A Pet Parent’s Guide to the Best Dog Diapers and Puppy Pads!

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pup in bed with doggy diapers for doggos onOf all the pet products available, one that dog owners may not think they will ever need are dog diapers!  They’re for humans, not our furry friends, right?!

This is not necessarily true pet owners! Like humans, there may be times in your dog’s life when they need a little protection.

Why Do Some Dogs Need Doggie Diapers?

There are a few reasons why a pet dog may need to wear a diaper. If your dog is having problems with accidents, incontinence or leakage, always check with your vet.

There may be physical or medical causes of dog incontinence that can are manageable with treatment. Reasons for wearing a diaper can relate to your dog’s age, gender or medical conditions. Dog diapers can offer a shield for urine, fecal matter or blood.

Golden Oldies

Dogs in the later years of life can develop problems with controlling the release of urine and feces. The causes can be due to both physical and mental decline.

Elderly dogs sometimes suffer problems with memory or cognitive function just like humans. If they do, they may simply forget or get confused about how and where their plumbing should work!

Older dogs may also be slower moving. If an older dog develops arthritis or joint problems they may move more slowly and have problems making it outside in time.

Lady Dogs on Heat

When female dogs are in their estrus cycle, or on heat, they discharge fluid and blood. The amount of discharge varies from dog to dog. The blood may range from being unnoticeable, to spotting, or to heavy bleeding. Dogs will clean themselves during this period, but it can mark other surfaces.

Estrus is the fertile part of their cycle. This is the time when if you do not want them to become pregnant they should be kept away from unsnipped male dogs. Never think that a doggie diaper is a barrier to use for contraception! Male dogs will find a way around a diaper!

Urinary Incontinence

Urinary and fecal incontinence can happen for many reasons. A dog may be incontinent due to illness, injury, or while recovering from surgery. Illnesses that can cause incontinence include diabetes, bacterial infections, urinary tract infections, and bladder problems. Sometimes these are temporary and curable. Other times incontinent dogs may need a diaper long-term.

Puppy Diapers are Not a Substitute for Potty Training!

Puppy diapers shouldn’t be used instead of potty training!  Doggy diapers can be useful for a young puppy if you are out. But you want your puppy to learn where they should go to the toilet, or what signals to give you to let them go outside.

Female vs Male Dog Diapers: What’s the Difference?

pup using best doggie diapers for going out

Dog diapers are not always gender neutral! Obviously, males and females have different anatomies. Because of this, pet diapers are available in different cuts or styles to fit their bodies.

Female Dog Diapers

Diapers for female dogs are similar to baby diapers for humans. They may be a pull-on under pant style, or they may fasten on the sides.  They will have an elasticated hole for their tail to fit through.

Male Dog Diapers or Wraps

Diapers for male dogs may be more of a rectangle shape. Male diapers can be in a pull-up or fastening style like female diapers with a tail hole. Or they can be wraps that fasten around their tummy and hips. They wrap around their lower-mid section only to protect from urine messes.

Types of Doggo Diapers Available

The types of dog diapers available and materials used vary. Each type has their advantages and disadvantages. With all types of diapers for dogs, you can also often add washable or disposable liners or sanitary napkins for added protection. Both female dog diapers and male dog diapers have a tail hole for your dog’s tail to fit through.

Washable Diapers for Dogs

Washable diapers for dogs are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. Dogs may also find cloth diapers more comfortable to wear than disposables. After your initial purchase, you will save money because you can wash and reuse them.

Because you are reusing the diaper you are also stopping materials which don’t decompose quickly from winding up in your local landfill!

The downside of washable dog diapers is that you will deal more intimately with the diaper contents! Get yourself a good pair of waterproof gloves to protect your skin.

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Size Chart
Extra Small:Newborn Puppies weight below 3.5lbs
Small: Newborn Puppies weight 3.5lbs to 7lbs
Medium: Waist Size 9" to 12"
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Extra Large:Waist Size 19" to 27"
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Disposable Diapers for Dogs

Disposable diapers are great if you prefer not to wash a used product. They are also handy if you only need to use a diaper on your dog occasionally. Similarly, male dog diaper wraps are a disposable option for urine protection only in male dogs.

The disposable diaper options can be ideal for dogs in heat. They are also useful if you are out and about and want to protect your car or other people’s flooring or surfaces.

Disposable dog diapers, like human diapers, do not decompose quickly. So can be an issue with regard to the environment and landfills. You may want to desensitize your dog to the crinkly sound some types of disposable diapers can make.

Belly Bands for Dogs

Belly bands are another name for male dog wraps. These wrap around their lower middle section, or belly, and private parts to contain any urine. You can find belly bands in both disposable and washable options. They are usually adjustable so you can make the fit as comfortable as possible for your dog.

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Our wraps can be thrown in with your normal laundry without any issues. When the diapers get dirty you just need to throw them into washing machine. Make sure the velcro tabs are closed to maintain the velcro more durable and sticky.

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Size Chart

Extra-Small: Waist Size 11"-13"

Small: Waist Size 13"-16"

Medium: Waist Size 16" to 20"

Large: Waist Size 20" to 25"

X-Large:Waist Size 25" to 35"

XX-Large:Waist Size 35" to 38"

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6 Things You Need to Know About Puppy Pads

  1. Check with your vet! If your puppy or dog has a problem with their bladder or bowels, they may have a treatable medical condition that can be helped.
  2. Check for fit! Doggie diapers come in a range of sizes and designs to fit different sized dogs and purposes.
  3. Features of doggy diapers include breathable fabrics, indicators to let you know when your dog is wet, and waterproof outer layers. You’ll also find them in a range of different colors.
  4. Change dog diapers regularly! With the nature of the contents that a diaper collects, they need to be changed often. Keep your dog clean to prevent doggie diaper rash or bacterial infections. Use unscented baby wipes to clean your dog.
  5. Wear gloves when you are changing your dog and laundering any washable diapers. This will prevent you from coming in direct content with your dog’s waste.
  6. Chances are your dog doesn’t like any accidents or leakages any more than you do! They would probably rather not wear a diaper if they don’t have to. Make sure your dog isn’t distressed by the sound or feel of fabric on their body.

puppy pads aka wee wee pads for brown dog

How to Measure Your Pup for the Right Size Doggy Diapers

Most manufacturers have size guides to make sure you get the right fit of diaper you’re your pet dog.  The packaging may include guidance on a dog’s diaper size in relation to their weight, breed, waist size, and length from their waist to their tail. To find these out:

  1. Measure your dog’s waist: Use a flexible measure or a piece of string. You can later measure the string against a ruler or measuring tape. With your dog standing, wrap it around your dog’s belly just in front of their hind legs. Bring the tape around their belly to meet at their hips and lower back area. This is the waist measurement. Make sure if you have a male dog, you include their boy bits inside the tape.
  2. Waist to tail measurement: Some diapers include a waist to tail measurement. Knowing this will make sure your dog’s tail fits through the tail comfortably. To get this measurement, start your measurement from the waist on their back.  Then measure down their back to the start of their tail.

Common Questions on Dog Diapers

Where does a dog’s tail go in a doggy diaper?

What should you use to clean your dog when you change its diaper?

Do doggie diapers come in different colors?

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