Dog Poop Bags! All You Need to Know About Dog Waste Bags

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dog poop scooper on dog collarDog Poop Bags are an under-emphasized part of living with a dog. Granted, it’s not among the first considerations when thinking about owning a pooch, but maybe it should be in this day and age. Gone are the days when dogs ran about unattended and did their business willy-nilly beside roads and under sidewalk hedges.

Times they are a-changing and it is now more acceptable to pick up steaming piles than it is to leave them on the ground as was once the norm. Responsible pet walkers are now out, armed with hand sanitizer, poop-scoops, and baggies.

Why Every Pet Parent Should Have Dog Poop Bags at Hand! 

We owe it to Mother Earth to do our part in saving the planet. Yes, this can start with bagging your puppy’s poop! Of course, pet poop is not as much a threat to the environment as carbon pollution or nuclear waste, but it is most certainly more than just an embarrassing smell under your shoe.

Plus that way it leaves less poop out there for dogs to eat.

Risks associated with doggy doo-doo include bacteria, viruses, and parasites. Why should that worry you? Because up to 30% of bacteria present in urban watersheds can be attributed to dog effluent.

One hundred dogs can contribute enough bacteria, nitrogen and phosphorous over only two or three days to disallow swimming and shellfishing across 20 miles of a bay-watershed.

Even the air that we breathe is full of bacteria from doggy poop. You didn’t realize your poop bag could make such a difference, did you?

white dog poop in dog waste bags sign

So Many Dogs, So Much Poop: Do Your Duty and Deal with the Doody! 

“SCOOP IT, BAG IT, TRASH IT”. Forty percent of dog owners do not pick up after their fur babies. Be part of the sixty percent! Be among the majority in the world of dog lovers.

No one wants to live in a world where you have to dodge piles of excrement on suburban curbs or watch your step in public parks and on city streets.

Yes, it is only natural, but you nonetheless have a duty to pick up your dog’s doody! You would not let your toddler loose on the sidewalk and then leave the result, would you? Why should it be any different with your dog?

Get Rid of that White Dog Poop! Types of Poop Bags to Choose From 

While the vigilant dog poop bagger may feel righteous about always having poop bags at hand, most don’t realize that there are good poop bags and then there are better poop bags. It all comes down to individual needs and priorities.

Plain Plastic Bags 

Do they come any more convenient than AmazonBasics Dog Waste Bags with Dispenser and Leash Clip? These leak-proof poop bags are thicker than normal, and at a handy 13 x 9 inches, they make for safe and sanitary handling.

The bags come complete with a handy black dispenser. Bags easily pull out of any standard-size leash dispenser, for quick no-fuss handy bags whenever and wherever the need arises.

Simply remove the base from the dispenser to fit the roll of bags and then reattach the base. Pull the first bag through, and see how effortlessly the bags separate. Clip the leash clip to the leash and Bob’s your uncle! Less to hold while walking your fur baby, and baggies at the ready with which to clean up.

biodegradable dog poop bags

Biodegradable Dog Waste Bags

Pets N Bags are not only environmentally friendly, these Dog Poop Bags are also odorless, tough, and super-simple to use. They come with a handy reusable dispenser from which to easily pull and tear off your durable poop bag. Just pop the roll of bags into the dispenser and let your doggy ‘go’!

Scented Bio Bags 

Earth-Rated lavender-scented bags are the bomb for heavenly scented dog poop bags, and they are totally recyclable; down to the roll inner! They are also tougher, bigger, thicker and unquestionably leak-proof! The bags fit most standard leash dispensers, but you can use them with Earth-Rated’s own leash dispenser too.

Compostable Poop Bags

My AlphaPet Premium Pet Waste Bags are green! both in color and environmentally. They are vegetable-based, made from cornstarch and take just 90 days to decompose. This doggy poop-bag helps to keep our planet’s landfills and seas free of plastic.

The bags fit standard dispensers and offer a star-sealed base, which means more bag between your hand and the poop. Added protection where you need it the most.

The bigger, thicker, tougher leak-proof bags safely contain both the poop and the poo smell, although the bags themselves are not scented.

Water Soluble Bags 

Flush Puppies are the first poop bags to be certified compostable and the only ones that are flushable! Trash ’em, compost ’em, or flush ’em! Yes, that’s right! You can safely flush them and the poop down the toilet. These convenient bags are however not suitable for home composting and they do of course fit all standard dispensers.

How to Dispose of a Doggie Bag Responsibly: Dog Waste Station! 

There is a long list of DONT’S when it comes to disposing of doggie poop bags, which may dishearten those who diligently bag after their pups.

Don’t throw poop bags in the trash which will end up in a landfill. Don’t banish them to the garden compost because animal pathogens can harm humans.

Don’t toss them in municipal yard waste bins where they are likely not allowed. Don’t despair! We have some DOs for the disposal of for your doggy doo-doo!

woman with dog poop bag at dog waste depot

Flush Water Soluble Dog Bags

You will want to make sure that the bags you are standing over the loo with, eager to flush, are indeed flushable before you do. If poop bags are water soluble, you may lament that they may disintegrate before you are ready, just from the water to be found naturally in the crappy content.

The water that is to be found in doggy poop is not enough to dissolve the flushable poop bags before you get them to the loo, so relax. Bags that are biodegradable in water are made from water-soluble polyvinyl alcohol. They will have no problem flushing through the home plumbing system, even in older houses.

Be warned though that if you have been told that your system cannot handle flushable wet wipes, you’ll have to disperse of your smelly cargo the landfill-route. Take compensation in the fact that they should be quickly biodegradable.

Make Sure it Lands in the Dog Waste Depot! 

The ultimate answer to dumping your dog poop after you have bagged it, is to have a local Dog Waste Depot! Dog Waste Stations make disposing of your poop bags easy and take the likelihood out of plastic bag and environmentally hazardous poop landing up in compost heaps, landfills and down storm drains or ill-equipped household loos.

Providing waste stations means localizing and containing the doggy waste in a demarcated area. Home Associations, municipalities, communal living spaces and residential establishments are all ideally suited to this option.

Waste stations are just good planning, don’t you agree? Chances are good that the 40% of dog owners who feel is unnecessary to pick up or bag after their pup, will probably be more motivated by the convenience of it all.

Local dog waste removal services will install and maintain dog waste stations, empty the bins and replace the bags. This task can also be assigned to Homeowner Associations or property managers. Independent Contractors or your local handyman will gladly install a station in your area.

Many municipalities set up such depots in their parks and maintain them as well. Should your dog parks not yet have such facilities, it is worth raising the issue and perhaps submitting a petition in favor of the service.

Of course, residents who are not dog owners should also be thrilled by the placement of dog waste depots in their residential areas. This works for pet owners and others and also benefits the planet!

dog waste station in a park

Compost it in a Dog-Waste Only Bin 

Dispose of your pup poop in a Dog Waste Only compost bin. Preferably underground and far away from your veggie patch! Commercial options are available to buy or you can make your own.

Dog poop should never be put on your household compost heap. Pet waste compost cannot be used on edible plants. There is no reason however why you should not let your pretty flowers benefit from the compost.

Common Questions on Dog Poop Bags

I live in the city center and use the public park to walk my dog as do hundreds of local residents. How do we go about encouraging my local council to install a dog waste depot in this park?  

I have a household compost bin which I use on a small vegetable patch in my garden. Can I add my dog poop bags and contents to this compost bin?

Are compost bins available for the purpose of biodegrading dog waste only? 

How can I be sure that dog poop bags are flushable? 

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