The Best Dog Run Ideas to Keep Fido Fit and Happy

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Having a bit of backyard space is great, for humans and pets alike. Our furry friends need outdoor space to run around and play all day long. But letting Fido roam around by himself can lead to accidents. This is where a dog run comes in. It gives dogs the space they need to be active while always staying safe. They’re a great addition to virtually any house—be it a small house in the city with a terrace or a large farmhouse out in the country.

No Time to Build? Check Out these Products!

Let’s be honest, sometimes the best and easiest option is checking out the products online.

Chain Link Dog Kennel Plans Can Be Incredibly Simple

The Giantex Large Outdoor Link Fence Dog Kennel is a good place to start when building Fido’s dream dog run. The walls are durable, it has a built-in gate for easy access, and gives your pup lots of room to play. It even has a reinforced locking system to prevent any runaways.

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Giantex Large Outdoor Dog Kennel$439.99
The outdoor chain link kennel provides a large enclosure for your dog or puppy of any size. The kennels help prevent housebreaking, mischievous and destructive behavior and unwanted accidents. The quick-connect frame allows for easy assembly. It's perfect for your backyard giving your pet a secure outdoor space to play. The steel wire ties provides for extra safety. And it is galvanized so that it resists rust, corrosion and fading, which adds durability and prolongs the service time. If you are looking for a kennel like that, don't hesitate to buy it.

Outdoor Swag: A Dog Run Cable

You can take a more minimalistic approach using the Four Paws Trolley Exerciser. Install the metal cable in your yard (for instance, between two large trees) and hook Fido’s collar to the extension harness. It won’t let your dog run a whole mile, but it still gives them the freedom to exercise that they need.

Rated 4.00/5.00 by Certapet
Four Paws Heavy Duty Dog Cable Trolley Exerciser$26.05
Don't let your fur kid feel cooped up! No fence? No problem! Let your dog safely roam outside with the Four Paws Heavy Weight Dog Run Cable! This tie out cable for dogs allows your fur kid to sniff around, exercise, and explore outdoors while staying safe and contained. The rust-proof dog run cable is made of durable aircraft cable and includes a 10-foot pulley lead. A big dog cable perfect for large backyards and dogs more than 50 pounds.

If You Have Space, an Outdoor Dog Pen and Run Is a Great Idea!

Keeping your pooch on a short leash isn’t always a great thing. For instance, while you’re not home with them, they won’t be able to exercise. Being stuck inside a small kennel indoors isn’t fun, as you can imagine. A healthy pup needs plenty of daily exercise, and two walks a day sometimes just won’t cut it.

A Dog Run Is Great for Keeping Fido Fit

A good way to solve that problem is by getting a dog run area with a fence. That way, your canine companion will have room to run around and play all day. They won’t get bored or depressed, which is something a lot of city dogs struggle with. Plus, while you’re not home, you can rest assured your furkid is fine and hasn’t gotten themselves into trouble.

Dog Runs Keep the Chaos Contained

A dog run has another great feature. It helps you keep your outdoor space tidy and organized. No more Fido digging up your vegetable garden or wrecking your well-manicured lawn.

Think of dog pens and runs as no-mess recreation centers. Your pup can have fun playing with their toys but they won’t be scattered all over your yard. They’ll stay in one place, which makes finding them a lot easier when you want to play with your pet!

Dog Run Ideas: The Possibilities Are Endless

Luckily for dog owners, there are dozens of dog run setups available. You can even make your own fenced dog pen! Even better, you can customize your pup’s dog run according to what they like most.

australian shepherd jumping in front of dog run fence

3 Dog Fence Ideas That Are Pretty and Practical

We’re bringing you three ideas to spice up Fido’s dog run area. We’re sure any of them will make them happy and excited to play and run to their heart’s content.

Mentally Stimulating Dog Run 

The idea behind this pet play area is to prevent Fido from getting bored. Add a tether tug dog toy to the pen. Get some new toys for your dog, namely one of those balls that dispense dog treats. Maybe you could even add agility course equipment to the pen! The goal is to always give your pup something to do. That way, they won’t be depressed or frustrated.

Loaded Dog Run

The key with these pens is to add plenty of toys. You could even add stone trails to make it more appealing to the eye. From squeaky toys to chewy bones, create a playful environment for your pooch. After all, what four-legged companion doesn’t enjoy playing all day long?

Large, Enclosed Pet Run

This is the perfect enclosed dog run for get-togethers. If you usually have dog lovers over, this is the pen for your home. Start by fencing off a large portion of your backyard. Then, add items for your pups (beds, toys, doggie crawls). Lastly, add furniture for you and your guests to use (picnic tables, benches). This will make it much easier to spend time with your furry friend and your human friends. You could even host a playdate for neighborhood dogs!

labrador looking out from outdoor dog pen

Outdoor Dog Kennel Ideas for Keeping Your Pooch Safe and Satisfied

How do you make sure the dog run you got is the best it can be? By thinking of these factors and adding them to the pen!

  1. Remember to get a large dog run. You don’t want your pup feeling cooped up, do you?
  2. Add shade to the pen to prevent heatstroke in the summer.
  3. Leave water and food inside the dog run before you leave the house.
  4. Build the pen close enough to your home so you can check on Fido often.
  5. Add toys to the play area to keep your canine companion engaged and entertained.
  6. Place a chicken coop fence along the feet of the pen walls if your dog has a knack for escaping.
  7. Make sure your dog has shelter (a dog house) where they can rest peacefully.

Before You Add a Dog Run to Your Home…

This is very important: don’t build a dog run without the permission of a community board. These government bodies have certain rules and regulations. To avoid potentially pricey miscommunications, reach out to them and show them your plans for the dog run.

This is especially important when talking about high-rise playpens. Not all residents may like having a chain link fence structure in their neighborhood. Communication and cordiality are key.

dog poking head through fence

Dog Runs for Sale? You Can Make it Yourself!

You don’t need to run out to buy a dog run. Instead, you can make one yourself. This way, you can personalize it to Fido’s needs. Not to mention you can choose the fencing you like best so that it fits with your house’s look. Your pooch deserves the best, and so do you!

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