The #1 Guide to Buying the Best Dog Harness

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best dog harnesses for puppiesSome dogs get so excited about going out on a walk that they love pulling on the leash. When you have a 150-pound dog and a dog owner, it’s not hard to see who’ll win the pulling contest. That’s why a dog harness is a great little tool pet owners can use to deal with dogs who pull!

But those options are not humane and cause a fair bit of suffering. That’s why we highly recommend getting a dog harness. It gives the owner control during their walks and doesn’t harm the pup. What could be better?

What Is a Dog Harness?

A dog harness is a contraption, usually made of cloths, that goes around a dog’s torso and has a clasp at the front, on their chest. There’s a ring on the back of the dog harness where you can attach a leash, just as if it were a collar.

Dog harnesses are extremely useful. Dog breeds that are very large and muscular, especially, benefit from wearing one. If they’re not leash-trained yet, wearing a harness gives more control to the owner when they take their dog walking and makes sure they can’t hurt them accidentally.

Police dogs, German Shepherd dogs, American Pit Bull terrier dogs, and Saint Bernards are just some of the dogs that should wear a harness.

Even smaller breeds benefit from harnesses. Dogs that get excited and pull on their leashes and constantly need to be yanked by their collars can develop serious trachea problems.

Harnesses release the pressure the collar puts the dog under, and so reduces the chances of getting trachea problems. Even small, designer dogs can benefit from wearing it!

Lastly, a dog harness is very useful when training a dog to walk on the leash and doing obedience training. It gives you a lot more control than collars do, while not hurting your puppy (unlike the popular choke collars and shock collars).

This is why so many professional dog walkers put the pups on a harness: because it makes them easier to control, especially when they have five or more dogs to take care of.

small westie dog wearing a easy walk harness

Harness for Dogs: There Are Many Types

There’s a wide variety of harnesses out there, but they all have one purpose: to keep you and your puppy safe and comfortable during your walks.

One kind of harness is the one that clasps on the back. This is the most sold model and ideal for small dogs with back and trachea issues.

Another kind is the one that hugs the entire chest. Vets recommend this dog harness for athletic and large breeds of dogs.

Yet another option is the no-pull harness. It tightens just enough when your dog pulls to let them know this behavior is not a-okay.

Lastly, there’s also a kind that clasps over the nose. This kind of harness acts as a muzzle as well to prevent biting and barking. It’s ideal for dogs who don’t really know how to behave around other people yet.

How to Put On a Dog Harness?

The most common model of dog harnesses is the back-clasp one. To put it on, lay the harness on the floor (open), put your puppy’s paws through the hoops, grab the harness by the two clasp pieces and buckle it up. Don’t forget to adjust the fabric strips to fit your dog comfortably.

Some dogs won’t want to have a harness. Use treats and positive reinforcement when putting on the harness to distract them. You can also use the whistle technique to train them to stay quiet while you put on their dog harness.

Puppy Harness to Step-Through Harness: How to Select the Best Harness for Dogs

The most important thing when it comes to harnesses is size. Measure your dog’s ribcage and make sure you only look at harnesses that will fit him like a glove.

A too-tight harness will hurt your dog and cut off circulation, while a too-loose harness will let your pup wiggle out of it and potentially run away.

If your dog pulls on his leash a lot, a harness with a front leash attachment is recommended. If your dog has a short coat of skin irritation problems, choose a harness with padding. But one thing all owners should check is if the stitch work on the harness looks durable or flimsy — always choose high-quality stitching.

If you’re looking into getting a collar, choosing the right one is crucial. Luckily, we’ve written up an article to guide you through it!

The Best Dog Harness: Our Top 2 Step-In Dog Harness

large dog running with ruffwear dog leash and no pull dog harness

Step-in harnesses are easy to put on and give the owner enough control to take even the most stubborn dogs on a walk. Here are our top 3 picks for this kind of contraption.

Balance Harness

Balance Harness Step-In Dog Harnesses are easy to put on and highly adjustable to your dog’s figure. You can adjust it to snugly fit your dog’s neck, chest, and back. Plus, it allows freedom of movement.


The DEXDOG EZHarness can easily be adjusted by pulling on the fabric straps and feeding them through the metal buckles. They’re reliable for owners and comfortable for dogs.

Gooby Choke Free X Harness

An amazing no-choking dog harness that is padded can be adjustable to a dog’s ribcage and neck girth, and that has suede trimming to minimize any friction between the harness and a dog’s skin.

So, What’s the Best No-Pull Dog Harness and Dog Harness Vest!

Dogs who like to pretend they’re sled dogs running on the Arctic can be hard to manage on walks. But because walks should be fun and never a strength competition, we recommend trying out these no-pull dog harnesses.

Freedom No Pull Harness

The 2 hound design no-pull harness is perfect for dogs who get too excited and like to tangle themselves up on the leash. It attaches to the back metal hoop and makes your dog walk on a straight line. There are also two side clasp mechanisms that make wiggling out of the harness impossible.

Voyager All-Weather No Pull Step-In Mesh Dog Harness

Made with all-weather-proof mesh material, the Voyager no pull step-in harness will be your friend during all seasons of the year. It comes in many different colors and even sizes so that your dog has the best experience possible wearing it.

Kong Harness: Comfy and Durable

Dogs, when they get excited, don’t know how much strength and force they have. So it’s easy for them to wreck collars and harnesses. But thankfully, these dog harness pieces are meant to last a lifetime!

