A Pet Parent’s Guide to Dog Gates, Pet Gates and Child Gates

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happy dog smiling through dog gatesDog Gates are heaven sent in situations when boundaries are necessary. Pet-owners with dogs that have free run of the home know that dogs may not get along with every acquaintance who visits. There is often a need to separate a house pet from small children or new pets, especially during transitions periods or while potty training puppies.

Creating Boundaries: Pet Gates Can Keep Your Dog (and Your Furniture) Safe! 

Bringing a new pup into the home is exciting. Getting to know you and their new home does, however, entail an inordinate amount of chewing on the pup’s part. Furniture, shoes, treasured keepsakes and soft toys are all in danger during this time of having a new puppy in your home.

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Dog Gate! 

The most important things to consider when looking at buying a dog gate would be:

1. Dog Gates: Indoor vs Outdoor

While gates are available that can be used both as exterior or interior gates, some are specifically designed and manufactured for either use.

For durability and weather-resistance, the material used would be more important for outdoors than when selecting a gate for indoors. While wood is a beautiful, natural material, it would require regular maintenance and treatment outdoors, whereas an indoor gate made of solid wood would not.

2. Materials: For the Chewers

Some gates are just not safe around the dog that chews through barriers. Chewers need a metal gate. No other material will stand up to them so avoid plastic, wood, and plastic-and-mesh gates.

3. Height: For the Escape Artists

dog jumping over outdoor metal fence gate

This would very much depend on the height-scaling abilities of the dog being detained or contained. While it is assumed that bigger dogs need bigger gates, it is usually the small to medium sized pooches who can scale the greatest heights.

Unfortunately trial and error may be your best alternative with a Houdini hound. It is suggested that a make-do fixture is tried for efficacy before splurging out the money for a gate that may be breachable.

See how high the hound can go and then buy accordingly. Always consider the anticipated adult size when buying for a puppy, and buy according to that so you won’t have to scale up when the pup grows.

4. Temporary vs. Permanent Fence Door

Fortunately, amazing options are available that are either temporary or permanent. You do not have to convince your landlord that you need to drill into the walls to secure dog gates since so many pressure contact varieties are out there for you.

Permanent boundaries cater for those areas which will always be out of bounds to the household pets, such as a certain floor of a multi-level home or the dining areas and outside entertainment areas.

Temporary fences and gates are necessary for apartments and rented accommodation where fixtures may not be an option. They are also the answer in situations where boundaries are only required for a certain period of time, such as during an infant’s crawling stage or while house training a pet.

Temporary pressure mounted gates and fences can also be moved and relocated as required and work for when the areas out of bounds constantly change.

Dog and Child Near My House! Do Child Gates Make Good Dog Gates?

The jury may still be out on whether child gates are appropriate as dog gates. Popular opinion is that child gates are less sturdy than dog gates and might therefore not stand up to the task of confining dogs well enough.

In situations where children and dogs share the same space, it might be best to fit a dog gate that will be up to the task of barring a child.

Baby Gate with Door?

Your house does not come with a handyman nearby? No problem. The installation of this gate does not require tools or a handyman. The Regalo Easy Step Walk Thru Gate has a Pressure Mount system with wall saver design.

Just pressure fit it between an opening or doorway and its good to go. This thirty-inch tall gate is perfect for pets and children and can be extended to thirty-six inches.

An easy one-touch release means no hassle thoroughfare using only one hand to operate the lever style handle. The convenient walk-through design makes it perfect for doorways and staircases. It is easy to install and take down.

child gates indoor labrador leaning on indoor dog fence

 The Perks of Baby and Pet Gates and Fences

Gates and fences which are useful for both pets and small children are just the answer for homes that are child and safety aware. They can double as a play yard for kiddies, a safety barrier at the base, landing or top of stairs or as protection in front of a fireplace.

The four-in-one Regalo Super Wide Adjustable Gate and Play Yard is convenient and easily mounted to the wall. The walk-through door design has a double lock lever handle for adults to enjoy easy passage and access.

The sturdy steel construction encloses a large 19 square feet area, giving small dogs or little children ample room to play without feeling contained. If a larger area is required, it is easy to fit more than one system together to create a larger enclosure.

Are Your Dog Gates Indoor? What to Look for in Indoor Puppy Gates

Safety, security, and appearance are all considerations for indoor puppy gates. The size of the dog and the eventual size of the puppy are also important, as are your personal requirements for the gate.

The Best Indoor Pet Gate and Indoor Dog Fence! 

The Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate with Small Pet Door is perfect to allow interaction between your toddler and your small-breed dog. For those times when you want the baby ‘man’ and man’s best friend to be together in a designated area of the home, this gate has you covered!

It’s great for apartments or rented accommodation as installation does not impact the building in any way. The gate is ideal for openings between 29 and 37 inches, as it is expandable and stands 30 inches tall.

The safety-lock feature makes access convenient for adults. It also allows small dogs an easy passage with its 10 by 7-inch doggy door, which can be locked for times when the dog should not have an entry or exit option.

The Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate fits in any home beautifully with its sturdy wood frame and vinyl-coated mesh, available in a range of colors. The rubber bumpers make moving and refitting the gates as easy as can be, without causing any damage to walls or door jambs.

labrador looking over outdoor pet gate

Looking for a Deck Doggie Gate or Porch Gate?

Deck and porch gates must be weather resistant. Go for suitable wood varieties if you are prepared to maintain them appropriately, otherwise select metal gates. Wooden deck gates would be fine since they would likely require the same level of maintenance as the deck.

Keep Your Dog Detained with a Gate Door Outside! 

The Perma Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate is convenient and perfect for children and pets. This functional outdoor option doubles as an infant gate and a pet gate. Parenting requires managing with only one hand, which is why this gate is so convenient. The one-handed operation allows for opening and closing in a push- twist-and-release movement.

To extend the gate, simply pull the handle. The gate will automatically close and lock once the handle is released. A safe, closed off environment in which to play comes in fresh grey with durable mesh designed to stand up to pets’ claws and hazardous outdoor conditions. The gate retracts effortlessly, rolling neatly into the gate post where it’s out the way until needed.

For a gate door to detain your dog outdoors, the Deluxe Décor Gate” by North States is a great option. Some homes quite simply require extra clearance in entrance ways and this gate provides just that. Its 25.5-inch extra width accommodates wider berths and larger pets, giving access without the squeeze.

You only need one hand to open it, and the stay-open feature keeps the gate from closing. When not in use, simply remove the door from its brackets or swing it out of the way. This beautiful gate fits openings from 38.3 to 72 inches and is 30 inches high.

Common Question on Dog Gates

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