Dog Coats to Keep Fido Looking Fabulous and Fashionable

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jack russell playing in forest wearing a fleece lined dog jacket

To some, dog coats may seem like a fashionable commodity. To others, dog coats may serve a more functional purpose. Regardless, today dog clothing has become one of the popular ways people choose to express their pup’s personality.

Some Doggos Need A Dog Jacket or Winter Vest to Keep Warm 

Do you have a dog that simply loves the snow? It comes as no surprise that some doggos love to run and play in the snow during the winter months.

Dogs such as the Golden Retriever or the St.Bernard have it lucky as they’ve got a long-dense coat to keep them warm. However, short-haired dog breeds like the Doberman Pinscher or the Beagle may find the winter months to be quite challenging.

The Fleece Vest by Frisco is a warm jacket designed to keep both dogs and cats warm. This fleece-based plush and snuggly jacket isn’t necessarily a winter jacket. Rather, it is a dog coat that keeps short-haired dogs warm during the autumn months.

Frisco Reversible Dog & Cat Plaid Puffer Coat
Gear up your pal for winter with the Frisco Dog & Cat Puffer Coat. Built with a classic puffer coat design, it features a soft lining for added warmth during chilly days, and a collar and quilted, insulated sections for added chill protection. The exterior shell is water-resistant so it’s perfect for rain sprinkles and light snow, which means more exploring outdoors—and in style. It’s super easy to get suited up thanks to the fuzzy fastener closures around the neck and belly, so you can get dressed for the forecast pretty fast.
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Why Small Dogs Need Dogs Need Dog Jackets to Keep Warm 

If you’ve got a small little terrier that loves to frolic in the snow, then you’ll need to invest in a good jacket. Unlike large dog breeds, a small dog does not have sufficient fat and muscle reserves to keep them warm. It is because of their very thin muscle layer, that you’ll find small dogs tend to get colder much faster.

To combat this, we highly recommend dog coats that are water-resistant and meant for harsh winter weather. Frisco’s Reversible Puffer dog coat is perfect for small puppers who love the snow. This line of puffer jackets keeps your furbaby warm during the harsh winters.

The dog coat has a soft lining which keeps your pup cozy. In addition to this, it is water-resistant, light-weight, and contains 100% polyester filling.

yorkie wearing yellow dog snowsuit in snow

3 Things to Look for in the Best Dog Coats 

  1. Sustainability: Ideally, you should look for a dog coat or jacket that is made from recycled or sustainable materials. For example, you should do your research and search for companies with ethical and sustainable practices.
  2. Purpose: Before you get a dog sweater, you need to ask yourself what type of coat does your furry friend need? There are all sorts of dog coats and dog jackets out there. Some cater towards the cooler autumn months, while others may cater towards the winter months. It is always important to read the label of the jacket you are purchasing. For example, you do not want to invest in a basic fleece coat for your dog if you live in an area where temperatures reach -15 degrees.
  3. Finding the perfect fit: Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes. Before purchasing any dog coat or dog jacket online, it is important to accurately measure your dog.

For Cold and Rainy Days Your Pup Needs a Dog Coat That’s Waterproof! 

Do you live in a rainy city? If you do, then you’ll need to invest in a good dog raincoat. Unlike winter jackets, both long-haired dogs and short-haired dogs can benefit from wearing a waterproof rain jacket. The benefits are endless! With a rainproof jacket, you don’t need to worry about your wet dog drenching your home after a walk. And best of all, you can reduce that wet dog smell.

Frisco Dog Rainy Days Raincoat is the perfect pet jacket for pet owners who love to walk their dog in the rain. These jackets are water-resistant and they have secure belly straps to help keep them in place. One of the most positive benefits about the Frisco Dog Rainy Days Coat is that has reflective stripes.

Frisco Rainy Days Dog Raincoat
Rain or shine, always be ready to go with the Frisco Dog Rainy Days Raincoat. This doggy raincoat is made with a water-resistant PVC coating designed to keep your pup dry come drizzle or downpour, and it has secure neck and belly fuzzy fastener straps to ensure a snug fit all around—and a drier pooch.
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These reflective straps are there to provide safety to both you and your pet. During the gloomy, dark rainy days, these jacket reflective straps help enhance your dog’s visibility, making them much easier for not only you to see but also for others.

chihuahua wearing a dog raincoat

Dog Gear For Your Outdoor Dog Supply Kit: A Dog Snowsuit 

Sometimes getting a simple fleece puffer jacket may not be enough to keep your furry friend warm.

More often than not, short-haired dog breeds that reside in a cold climate may find sub-zero temperatures to be a bit unbearable. So, if you live in places like Canada—where the temperature drops below zero, then we highly recommended investing in a snowsuit.

Ultra Paws WeatherMaster Dog Snowsuit with Ultra-Heat Liner
Keep your pooch cozy and warm while he takes part in the cold weather fun with Ultra Paws WeatherMaster Dog Snowsuit with Ultra-Heat Liner. This stylish winter coat makes a great addition to any canine wardrobe, thanks to its unique pattern in a flatteringly neutral color scheme, and reflective piping that keeps your pup safely visible in low light conditions. With a rugged and waterproof exterior, a cushioned, fiber-filled inner layer that absorbs body heat, and a soft fleece turtleneck collar, your dog will stay toasty in even the coldest of weather. Lightweight material with two points of adjustability, a generous opening for hooking on a leash, and a hidden zippered pocket in the back make this snowsuit as helpful and easy-to-use as it is fashionable and comfortable.
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Unlike a puffer jacket, a snowsuit will protect your dog from head to toe! Well, not completely to the toe. Rather, the snowsuit will cover your dog’s neck, legs, and underbelly.

Ruffwear Ruff Gear for a Ruff Dog! 

Now, dog coats don’t just keep your furry pal warm and cozy. Companies such as Ruffwear design doggie apparel for all sorts of occasions.

Ruffwear currently markets dog jackets such as:

  • Powder Hound: A fleece jacket designed to keep your dog warm.
  • Track Jacket: A high-visibility dog blazer designed for dogs on-the-go.
  • Sun Shower: A lightweight water-resistant jacket designed for active dogs.

How to Get Dogs Used to Wearing Dog Sweaters or Warm Jackets

Dogs naturally are not used to wearing sweaters and jackets. However, through years of selective breeding, it is apparent that some dogs may have no choice, but to get used to wearing doggie coats and sweaters. Training your pupper to get used to coats can be tricky. So, here we have listed 3 key tips you’ll need to keep in mind.

  1. Start as early as possible! If you have a puppy who is a few months old, then start by introducing them to all kinds of pet apparel—jackets, coats, and sweaters. Frequent exposure to the jacket is important if you want Fido to wear it with no fuss.
  2. Positive reinforcement: It doesn’t matter if you have an old dog or a young pup. Whenever you teach your dog something new, it is important to reinforce any positive behavior. For example; every time you put on your pups jacket, give them their favorite treat.
  3. Be patient: Finally, some dogs can be quite stubborn. Never stress your dog out if you are unable to get their jacket on. Forcing a stressed out dog to wear a jacket can only lead to panic and negative associations.

two small dogs wearing dog coats and dog sweaters

The Ultimate Pup Swag: Dog Apparel Sweater Coats 

It’s important for pet owners to understand that pet coats aren’t just a fashion statement. They are items that will benefit dogs in all sorts of ways. Today, you can get dog coats meant for sports, hiking, winter, and even autumn months. This just goes to show that dog apparel sweater coats are not only functional but they are also fashionable.

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