Kong Dong Harness

Comfortability and durability are key when talking about this harness. It’s fully adjustable and padded on the inside, preventing chafing and skin irritation of your pet.

The stitch work that keeps the whole harness together is top-notch. The high-quality manufacturing of the Kong Dong Harness makes it a nearly indestructible dog harness piece.

Tactical Dog Harness: The Perfect Large Dog Harness for Active Pups!

tactical step in harness for working dog

Tactical harnesses are perfect for military working dogs, law enforcement or police dogs, and any service dog. It makes them more visible from a distance, shows that they’re working, not on a leisure walk, and provide maximum comfort.


The ICEFANG Harness is adjustable to your dog’s chest width and neck girth, which makes it pretty much escape-proof. There are four quick-release buckles on the vest, perfect for taking off the vest easily. It’s very durable, yet comfortable for your pet. The padding on the inside is comfortable and ensures no chafing happens.

One Tigris

The One Tigris Harness uses Australia pin Cobra Buckle pieces to keep your pooch in the vest at all times. It’s adaptable to your dog’s size, has a strong metal leash attachment, a no-pull mechanism, and the stitch work is of very high quality. You can even suspend your dog in the air by holding them by the vest and the stitching wouldn’t break.

Best ESA and Service Dog Harness

Emotional support animals and service dogs play an important role in a lot of people’s lives. So it only makes sense that they also have access to one-of-a-kind products, including harnesses.

When shopping for an ESA and service dog harness you want to emphasize comfort, since they’ll be wearing the vast for a considerable part of their day.

Ruffwear Harness

Ruffwear Harness makes cutting-edge products of the highest quality out there. The Front Range model they have is perfect for ESAs and service animals.

It’s very comfortable, can be worn all day long without harming your pup, and it’s very secure and good at preventing pulling and escaping.

It has two leash attachment points for even the most difficult days when your ESA feels like pulling on his leash a bit too much.

Kurgo Dog Harness

One of the things Kurgo Dog Harness products brought to the dog-harness world is the car feature. There is a metal buckle through which you can slide the safety belt from your car to keep your dog safe in place.

No one wants a dog doing naughty things inside a moving vehicle, so the Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Dog Harness is a blessing.

Houdini Pooch? Here Are the Best Escape-Proof Dog Harnesses

We have all heard tales of dogs who want to become Houdini one day. Somehow, they manage to escape every fenced yard, gated property, cage, and even collars. Some dogs will also successfully escape their harness.

It can be so frustrating for their owners to find a good dog vest and harness that will stop these dogs from escaping everything. But luckily, there are some products on the market that help with this.

dogs wearing freedom harness


The Rabbitgoo dog harness is a dog owner’s favorite! Its easy-on-easy-off mechanism makes taking on and off this vest a piece of cake. But only humans can unsnap the strong buckles that keep the harness on the dog.

Not even the best canine illusion master could undress this vest! The pulling distribution is done so well that it won’t cause strain to your dog’s body. Lastly, it has slide straps that let you adjust the vest to your dog’s body to perfection, as well as two leash attachment buckles.

Top 2 Small Dog Harness for Those Little Pups!

Small dogs are among the ones who need dog harnesses the most. Their frail necks can become seriously injured if they’re being yanked by the leash. To avoid any nasty neck and back problems, harnesses are perfect for dogs who are small but have big personalities.

Puppia Dog Harness

The Puppia Dog Harness is a bestseller for one simple reason: it’s fully adjustable, lightweight, and durable. It prevents your dog from slipping from his harness without weighing him down.

Pawtitas Dog Harness

The Pawtitas Dog Harness is easy to put on, lightweight, durable, and fashionable are the best words to describe the Pawtitas dog harness. It’s perfect for small dogs who pull on their leash since it has a no-pull mechanism.

Top 2 Large Dog Harness for Big Dogs!

Large dogs can become a little too excited about going out for a walk and pull on their leash. This is especially true when it comes to large hunting breeds with a very good sense of smell.

As soon as they catch the trail to a small mammal, they’ll dash running. If you’re having trouble making your dog walk in a straight line and being pulled by the arm, these harnesses are a lifesaver!

DT Dog Harness

The DT Dog Harness is perfect for those giant breeds. The wide straps that are padded are comfortable for our large four-legged friends. It has three attachment points for a leash and a quick-release buckle system that makes putting on and taking off the vest a breeze.

Buddy Belt Leather Dog Harness

Being one of the most expensive harnesses out there comes with its advantages. This is probably the sturdiest of all the harnesses we’ve seen and it will last you a lifetime. It’s fully adjustable, has padded straps that are comfortable for large pups, and they have very strong stitching that binds the whole vest together.

It’s practically indestructible!

Dog Harness With Handle

Harnesses with handles have advantages over those that don’t have handles. If you’re walking your dog on the street and for some reason want or need them to stay close to you, you can hold their vest by its handle.

Doing so is much better than yanking at their leash and collar since it doesn’t choke your beloved pet. It holds them back by their chest, not their neck.

The Best Dog Harness Will Ensure Your Dog Has Plenty of Free Movement!

Harnesses are great. They’re awesome for owners and their dogs alike. Unlike collars, dog harnesses let your dog move more freely without getting choked by a collar.

But this free movement is all up to you. The best thing about harnesses is that they give you the control during your walks together. Because the leash can be attached at the front of their chest or at their back, your dog will walk in a straight line (even if they’re stubborn!)

Common Questions About Dog Harnesses

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