The 6 Best Monthly Dog Subscription Boxes for 2019!

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Dog subscription boxes are a huge hit and there’s no surprise as to why. They’re convenient and filled with awesome goodies. Every month, dog owners discover different pet-friendly products as unique as their dog.

Pet owners can find everything from durable chew toys to training treats in their dog’s monthly subscription box. Puppy owners even have a box just for them to help them get through the trying puppy training stages.

The Perfect Never-Ending Gift for Your Pup: Dog Subscription Boxes!

Our dogs are part of our family. It’s easy to spoil them. They love us unconditionally. Even when we are having a “not-so-great” day.

Take a little Yorkshire Terrier named Joe from New Jersey for example. A black bear took their open front door at their New Jersey home as an open invitation to come inside. Joe’s owner, Deborah Epstein, estimated that the bear was well over 100-pounds. His weight didn’t deter 6-pound Joe from letting the bear know he was not welcomed there.

Joe was able to scare the black bear away by ferociously barking at him and not backing down. Saving his food bowl and his owner. Joe deserves unlimited supply of his favorite sub box.

Maybe your dog hasn’t rescued you from a bear or of a burning house, yet. Still, many of our dogs have rescued us in some way. A monthly dog subscription box lets you show them how much you appreciate them.

New Dog Toys All Year Long

Dog subscription boxes make sure you have new toys for dogs on hand all year long. Many offering new dog toys every month. As well as monthly dog treats, grooming supplies, and even dog clothing.

Don’t worry, you won’t get the same thing every month. Each month your pet will get a new surprise in their box.

What Makes a Subscription Service Worth Your Money?

Pet owners spend a lot of money on their pets. In 2017, pet owners in the United States spent a combined $70+ billion dollars on their pets. They are part of our family and we make sure they know it. We allow our dogs to be in the family holiday photos or surf waves at the beach during our family Summer vacation.

To some people subscribing to a subscription service for your dog may seem like a waste of money. After all, what dog really needs new dog toys every month? If you’re the parent of a dog who rips through a toy in half a second, you’ll understand the need.

Dog owners that have dogs who are powerful chewers in their home also know how hard it can be to find a durable dog toy. If you are able to find one, the prices can be outrageous.

In fact, the dog toys that claim to be durable and live up to their claims cost about the same as a monthly dog subscription box. Instead of paying $30 for one durable toy, you can get two or more durable toys and a few treats for your dog. All without having to make a trip to the store.

The Top Monthly Pet Subscription Boxes!

These subscription boxes get a happy tail wag from dogs worldwide. Dog owners trust them. They continue to have their subscription boxes on their doorstep every month.

Here are 6 of the top monthly pet subscription boxes. You and your pet are sure to give these boxes “5 Paws”.


Dog owners everywhere have spoken. BarkBox is where it’s at. There are over 600K+ homes that get this subscription box on their front steps every month.

Dogs get a box with 4-6 toys and treats. BarkBox even customizes your pup’s box by their size. Ensuring that whatever your dog gets matches their specific needs.

The Cost: Annual subscriptions offer the best price at $21/box. Shipping is always free for subscribers in the USA and Canada.


BullyMake is for the dog who believes no toy should be left undestroyed. They offer a 14-day guarantee for each toy they ship. If your dog shreds the toy within the first two weeks, they’ll ship a new toy for free.

The Cost: BullyMake subscriptions start at $31/month. Shipping is free for the United States. Shipping to Canada is $8.


PupBox helps you start your puppy out with the best life possible. Each month their box grows with them. Puppies can learn and have fun with a box filled with puppy-friendly products.

The Cost: Subscription prices begin at $29/month. Free shipping in the United States. Shipping to Canada is $5.

Bowzer Box

Bowzer Box is rated as the #1 Canadian-based dog subscription box. Each box ships with 5 treats and toys every month.

The Cost: Subscriptions start at $29/month. Flat-fee shipping rate on every box they send out is $6 anywhere in Canada.

Dapper Dog Box

The Dapper Dog Box support dog fashionistas and fun. Every month your dog gets treats, toys, and a bandana. Keeping your pup dapper all year.

The Cost: A monthly subscription starts at $22/box. Free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

Rescue Box

Rescue Box goes above and beyond for their canine customers and homeless pets. Their dog subscription box helps homeless pets and they handpick every item inside! If you want to give back to rescue animals and get your dog a box personalized just for them — check out Rescue Box.

The Cost: Boxes start at $23.75/month and shipping is free if you live in the continental United States. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska is $5.95.

Don’t Forget About the Kitties! Best Cat Subscription Boxes!

Cat subscription boxes take care of your feline friends. If you’re checking on subscription boxes for the dog, you can’t forget about the cat. We all know how territorial things can get between the two.

Here are a few cat subscription boxes that cat owners are dubbing the “cat’s meow”.

Surprise My Pet

Cats love surprises. They even jump ten foot high when they get their monthly surprise from Surprise My Pet. Treat your cat like the royalty they insist they are with the cat subscription box they deserve. A subscription box service that reminds your cats that they are indeed the boss.

Cats can make their owners start their subscription with the highest option at $37/month for a multi-cat household. Cats everywhere are protesting that the shipping rates are too nice. Free shipping if your cat is holding you within the United States.

Pet Treater

Your cat will give you more brownie points if you choose the cat subscription option from Pet Treater. Cats get everything from toys to accessories with monthly subscription services.

Pet Treater offers free shipping and you can get started for $12.99/month.

DIY Dog Toy Baskets: How to Make Your Own Dog Boxes!

Dog owners need somewhere to store all of the toys they receive from monthly dog subscription boxes. With a little time and imagination, pet owners can create the perfect DIY dog toy basket.

Create a rolling DIY dog toy basket for dog toys. All you need is a wooden crate, paint it if you want, and add four caster wheels to the bottom.

An even easier option is to use a woven basket and attach a chalkboard label to it. Label the basket “Dog Toys” and toss them in.

Thanksgiving, Christmas, and All the Holidays to Come: Why Dog Toy Boxes Are Here to Stay!

These are the best cat and dog subscription boxes you can find in 2019. There is no slowing this down as our love for our pets continues to grow.

Subscription based services worldwide continue to grow as well. Pair that with the booming pet industry’s annual growth. They are on a continuous search for the best products for their furry friends. Pet subscription boxes make that possible every month.

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