The Best Large Dog Crates to Small Dog Crates!

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The Best Large Dog Crates to Best Small Dog Crates!Large dog crate and small dog crate alike: Is it a doggy den or pooch prison?

In truth, a dog crate can be either, depending on whether you use it correctly or not.

The upside of a dog crate is that it’s a valuable space the puppy can retreat too when stressed or over-tired; it’s a place of safety where the dog will come to no harm, and also a marvelous aid to potty training. The downside is that if a dog crate is used as a place of punishment this can distress the dog.

This article is your guide to better understand how to accentuate the positives and eliminate the negatives with regards to dog crates.

Dog Crates 101: The Advantages of Owning One

Think of a mother dog with a litter of newborn puppies.

She keeps her babies safe by creating a den for them. This is a dark, quiet place, often a small area, where she can watch over the helpless pups and better protect them from the outside world.

At the age of 10 -14 days when the puppies eyes and ears start to open, they become aware of their surroundings: The comforting milk of their mother, the warmth of their litter-mates, and the safety of the den.

As the puppies start to walk, run, and explore when threatened they instinctively run back to the den. This is because they feel safe there and know they are provided for. Likewise, when young puppies go to their new home, a well-set-up crate mimics that den, helps the puppies settle in, and can provide a place of reassurance as they grow into adult dogs.

In short, a dog crate fills a deep emotional need for a dog to have their own den or place, which contains a cozy bed, comforting smells and is associated with good things.

A small dog sleeping inside a dog crate

It’s also helpful if the crate is den-like, which can be achieved simply by draping a blanket over three sides of the crate.

When choosing a large dog crate or small, you want to be 100% sure that the one you’re getting is not only the best of the best but also the perfect one for your fella or gal.

Dog Crates vs Dog Kennels

Before we go any further, know that a dog crate is different to a dog kennel. The former are generally used indoors and can, therefore, be made of less durable materials, such as a soft-sided dog crate. In addition, they are meant to be comfortable, rather than functional, which means placing it where the dog feels part of family life and yet can withdraw should they choose.

Dog Crate Furniture: Which Pet Crate does Your Doggo Need?

The trick to keeping both you and the dog happy is the choose the right sort of crate that meets both your needs. For example, if you have a toy dog and travel a lot, then a soft-sided collapsible dog crate will meet their needs, plus you can transport it around. Or perhaps you are house proud and would like to disguise the dog crate as a piece of furniture – Yes, there are furniture type dog crates.

Just some of the options to choose from include:

Plastic Type XXL Dog Crates to XS Dog Crates

You wouldn’t be the first dog owner to buy a beautiful wooden crate that looks just like a coffee table…and have the dog chew right through it. SportPet Designs Plastic Kennels is yes basically a kennel, but also works as a portable and cozy dog crate! 

Wire-Based Dog Crates/Metal Dog Crates for Those Rowdy Pups

So yeah, dogs LOVE chewing. Safe materials for the hound with a penchant for chewing include wire or metal dog crate. These are usually the most common ones you will find and what most people are looking for when they want an average, normal dog crate for their dog!

Soft-Sided Collapsible Dog Crates: Pet Carriers and Crates Style

Foldable, collapsible, soft – all the things you want to hear for the delicate lil pup of yours! Great for traveling! This is perfect for your small pooch when you want to go on an adventure with them but also to have at the foot of your bed. Any toy dog benefits from one of these and will have the coziest of small rooms you could even say!

Heavy Duty Dog Crates: Choosing The Strongest Dog Crate

Large breeds, such as a German shepherd or Lab need a more heavy duty dog crate than a small dog. Bear in mind that strong crates will also be heavy and difficult to move. If you need to relocate the crate then look for one with built-in wheels, and if you intend to travel with the dog then seek out a travel-safe dog crate for large breeds.

Plastic Dog Crates vs Wooden Dog Crates: What Makes The Best Puppy Crate!

Small dog sitting inside a plastic dog crate on the back seat of a car

It is a rare puppy that doesn’t have the odd toilet accident in their bed. With this in mind, there’s a strong argument for a plastic dog crate or a metal crate with a plastic liner for ease of cleaning.

Wiping down and disinfecting a plastic crate is super-easy and you can rest assured the job is done properly, whereas a wooden crate has the potential to absorb urine odors and mark the area as a toilet spot.

5 Tips on Dog Crate Training!

  1. Size Matters: If you only want to buy one crate (rather than a puppy and then adult crate) then use a divider panel. This partitions a large crate into the correct size for the pup
  2. Treat-tastic: Hide treats in the crate so the puppy regular goes to investigate and thinks the crate is the best place ever
  3. Feed in the Crate: Give your dog their meals in the crate to build those strong positive links. Leave the door open at first, so the dog doesn’t feel trapped
  4. Reward Quiet Behavior: Only let the dog out of the crate when they’re quiet. If you release the dog when they’re crying, the dog will learn that whining gets them set free
  5. Take your Time: Don’t rush crate training. Take things in small steps and only shut the crate door once the dog is relaxed to rest inside. Even then, only close the door for a few seconds, before praising the pup, and opening it up.

