June 22, 2018

The Best Dog Costumes for Large Dogs and Small!

The Best Dog Costumes from Halloween Dog Costumes to Dog Party OutfitsGetting a great dog costume can be heaps of fun, whatever the occasion. Birthday parties, the festive season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day: when it comes to dog costumes, there are so many to choose from!

You get that joy of being in character, the experience of pretending you are something different for a day. Then there is the attention! Oh yes, oh yes, the attention! Lap it up from everyone around you! Well, that much fun can be had if you are a human, imagine the thrill if you are a dog!

Are You Ready for It? Time to Think Pet Costumes as Halloween Approaches!

Yes, that’s right; it’s almost All Hallows Eve again! That time of the year when everyone gets the chance to get out-and-about in their spooky and most creative best.

For many people, this means including their pets in their annual Halloween costumes. You may be looking for costume ideas to twin with your pooch and make them your ‘mini-me’.

On the other hand, you might have a pet that is very much their own person, and you want pet Halloween costumes to bring out their own personality!

So, here are a few costume ideas, along with a few tips to dress-up your pet safely.

Halloween Dog Costumes Are a Ton of Fun!

Halloween dog costumes can be as much fun to decide on put together as taking it will be taking photos of them all decked out with their costume on! Make sure you read the safety stuff below before you try to fit clothing or accessorize your dog. In the meantime, here are a few ideas …

Grow Your Fandoms: From Pokémon Dogs to Star Wars Dog Costumes

It’s pretty much-guaranteed people feel like they belong together if they look similar! Do you want to pull your dog into your group of friends who are fans of a particular movie?

Gimilife PT Pikachu dog costume hits all the right categories for making a great Halloween or an epic Pokemon party!

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Gimilife PT Yellow Pet Dog Comic Pattern Party Costume Pajamas Hoodie Coat Warm Fleece Small Cute Pikachu Fancy Outfit (XL)
Made of soft material, comfortable, great for fancy dress, halloween parties and so on. Take a careful look at the size information chart we provided carefully before made a size for your baby.

What about Ewok costumes to R2D2 outfits for dogs? Count your pug in!

For younger Pokémon, Slinky Dog and Minion fans there are some super cute and cuddly dog outfits that double as hoodies and pajamas for your pet. Out to conquer the universe and explore the Star Wars galaxy?

There are plenty for of options for your own poochy Princess Leia, or doggie Darth Vader too!

Is Your Dog Already a Clown? The Best Funny Dog Costume Ideas for Funny Dogs!

Some pups have a big happy personality that just has to be brought out and enjoyed to its fullest! If you’ve got one of those happy go lucky kind of four-legged buddies, lucky you! They might look hilarious in the Mikayoo Cowboy Costume.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Mikayoo Pet Dog Cat Halloween Costumes$34.99
"WOW!" What a little cute and adorable Uniform! Whether you walk your dogs/cats, or take them to the party, this is the best clothing for you, especially in such a season...

Did you have a chia pet when you were young? Add a bit of faux greenery to your pet, and relive the fun via funny dog costumes!

From Cute to Scary: The Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs!

Costumes are fun to dress up in, but the night gets a whole lot better when your dog joins the party!

From rockstar pugs to spiderdog, learn what the best (and cutest!) Halloween costumes for dogs! And even more so, you can find ones that best suit them, aka their comfortablity is key!

Cuteness Personified: Pugs in Costumes

pugs in costumes

Your face will definitely crinkle at the sight of your pug’s wrinkles set off with a Halloween costume! Their natural wizened can make witch or wizard gear the perfect costume! Pug faces also look pretty good with Yoda’s ears from Star Wars!

Warning All Arachnophobes: The Spider Dog Costume is Here to Stay

Crack out jokes on  “what has x legs and …”! The Pet Krewe Spider Dog Costumes are some of the funniest dog costumes.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Spider Dog Costume - Cat Costume - Pet Costumes by Pet Krewe$24.95
Nothing screams "Sleep with one eye open!" like this scary dog spider costume! Pet Krewe's Scary Spider Costume for Dogs is not only loads of fun, but the quality will have you howling with joy. There's nothing like doubling the number of your dog's legs for a diabolical effect. It's great for parties, holidays, and general home entertainment. Remember, we're here if you need us. With so many imitations out there, make sure you're buying the best with Pet Krewe! TRANSFORM YOUR SWEET LITTLE POOCH INTO A TERRIFYING TARANTULA, AND CLICK THE "ADD TO CART" BUTTON NOW!!

