Pet Stairs! How to Choose the Right Dog Stairs or Dog Steps for Your Pup!

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pomeranian climbing dog stairs for bedDog stairs make life easier for you and your fur baby. Ease of access is not always a given for senior dogs and short-legged breeds. By getting them some doggie stairs, you would be providing a lifeline by making life and the house a little more accessible.

Once you have made the decision to enter the market, you will realize that a step-by-step guide is what you now need to guide you through all the options out there.

Why You Should Consider Getting Pet Steps for Your Furchild! 

So many reasons become apparent when you consider the ups and downs of a dog’s life that would be simplified by having dog steps or stairs.

Puppies would thank you for the lift while they’re growing to their full extent and need the help. A senior or arthritic dog needs help just to get in and out of bed. Especially when the weather turns cold and their joints seize just a little more.

Hip and joint problems accelerate with the cold and with age, and sometimes an old boy just needs that little leg up. Unnecessary stress on hips and joints that are already feeling the hardship of breed-specific difficulties or old age should be alleviated where possible.

Then, of course, you have the dog who is short in stature like Corgis, or dog breeds like Dachshunds with shorter legs than most. Short legged doggos who can quite simply just be helped by adding height assistance to everyday ups and downs.

Those necessary trips to the vet, outings out on the boat, rides to the beach or to the special dog park that’s too far away to walk, require your dog to get into a vehicle. Without the right steps or a dog ramp, it is up to the human to do the heavy lifting. Some fur babies are uncooperative in this process. Car steps are what is needed!

small dachshund climbing doggie stairs

4 Things to Consider Before Buying Steps for Dogs! 

Dog stairs and ramps are available in different sizes and come in varying designs to suit all breeds. Safety, ease of use, storability, visual appeal, reviews, and versatility should all be considered when deciding on the right doggie stairs for you and your dog.

The best you can do for your fur baby is to watch how they handle the indoor and outdoor stairs at home or in their everyday lives. If they master life with steps, go for purchasing stairs that best match those they typically use.

Bigger dogs may do better with a fewer number of stairs with a higher rise. Teacup breeds will be left wanting if you expect them to get by with the same rise-height as a Great Dane. It is imperative that you get the size right or you’ll have achieved very little in your purchase.

Making it even more difficult for your pup or older dog to hoist themselves into the car or onto the bed by providing an unsuitable dog step will leave you in the dog box with your pet! We don’t want that, so here are a few things to take into consideration when choosing stairs and steps for your dog:

1. Fabrics & Materials of Pet Stairs

Steps for the car should stand up to being outdoors. Ideally, these are constructed of treated wood or plastic and other materials that can be wiped down easily and thoroughly.

Older dogs and residents of wet locations will be particularly wanting a non-slip grip on the stairs. Stairs for indoor use are often covered with fabric. Not all of which sport a non-slip carpet!

Washable fabrics, removable covers, and all-around easy-maintenance fabric and materials are the optimum choices when considering a buying the right stairs for dogs.

Remember that the dog stairs need to be right for your dog, but also fit in with your lifestyle and needs. Convenience is very much a two-way street in a life with fur-babies.

2. The Height, Size, and Weight of the Steps 

This speaks for itself. The stairs need to cater to your needs and those of your dog. They need to be high enough to reach the desired height. They should have enough steps to reach the destination and for your dog to manage using them.

The height of each step rise must be manageable for your size dog. The depth of the steps must accommodate your particular sized dog, as should the width of the steps.

pet stairs, cute poodle on fabric dog steps for bed

3. Don’t Let Your Giant Doggo Use Tiny Doggy Steps! 

It would be plain and simple embarrassing for your Labrador to have to resort to using the Yorkshire Terrier’s doggie stairs. It would be impractical, to say the least, with a dash of “embarrassing”.

Steps that cater for tiny dogs will be unsafe for a heavier or larger dog, as they may not stand up to the weight. Doggie stairs are available that suit both big and small dogs, so there is no need to have more than one set in a household with varying sized fur babies.

4. Function: Are They Dog Steps for Beds or a Cars? 

Make sure the steps suit the function. Steps are designed for a purpose. As such, stairs for the car will stand up to outdoor use, dirt, weather conditions and anti-slip considerations.

Stairs for beds can be more plush, covered in fabric and may be less durable. Car stairs will need to be easily transportable and bed stairs will need to be easily stored in the home when not in use.

Types of Dog Stairs to Choose From

Spoilt for choice is definitely the order of the day when it comes to making sure you have the right dog stairs for your dog to reach the bed, or anywhere else.

Foldable Steps for Bed

Storage should never be a problem with doggie stairs. Solvit Pupstep plus stairs offer a unique construction which requires no assembling and can be folded for easy storage.

They are perfect for dogs up to 120 pounds, so teacup pups and large arthritic dogs are catered for a single set of stairs. They offer built-in safety side rails and non-skid feet and are ideal for beds, couches, and cars. You could not get much lighter doggie stairs as these weigh in at under 5 pounds.

Portable Dog Stairs for Beds 

Easy Step Pet Stairs maintain and protect your pet’s joint health and yours, with their ease of portability. These steps have an innovative incline which minimizes the number of stairs your doggy needs to manage. The wide, deep steps accommodate small and large dogs.

The entire body of smaller dogs fit on each platform. Large dogs enjoy the added stability to comfortably climb the stairs. The stairs have either machine washable removable carpet-tread or covers. Assembly is also easy, and the stairs just snap together without the need for tools of any kind.

Washable Steps 

Cozy Pet Dog Steps have conveniently machine washable covers and non-skid bottoms as well as high-density foam steps for extra comfort. They come in 2 and 3 step options.

These are lightweight steps, weighing in at under 6 pounds. They are extremely safe and easy to maintain. They are easy to move around, with handy tote handles. On top of that, they are strong enough to cater to a 150lb dog.

Fully Collapsible Dog Steps

This 4 step Pet Dog Car Step is fully collapsible. Constructed of a metal frame, it folds accordion-style for easy portability and storage. The stairs are lightweight at under 10lbs and are perfect for dogs of any size up to 100lbs to reach couches, high beds, and cars. The rubber grips on the bottom mean added security and stability in all weather.

pet steps dog sitting on doggie steps

Taking Small Doggie Steps: How to Get Your Pet to Used to Their New Doggie Stairs! 

Now that you have the doggie stairs, you will be pleased to know that we have step-by-step instructions (pun 100% intended):

  • Step 1: Position the dog stairs where they are needed. Give your pup opportunity to inspect the stairs at their convenience. When they do, a reward is in order!
  • Step 2: Lure Fido up the stairs with a treat or toy. Once he has used the step to reach the bed/chair/desired location and has made contact whether, with a paw or nose, rewards are again in order. Persist until Fido has made it all the way up the stairs and reached the intended destination.
  • Step 3: Once your dog is comfortably ensconced on the desired destination piece, call them back down to the floor. Use bribes, love, and praise, but do not rush them. Once Fido has descended the stairs, once again, reward the wonderful, brave and clever Fido for a job well done!
  • Step 4: (If required) Remove the doggie stairs and store it away neatly until it’s needed again.

You don’t want to be rushing your pet to use the new stairs, and never raise your voice in a harsh manner while training Fido to climb up and down the doggie stairs.

All you need is patience, love, and plenty of positive reinforcement. Your pup will get it right when the time is right – just persevere!

In life’s ups and downs, at some point, every pup needs a step up. Luckily, there are dog stairs available for every dog out there!

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