Boop! How to Soothe and Solve Common Dog Dry Nose Issues

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cute dog with a dry dog nose

It’s no secret puppies have an outstanding sense of smell. But did you know they collect information about their surroundings by licking their nose? That’s why keeping their snout moist is a must. So what should you do about a dog dry nose?

While it may not be an indicator of anything super serious, it’s a good idea to know the causes and potential cures!

Best Products to Use When a Dog’s Nose Is Dry

Now that you know the causes of a dog dry nose, let’s get to fixing it. After all, what dog parent doesn’t want the best for their energetic, playful furkid?

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The Ultimate Dry Dog Nose Remedy?

We highly recommend combining the Vet’s Preferred balm and the Honest Paws CBD oil. Together, they will moisturize your dog’s nose and stop it from getting dry again. Not to mention that the CBD helps with other underlying problems, including chronic pain.

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Huh? Why Is My Dog’s Nose Dry? Why Are Dog Noses Wet?

dog noses under blanket with one dog dry nose

Before we get into what a dog dry nose means, let’s learn about wet noses first. Puppies put on their detective hats by sniffing their surroundings. New people, dirt, other animals, you name it — they’ll smell it! But have you ever noticed how they’ll immediately lick their nose after?

Think of every scent molecule their nose collects as a message. Their tongue collects these messages and delivers them to the olfactory glands. That’s where they’re decoded. Essentially, dogs who lick their snout are learning more about their environment.

My Dog’s Nose Is Dry! For a Dog, Dry Nose Is a No-No!

So what’s the deal with a dog dry nose? Puppies’ snouts get dry when they’re not licked often enough. This means the dog isn’t collecting extra information, which is weird!

Pups are very curious creatures, so not licking their nose may spell trouble. It could be a sign of a fungal infection, dry cracked skin, allergies, or even skin cancer.

A Dry Dog Nose Can Be a Red Flag!

If your pupper has a chronic dry nose, be on the lookout for any other symptoms. It’s not common for their snouts to dry up, so there may be an underlying condition causing it.

Are Dry Noses Serious Issues?

Don’t start freaking out just yet. A dog dry nose doesn’t mean a death sentence. It could be any number of things! It may simply be a sign that your puppy’s nose is itchy because of an allergic reaction. But don’t dismiss it altogether either. A dry cracked nose can also be a sign of skin cancer or of mucus buildup.

9 Potential Reasons Why Fido’s Honker Isn’t Happy!

Let’s put our veterinarian caps on and go through all the reasons why your pup’s nose has seen better days.

To start out, brachycephalic breeds usually have trouble licking their nose. This is due to the fact that their tongue has a hard time reaching the snout. Pugs, French Bulldogs, and Boxers usually suffer from nose dryness. A little bit of balm should take care of it, though.

Older dogs, too, may have a dog dry nose. Age makes them dry up, which is nothing some nose balm can’t fix. It’s not just our bodies that change with time!

picture of dog nose dry and chapped

What About the Weather?

Being exposed to cold weather will dry up a puppy’s nose. Just like we get a sore throat and dry skin in the winter, something similar happens to dogs. As soon as they come back inside and snuggle up on the couch, their snout should be moist once more.

Another weather-related cause is dehydration. Puppies expel sweat through their snouts, in addition to their ears and skin. If Fido isn’t getting their nose wet after a run in the yard, it could mean they’re dehydrated.

Unfortunately, if a dog’s nose is dry it could mean they have an autoimmune disease. Discoid lupus erythematosus causes a pup’s nose to dry up and crack. This illness is most common in medium to large breed dogs, but fortunately, it isn’t incredibly prevalent.

Other Potential Causes

A fungal infection may also be behind Fido’s dried nose. It can be caused by a number of fungi organisms. When they get lodged in the dog’s nasal passages, they can dry up the whole area. It also causes nasal discharge to look different and “wrong.”

Nasal hyperkeratosis is also not unheard of. This medical condition makes a pup’s snout get all dry and cracked. It happens when skin cells produce too much keratin, the protein that hardens tissues. It’s not a life-threatening condition, just very itchy.

Those Pesky Allergies! 

When allergy season starts up, your dog’s nose may start to get dry. It’s simply a sign that they’ve been exposed to something their body really doesn’t like. Pollen, hay, and grass are just some of the popular contenders. After all, dogs suffer from allergies too!

Lastly, it can merely be a behavioral problem. Doggos will lick their snout as a sign of submission to other dogs. Overdoing it may mean there are some unresolved territorial problems somewhere. It can also mean they’re under a lot of stress and anxiety, which leads them to obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

As you can see, a dry nose doesn’t always mean a dog is sick. But it’s still important to investigate!

Poor Dog: Runny Nose, to Dehydration in Dogs: Signs and Symptoms

How can you know if your dog’s nose is dry? Fortunately, when the signs are right there, they’re pretty hard to miss!

Firstly, you’ll obviously notice your puppy’s snout isn’t wet anymore. When they come up to you asking for pets, you’ll notice the moisture from their nose has disappeared.

Another obvious sign is seeing cracked skin. When their snout gets cracked, it means their skin isn’t producing enough moisture. This, in particular, is a symptom also shared with dehydration in general.

cute dry nose dog standing in a field

Boop That Snoot! Keep an Eye on Fido’s Schnozzle

As a dog parent, it’s your job to look after their health and well-being. And you’re doing an awesome job! If you’re reading this article, you have probably spotted the signs for a dog dry nose. Now, comes the time to find out why their nose isn’t wet and moist. Keep an eye out for other symptoms and act on them!

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