They create an extra set of legs sprouting from your already four-legged friend! For the best effect, pick your color combo to match an arachnophobe’s worst fear – tarantula black, camouflage browns. Alternatively, be safe, be seen, and go for fluoro orange!

Cute Pitbull Dog Costumes that Make a Big Pitbull Look Adorable

Pitbull’s can get a bit of a bad rap. So if you’re the loving companion of one of these proud pooches, think about attaching a faux fur mane to your pup. Then dress yourself as a witch with a hat, and all you’ll need is a closet to be the Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe! Pitbull’s can also look pretty cool wearing a batwing harness!

Nothing Says Sweet and Gentle More Than an Eeyore Costume

Eeyore is one of those characters you just want to always reach out to and hug! He’s also an animal of compassion, as your furry friend most likely is to you. Any of the animal costumes from the Pooh story are cute. Just as Winnie the Pooh said, “It’s so much more friendly with two”!

Planning Dog Outfits for a Dog Party? Look No Further!

Whether you’re having a costume party for your pet or with your pet, everyone needs to glam up once in a while! Here are some ideas for costumes for dogs if you are partying with your pooch, or strutting your stuff at a Tompkins Square Park style Halloween dog parade!

Puppy Costumes That Will Melt the Coldest Heart of Stone

Pandaloon Panda Puppy Dog Pet Costume (Size 2 (15-17 in total height), Panda)
This costume will make everyone do a double take! The cutest walking teddy bear costume with arms ever seen! The Pandaloon Panda Puppy costume is perfect for taking photos, Halloween costume contests, brief trick or treating events, birthdays, Christmas and even surprising a special someone with a gift or proposal. The velcro accessory may be replaced with a small gift for a wedding or engagement ring. Product Size Detail: Size 1: Total height 13-14.5 inches (paws to ears), Girth 10-16 inches Weight may vary widely, based on build, much like humans can vary in appearance despite being the same weight so please measure. Size 2: Total height 15-17 inches (paws to ears), Girth 12-17 inches (For reference, you can use an iPhone 6 or 7 to measure 5.4 inches in height. An iPhone 6S or 7S plus is 6.2 inches.) Face opening may be adjusted up to a 4-5 inch diameter. If your pet has a wide face, such as a bulldog, please measure face or be prepared to make alterations. Dogs come in incredibly different shapes and sizes so please make sure to measure your pet's height for the best chance of an awesome fit. The patent pending costume allows for girth customization and leg length with 1-2 inches of adjustment. Huxley the Panda Puppy (pictured) weights 4.5 lbs and wears a size 1, standing 13 inches tall. Fluffy and stout dog friends weighing up to 10 lbs have worn size 1 because they are a similar height. Most Size 1 dogs correspond to boutique (small dog) sizes of XXS-XS. Most Size 2 dogs correspond to boutique (small dog) sizes of XS-S. Height is the critical measurement. This costume was designed in the USA and created by a woman owned small business. Great care in the design, fit and engineering went into delivering the best walking character costumes for our beloved pets.

Off to a teddy bear’s picnic?

There are some very adorable pet teddy bear suits. You could style your pup with the Pandaloon Puppy Costume or a big soft brown stuffed animal teddy bear!

Or maybe you are getting married, or going to a wedding with your dog?

Kit them out with a fancy bowtie collar, tuxedo breast, and buttoned cuffs! It’s not unheard of for a man or woman’s dog to be a ring bearer or the best man or woman!

Dog Costume Ideas for Cute Small Dogs

If you have a small dog such as a Chihuahua or similar, you’ll want to make sure they aren’t overwhelmed by a costume that’s larger than they are! Maybe make the most of the petite features by turning them into a pixie, or strap a cowboy on the back of corgi! That, or go all out and dress them up as dinosaurs!