Dog Crates Amazon! The Best Extra Large Dog Crates to Small Dog Crates for Sale

OK, so crate training sounds a great idea. With so many crates on the market, the choice is bewildering, so take a look at these highly recommended crates to see which best meets your needs.

Amazon Basics Single & Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate

Some products are popular for a reason!

For your best buddy balance quality and price with these Amazon folding metal dog crates. The Amazon basics single & double door folding metal crate is a popular metal crate that is available in a range of sizes.

The biggest pro about this doggy crate is that the coated metal is easy to clean and there’s a removable plastic tray liner to protect your carpet from ‘spills’.

Other nice features include a safety mesh at the bottom layer, which will prevent small paws from getting trapped.

New World Folding Metal Dog Crate

A similar idea to the Amazon Basics is this New World folding metal crate. Again, it is great quality with the coated metal strong enough to cope with a rambunctious pit bull, plus it’s well made so there are no sharp pieces of metal welding which could injure your pup.

Available as both a two-door or one-door model, this crate is easy to assemble and to collapse down. Did someone say collapsible dog crates are the bomb? But once collapsed, it takes up minimal space which makes it perfect for popping in the trunk when traveling so your dog can take their own safe space along for the ride.

Do You Want a Doggy Cage/Playpen Instead of a Small Dog Crate?

It may occur to you that a crate isn’t quite what you’re after to keep your playful puppy (and the furniture) safe. In which case, a doggy cage (really can be just a playpen) may be the answer. The latter are subtly different because they provide a large, confined space in which the puppy or small dog can romp and play.

The advantages of this include being able to leave the puppy to play unattended in plenty of space, without having to worry about them chewing and swallowing something they shouldn’t.

Tespo Dog Playpen: When That Small, Large, or Even Medium Dog Crate Isn’t Holding Up

Tespo Dog Playpen, Portable Large Plastic Yard Fence for Small Animals
"Tespo Tespo is a home products company dedicated to providing top quality products and service excellence. Every product we make is manufactured to the strictest quality control standards and subject to careful inspection. Our customers come first and we are always working to provide you with the very best we have to offer. Package includes: White panel X 12 Tespo black connector X 28 Wooden hammer X 1 Assembly instructions X 1 Size of each panel Length: 28 inches Width: 21 inches TIPS: This playpen is suitable for use by small animals only, like rabbits and guinea pigs. Please note that we cannot recommend this product for larger animals, such as cats and dogs. Please refer to product dimensions when determining if this playpen is suitable for your pet."
The Tespo Dog Playpen distinguishes itself by the stylish design. Made from sheets of clear perspex linked by heavy duty plastic connectors, this practical solution to confining a pup has an almost futuristic look about it.

Midwest Dog Crates to Dog Crates Covers!

MidWest 42" Dog Kennel Covers / Dog Crate Cover
This is a lightweight, black polyester dog kennel cover for wire crates to provide the privacy, security and comfort that dogs instinctively need and desire. These crate covers were designed to create a more "den-like" atmosphere for your dog which can help reduce anxious behavior such as barking and chewing. The dog kennel cover measures 42L x 27.25W x 30H inches & is designed to fit the iCrate and Life Stages (model #'s 1542, 1542DD, 1642, 1642DD) but will also fit most standard 42" long dog crates as well (kennel covers are available in 4 other sizes). *NOTE* if you are buying this crate cover for another manufacture's dog crate, please make sure to measure the outside dimensions of the dog crate to confirm you are purchasing the adequate size of crate cover for your dog crate. Each crate cover is made of 100% polyester, has Velcro attachments for each side flap to fit firmly over the dog crate, and is machine wash / dryer friendly for easy cleaning. Each side of the dog kennel cover can be raised and place on top of the crate to increase visibility / ventilation for your dog making this crate cover very versatile in design (works with 1, 2 and 3 door dog crates). No tools are required for assembly and each dog kennel cover comes with a 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty. We at MidWest Homes for Pets understand that your dog is a part of your family and that's why we ensure our kennel covers / crate covers are manufactured with the highest quality control standards creating a safe product for your pet that you can feel confident with. MidWest Homes for Pets stands behind the quality of our products with a 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. If you have any questions about our dog kennel covers our customer service department would be glad to help you. MidWest customer service can be contacted at: 1-800-428-8560, available 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Monday - Friday.
A manufacturer with a great reputation, the Midwest range of dog crates are perfect for puppies and adults alike. Features that make this a great buy include a wide range of size options, coated metal, plastic liner tray, one or two doors, ease of assembly, and dog crate covers!

The Best Dog Crate!

Don’t be bewildered by choice. Simply think about your needs and that of the dog. Try writing down a wishlist such as: Small, portable, chew-proof, and easy to clean. Keep focused these features because, with such a wide range available, the right dog crate for your best buddy is out there.

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