Everything You Need to Know About Dog Health

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As a dog owner, you have lots of responsibilities, making sure that your dog is actually doing good with a healthy lifestyle, providing food and shelter is not enough. You need to take care of a number of things so that your dog gets to live longer, hale and heartily. All you have to do is just determine what is right and what is bad for your dog’s health. Read on to learn more about dog health!

We never want to witness the suffering of our little buddy who is very close to our hearts. However, dogs are very prone to various health issues ranging from bacterial infections to cancer. If you are looking for a complete guide to keep your dog hale and happy, then you have come to the right place. 

In this article, we are going to share the essential factors that you should know and keep in mind always so that you provide your dog with a healthy life. Let’s get started. 

A Healthy Diet

According to Ruff Hero, the initial step to preventing dog health problems is keeping your dog up with a healthy and balanced diet. No matter what food you provide for your dog, you have to make sure that the food is AAFCO certified. You’re better off focusing on certification rather than the price. You can go with a commercial diet from a renowned company for a healthy diet. However, follow the following nutritional profile per pound body weight:

  • Energy 10 kcal
  • Protein 1 GM
  • Phosphorus 20 MG
  • Water 10 ML
  • Sodium 10 MG

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Water is essential for all animals in the world. A regular supply of clean water is vital for your canine’s well being. Let your dog drink the filtered water that you drink. It is better to provide at least two bowls of water to your dog so that he or she has better drinking and urination.

Going for walks every day is also an essential factor for better urination of your dog. The more water your dog drinks, the better the urination tract reacts. Water will likewise help to prevent infection and stones from taking place in your dog’s body. 


If you keep your dog inactive all day, all the time, that’s not a good thing. The less the dog engages in physical activity, the more the chances of being prone to various health diseases. That is why you have to encourage your dog to participate in as many physical exercises as you can.

It will help the dog to have a boost in physical and mental health. There are a lot of activities that one can teach their dog, such as walking, swimming, stairs climbing, fetching, etc. As your dog deals with daily interactions, exercise will help him to have less stress and become more energetic. It likewise helps to boost the metabolic rate and promotes stronger joints as well. Therefore, to minimize your dog’s health issues, you have to keep them active with various exercises. A fetch ball can be your best friend to increase your dog’s daily activities. 


Many people think that grooming is only what makes a dog look good. These people are entirely wrong. If you are a dog owner, you must know that dogs are prone to bacterial and viral infections.

Grooming plays a considerable role in keeping your dog away from these infections. That is why you have to bathe your dog regularly. Clean their ears. Brush their teeth every day in the morning, if possible. It is also crucial to clip the nails regularly. 

person grooming yorkshire terrier


You cannot imagine how harmful it is when your dog goes through toxic chemicals. These chemicals lead the canine to various health diseases. This is why you have to be very limited while using herbicides, weed killers, and pesticides as much as you can. Additionally, smoke can also cause many health diseases for a dog. It would be the best idea if you can make your home a no-smoking zone. 

Health Supplements

A natural health supplement is a good idea for the well being of your dog. Many homeopathic veterinarians state that natural health supplements can boost the immune system of a dog so that it can respond to or prevent potential diseases. Supplements that come with herbs such as Milk thistle, Huang Qi, Indian Ginseng, and Mistletoe are beneficial when it comes to minimizing possible health diseases for a dog.

These herbs are the best friends for removing inflammation from a dog’s body. They also help to improve the functioning of overall health. As your dog consumes these herbs, he or she will have a balanced blood pressure with an increased energy level. He or she will also have a healthy appetite and vitality.

To find great supplements for your dog, you can visit ruffhero.com. While shopping for supplements, make sure that you only go for natural ones that come with minimal side effects or none at all. To make the best out of these supplements, you can add them to your dog’s daily eating regime. 

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Love and Care are Important for Dog Health

Love and care are essential to keep a dog healthy and happy at the same time. One cannot overlook this critical factor as the overall well being of a dog highly depends on its owner’s love and care. The overall health of a dog does not revolve around physical health only. You have to take care of his or her mental health as well. Your dog craves your love and attention. Sometimes he or she only needs your unconditional love. So, take care of your dog with proper care and love. After all, you are adopting them. 

If you can make sure that you provide your dog with all the things mentioned above, you are likely to be able to lengthen your dog’s lifespan. Every year many dogs die because of improper care and irresponsibility of the owner. Dogs are man’s best friend. As long as we have a dog in our home, we have to make sure that we are keeping them healthy with the dog health tips mentioned above.

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