The Best Dog Costumes for Large Dogs

For big dog breeds, such as the Great Dane, who seem to already believe they are a king or queen – top them with a crown or a tiara and a regal robe! Or another idea for big dog costumes is to dress them in the TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane!

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane - Realistic & Funny Lion Mane for Dogs - Complementary Lion Mane for Dog Costumes - Lion Wig for Medium to Large Sized Dogs Lion Mane Wig for Dogs$27.99
When it comes to buying gifts for their pet dogs, all dog owners find themselves in a fix – there simply aren’t any good options to choose from! But that was until now – because now you have a perfectly cute & amazingly useful item that just makes total sense – Tomsenn Dog Lion Mane!

It’s a One-Mane-Show!
Taking your dog out to a cosplay party? How about Halloween get-togethers? Want your dog to impress onlookers & judges at a dog show?
Well, it’s your pet dog’s big day, and you want to do everything in your power to make it better, don’t you? That’s exactly when a dog lion mane like this comes incredibly handy. In an instant, you can turn your cute dog into an impressive, full-maned lion.

For a Perfect Fit
We manufacture these dog lion wigs as complements for dog costumes. A perfect fit for medium for large sized dogs is what we aim for, and that’s exactly what you get. This dog lion mane is suitable for neck sizes that range from 60 cm to 80 cm.It’s also very easy to put on & take off your dog.

No-hassle Cleaning
Tomsenn products are known for their utility oriented design & high-quality materials. This dog lion mane is no exception. We use wool fibre to make sure that our lion mane is as realistic-looking as it can get. It doesn’t cause any discomfort or irritation to your pet & is easy to clean.

Think outside the box& get your pet dog a lion mane as a gift, just how thousands of happy dog owners already have. Take our word for it, all the fun that is to follow will be worth it. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to order right away!

Dog Halloween Costumes Might Hurt Their Pride, But Don’t Let Them Hurt your Dog!

pet costumes for bulldogs

Yes, this is the pet owners’ serious stuff! We’re not party poopers, but there can be some pet Halloween costumes that are dangerous for pets or cause them distress. Here are some step-by-step instructions to check with your dog or cat costumes:

  • Have they been dressed in a costume before? If your pet has never been dressed up before, see how they react first. Some love the fun of it getting dolled up, others do not!
  • Can they see, breathe, and hear? The headgear can look adorable but if it is too big or ill-fitting and blocks their breathing, vision or hearing, again, it’s no good.
  • Can they move normally? Make sure your pet can move freely, and like they normally would in their costume. If they can’t, it’s no good for them.
  • Are there any hazards and risks? Dangling bells and whistles may look cute, but dogs being dogs, they are likely to chew it off and may choke. Also, steer clear of applying any makeup to dogs and pets, if they like it off and ingest it they may get sick. Likewise, if you’re getting out the sewing machine and making a DIY costume, be careful with a hot glue gun.
  • Will you be with them at all times? While your pet is in their costume, make sure you are with them at all times so if they do become upset or stressed in their costume you can remove it quickly.

Safety First!

Other things to keep in mind to make sure your pet is safe, especially on Halloween, include:

  • Wearing a reflective collar with their Halloween costume if they are out after dark. Keep them secure at all times in case they get excited or slip away. Make sure they have their ID tags on in case they do.
  • Treats can be tricky – much of the Halloween candy is not safe for your pet to eat. Foods that are toxic for pets include chocolate and artificial sweeteners. Even pumpkin and corn can give them a tummy ache!
  • Decorations and lights make the world sparkle, but candles, electrical wires and cords in fairy lights, and tinsel are dangerous to pets.

6 Signs That Dogs in Costumes Are Not Having a Good Time

Keep alert to any signs that your dog is becoming anxious in a costume, or at an event such as trick and treating or Halloween party. Their body language will tell you if they are distressed. Signs to look for include:

  • Scratching or clawing at the costume
  • Rolling their eyes back or to the side
  • Refusing to move
  • Tucked tail
  • Hunched back
  • Slinking or hiding away.

Hopefully, your dog does not show any of these.

From little city dogs to big country hounds, doggos that love to dress up should never be deprived to strut their stuff!

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