Top 8 Dog Podcasts You Have To Subscribe To

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Fun fact: over 50 % of people in the US have listened to at least one podcast in the last year! With the overload of information and topic choices out there, it can be difficult to remember the simple pleasures we want to know more about. There are podcasts about everything from true crime to dental health. So, it’s hardly surprising that there are a bunch of dog podcasts created solely by and for dog lovers! Read on to learn about our top 8 picks!

Before we go into the list, here the basics that you need to know about podcasts:

How to Subscribe to a Podcast

Podcasts are “internet radio shows” that you can set to automatically download to your phone when they release new episodes. This means that you subscribe (for free of course) to the podcast, and then you get a notification whenever a new episode is ready for you to listen to.

You can use different mobile apps to listen to podcasts. iPhone users have a podcast app already installed. Android users will have to choose one of the apps. Some of them are paid and some are free.

We encourage you to use the free app “Google Podcasts” or “Apple Podcasts”. They are great for beginners and offer a great listening experience.

8 Best Podcasts for Dog Owners and Dog Lovers

The most amazing thing about podcasts is that you can take in information while getting things done. Housework, gardening, and driving long distances are much more entertaining when you’re listening to a topic you’re interested in.

Can I Pet Your Dog?

Have you been asked that? Of course, you have. This podcast is created by two women, Allegra and Renee. Both of them are proud dog owners. This is why they chit-chat about how their dogs are doing or about what happened on their last walk and who they met. You won’t miss any dog related news if you listen to their podcast.

They are no amateurs! They have more than 170 episodes already and are still going strong.

Out of all the podcasts that were reviewed on the internet, theirs was ranked # 1, so we have also ranked it as the best podcast for dog owners.

Canine Nation

The Canine Nation is a website that you probably already know as a dog owner. The content on this website is really great and there are a lot of dog owners that will turn to Canine Nation with questions and problems connected to their dogs.

This podcast is hosted by a man (not that it matters), called Eric Brad. Eric invites great guests and they talk about topics that teach pet parents about “Better living with our dogs through modern training methods based on behavioral science”.

So as you can read from their description, they will teach you how to use positive reinforcements to train your dog(s). With the scary number of incidents involving emotional support animals (ESAs) biting people in airports and on flights, this podcast is gold for people who want to (and should) socialize and train their dogs!

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iWoof Podcasts by Dr. Dunbar

Woof, iWoof, you Woof, we all Woof. Sorry, too much excitement.

You should also visit the website, that has a BIG number of different videos that will show you how to train your dog. The videos are a bit old (really old), but the knowledge and the advice are still important and still as true as they were when the videos were recorded.

The same goes for the podcast, right now you won’t get new podcast episodes, but you can browse their podcast library that holds episodes produced in previous years. There are a lot of them to choose from!

Creative Dog Training

Podcasts are often niche-oriented so that you get very specific information in every episode. This one is such a podcast. All the topics revolve around dog training.

You can find episodes like “Preventing and Stopping Problems at the Dog Park” or “Transitioning your Indoor Housetrained Dog to go Outside” or even “Getting a Second Dog”. You can choose between 65 recordings in their library.

New is not always better and in this case, the oldies are goldies.

The Dog Trainer Quick and Dirty Tricks

This is a special category of a podcast because the creators aren’t creating new content. Episodes in this podcast are usually very short and specific, with a lot of facts and not too much random chit-chat.

Episodes are usually less than 10 minutes long. Because there are 2017 episodes available, you have a lot to catch-up to do. Go and listen to all the episodes in a row, or select those that you find interesting by the title and listen to only a couple. But you will enjoy them as much as we did listening to them.

It’s a Doggy Dog World

Podcasts should be alive and kicking. They should publish new episodes. So, we are back to those that are still publishing podcasts. Three women, their dogs, and microphones. This is how we could describe this podcast.

It brings you a wide variety of topics, from the daily stroll with your dog to everything about training and living with a dog. The three hosts bring a lot of personal opinions and experiences to this podcast.

We really enjoyed the recent episode on how to live with a dog with chronic illnesses. You can enjoy the experiences and information from all the three hosts. They all have different views and opinions about the topics at hand.

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In Dog We Trust

We have a blast from the past for you. An Oldie but Goldie. This is not its own podcast, but a podcast episode from one of the best and most popular podcasts out there. This American Life is a podcast that talks about almost every topic that you can think of. They also touched upon the topic of living with a dog.

This is a podcast episode that you should really listen to. If you are starting in the world of podcasts, you should probably subscribe to This American Life! It is really good, funny and interesting and the topics that they choose to cover are something else.

Vegas Rock Dog Radio

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and not only for humans. The podcast has a Rock’n’Roll hip host Sam. Sam is the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll Dogs. She brings in exciting guests that are people who would go to Vegas and do things that you do in Vegas.

Of course, dogs are still the focus of the topics. You will learn about dogs and enjoy the friendly banter so that you get something for your dog and something for yourself.

Did we miss any great dog podcasts? Tell us what podcasts you listen to in the comments!

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