The Dog Hammock! How to Make Your Trips Easier With Your Pup!

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Dog HammockThe dog hammock is a simple, cost-effective way to help make your car more safe and comfortable for your dog. But how do you choose which is the hammock for you and your pet? Read our handy guide to find out how!

What’s A Dog Hammock?

A practical place for your pooch to sleep, whether at home or in the car, AND they come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on how and where they are used, as well as on the size of the dog.

Keep Your Dog Comfy With A Dog Hammock Bed

A hammock dog bed consists of a length of sturdy fabric that is suspended a few inches off the ground in a frame to make a comfy, supportive and stylish bed for your dog. They can be bought commercially or made yourself—read on below for an easy DIY version!

Dog Car Hammock!

A dog car hammock is a large piece of fabric that is suspended with adjustable straps from the front and rear headrests, covering the entire back seat. Not only does this sling protect the upholstery, but, more importantly, it creates a safe, comfortable spot for your pet that will stop them from moving about or hurting themselves as you drive.

What’s the Purpose of a Dog Seat Cover Hammock?

Dog Seat Covers Hammock Style

Hammock style dog seat covers are an increasingly popular way to travel with pets. Popular pet travel hammock brands include the Kurgo Loft Dog Hammock, the Petego Hammock, the Plush Paws Pet Seat Cover, and the Solvit Bench Seat Cover.

Keep Your Pup Safe! Benefits of A Hammock for Car

A dog hammock in your car can help to keep your dog safe on the go. Not only will the padded fabric cushion any bumps, but it will also keep your pet from falling into the footwell. A car hammock can create a barrier to stop your dog from clambering around and distracting you while driving.

dog car hammock mad pup

“Where is my dog hammock??”

Backseat Dog Hammocks Pros and Cons


  • A car hammock for your pet will create a comfy, safe spot for dogs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Dog car hammocks are quick and easy to install, not to mention cheaper than other car safety options for dogs, such as crates or bars.
  • A dog car seat of this kind will help to protect your car’s upholstery, especially if you choose a waterproof model. This can be helpful for dogs that love to get muddy, or pets that suffer from motion sickness.
  • A dog seat creates a familiar space for your dog. If you have to change cars often, keeping the same hammock and transferring it between vehicles can help your dog feel secure.


  • Some car dog hammocks take up the whole rear seat of the car: therefore, if you want to put kids in the back or carry more than two passengers, you will have to remove it. That being said, there are some adaptable models available that can accommodate seat belts.
  • A car dog hammock may make it more difficult for your dog to climb around, but in the event of a collision, it will not stop your pet being thrown forward, which may result in serious injury to you or your dog. Additional precautions may need to be taken to avoid this.
  • As with anything that comes into regular contact with your dog, a car hammock will end up smelly and covered in fur. Make sure you opt for a model that is machine washable to keep your car smelling fresh.

There’s One For Trucks Too! Dog Hammock for Truck!

Truck drivers who want to bring their dear pets along for the ride don’t need to miss out on car dog seat hammocks, as they come in larger sizes specifically designed for the bench seat of trucks! Brands such as Plush Paws, Solvit and Animal Planet offer truck-specific models, meaning your pup can ride along with you wherever you go.

DIY Dog Hammock Bed Made Easy!

You can build your own dog or cat hammock bed for as little as $10. You will need thick-walled PVC pipe (1 inch inside diameter) and sturdy fabric, such as marine upholstery fabric or awning material, as well as 3-way corner pieces to match the pipe.

For Those Adventurous Pups…Hammock Camping with Dog

Taking your dog camping can be great fun, but some pets can get anxious away from home. Having their own hammock that smells familiar can be a great way to help them relax.

What is A Turtle Dog Hammock Stand?

A Turtle Dog is a popular type of hammock seat stand that consists of a beam supported by two tripods. They are popular both at home and when camping, and can be used by humans too—if you can beat your dog to it! Turtle Dog stands are available commercially, or there are lots of tutorials online for DIY versions.

How Do You Choose The Best Dog Hammock?

Choosing the best dog hammock is all about working out which one works for you and your pet.

Consider the size of your dog, as well as its weight and age. Your hammock will need to be safe and to fully support your dog. Do you like going for long, muddy walks, or is your pooch more of a pampered lap dog? This can make the difference between a heavy-duty, waterproof model or a luxury quilted fleece option.

Price is an important consideration too, as dog hammocks can range from around $10 to $100—how much are you willing to spend?

There’s A Hammock For Groomers Too! Dog Grooming Hammock

A dog grooming hammock is a kind of sling that supports the dog’s belly while its paws hang free. This allows owners or groomers to trim the dog’s fur or nails easily. While this may look strange, apparently it is not unusual to see a dog relaxing happily in their grooming hammock!

Head To Amazon…Best Dog Car Hammock!

There are many car dog hammocks available on Amazon, at a huge range of prices, often with next-day shipping available. Their top sellers, however, are as follows:

Third Place!

URPOWER Pet Seat Cover

This seat cover boasts a waterproof and scratch-proof front with non-slip fabric on the back. It is machine washable and suitable for cars, trucks and SUVs.

Second Place!

URPOWER Pet Seat Cover Hammock 600D

This pet car hammock is the upgraded version of the model above, with the same features as well as added side flaps to protect doors and prevent dogs from jumping out. It also comes with tether leashes for added security.

First Place!

BarksBar Original Pet Seat Cover for Cars

Dog Car Hammock

“Let’s go on an adventure!”

Amazon’s top rated car dog hammock converts between a hammock and a bench seat cover. Available in two sizes, it is waterproof, machine washable and easy to install. It even has built-in pockets for easy storage of toys, treats, leashes, or anything else your dog might need on a journey.

Head To Petsmart, Petco, or Your Local Pet Store for dog bed hammock

As car dog hammocks increase in popularity among pet owners, they are becoming widely available.

Pet store chains such as Petsmart and Petco stock a wide range of dog-friendly car seat covers, from cargo liners for the trunk, hammocks for the rear seats, and individual seat covers for front seats. They also stock dog bed hammocks, with in-store pickup on most items. Many independent pet shops also carry a wide range, so it is worth shopping around.

Dog hammock Are a Great Investment To Keep Your Pooch Safe, Healthy, and Happy

Although there are many ways to keep your dog safe in the car, few will also keep them as comfortable as a car dog hammock, not to mention protecting your car at the same time. Pet hammocks can also be a great place for your pup to relax at home or on the go.

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