stocking Size:18 inches long x 11 inches wide.Great for large dogs,small dogs,cats..
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Rated 4.00/5.00
Up Country Candy Canes Dog Collars
Your dog will look as sweet as a Candy Cane in this festive holiday dog collar by Up Country. The ribbon collars are made from high-tensile strength nylon webbing with sewn on polyester/nylon ribbons. The ribbons are stain and fray resistant; designed to last a lifetime. These Quick-Release Buckles are Coast Guard approved for high weight hold. Machine washable, air dry.
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christmas dog stocking full of dog toys

The Eric&Nicole Stocking is Filled with Personalized Fun

If your royal Shih Tzu deserves nothing but the best then go all out and order an Eric&Nicole Christmas stocking. This is the most expensive of our suggested options, but boy is it worth it! The velvet stocking is characterized with paw pads and has space for personalization if you choose to embroider little Luna’s name onto it. Add it to your holiday decor by hanging it above the fireplace with its hook. The stocking is full of high-quality toys for hours of fun!

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Happy Pet Large Christmas Stocking for Dogs$19.99
This pet stocking is filled with high quality toys for dogs. Its a perfect gift as a dog holiday dog toys accessories, large and small. Include your red Christmas stocking in your family tradition. Filled with multiple dog toys.High Quality Christmas Stocking For Dogs Toys Set.

Christmas Stockings with a Price That’s Nice

Your puppy will love HOMIMP‘s budget stocking that includes five fun toys. Set them up for a year of play with a squeaky toy, a rope, a latex ball and more. The included chew toys will be great for your teething puppy and keep them entertained and (hopefully) away from your Christmas roast. Teething toys sooth gum pain and have the bonus of keeping their teeth clean. 

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
HOMIMP 5 Pack Dog Toys Stocking Christmas
This fluffy brown gingerbread plush toy is about 6 inch long, just like other dolls, it has eyes, nose, mouth, limbs and so on. It is worth mentioning that the toy is very soft and comfortable to touch, and inside its body we have placed a squeaker, which will make a wonderful sound when the doll is pressed from the outside with a certain amount of force. What a magical thing!

If Fido Loves Rope Toys, Try The HOMIMP Stocking for Dogs

Does your Jack Russell love a tug of war game? Or does your Boxer love a good chew toy? Then the HOMIMP Stocking is the perfect stocking for you to buy. You have two options when buying this product. The five-piece set comes packaged in a great stocking with a snow pattern and includes three rope toys, a squicky hedgehog toy, and a ball. The four-piece set contains bone-shaped plush toys that squeak when chewed. 

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
HOMIMP Christmas Dog Squeaky Toys 4 Pcs and 5 Pcs Set$15.99
Cute Dog Toys 5 Pack - Including 3 pcs dog rope toys, indestructible and safety;a plush squeaky toy and a ball toy. A perfect combination of Christmas dog toys, bright colors rope and interesting plush cartoon toy would be your dog's love.

puppy with head in dog stockings for christmas

Don’t Forget About Mittens!

Deck the halls with catnip. While cats don’t usually appreciate a crowd around Christmas time, that’s no reason to leave them out of the festivities. If all your baubles are still on the Christmas tree then your cat deserves some treats…

The Kooltail Cat Christmas Stocking is Stuffed with Toys

Enjoy some quality playtime with your feline friend with the Kooltail Cat Christmas Stocking. This product will provide you with some great stocking stuffers that can be shared between the cats in your family. It includes 12 non-toxic toys.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Christmas Cat Toys Stocking$14.99
Christmas stocking shpae packaging, perfect for your furry friend's presents at Christmas and he/she will like these. Toys are made from rope, plastic, plush and cotton which are pet-safe and non-toxic material. It's safe to lat your cat play them.

No Cat will Turn Down the Pawchie Cat Stocking

The Pawchie Cat Stocking is a great gift for your kitty. The best part is that the stocking can be reused next year and will add to your festive decor with a cute “I fish you a merry Christmas” quote. The stocking includes 14 toys, including a catnip Santa.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
PAWCHIE Christmas Cat Stocking Toys$18.99
CONTAINS: 14 Pcs toys set comes with 1 cat teaser wand, 8 balls(2 crinkle ball, 3 jingle bell ball, 1 linen ball, 2 sparkle ball ), 1 fluffy mouse, 1 linen mouse, 1 catnip Santa Claus, 1 plaid catnip, 1 spring

Momoni Christmas Stockings for Cats are Tons of Fun

Jolly up your cat’s life with a Momoni Christmas Stocking. This purfect gift contains eight good quality toys to keep Whiskers entertained. This product offers great value for your money. Toys include a crinkle ball, an assortment of balls, mice, bells, a linen feature toy, and a cat teaser wand.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
MOMONI Premium 8 Piece Cat Christmas Stocking Set$10.99
SUPER VALUE GIFT BUNDLE WITH 8 ASSORTED TOYS- Each stocking is 14.5 inches in length and comes in 8 assorted toys that your cat would love. Toys include crinkle ball and assortment of balls, mice, bells, linen feature toy, and cat teaser wand.

kittens in cat christmas stockings

Support Animal Rescue Shelters When You Buy Cat or Dog Christmas Stockings

While making sure your pooch enjoys a cushy Christmas, remember those that are less fortunate. Abandoned animals inundate Animal Shelters over the holiday season. This is due to unwanted pets as gifts, owners who desert their pets when they go on holiday, and pets that may get lost in severe weather. 

Supporting an Animal Rescue Shelter by buying a Christmas stocking is a great way to share the love with orphaned cats and dogs. The ASPCA has a great initiative for online donations. 

Rated 4.50/5.00
Dog Christmas Stocking
Your canine family member will have the best Christmas morning ever with this hangable stocking teaser, overflowing with exciting gifts for dogs to keep your dog entertained until the next major holiday!
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Rated 4.50/5.00
Cat Christmas Stocking
This complete set of toys for the perfect Cat Christmas will impress even the family dogs! Makes a great decoration for your pussy cat to have their hanging stocking right along with the entire family fireplace!
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Be a responsible pet owner this Christmas. Keeping your furry family member safe, happy, and warm should be a priority over this busy time of the year!

We woof you and your pet a merry Christmas and a happy new year! 

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