The Dog Treadmill: Pork & Pies are No Match for this Exercise Machine!

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The Dog Treadmill: Pork & Pies are No Match for this Exercise Machine!The dog treadmill.

This machine is the solution to many of the inconveniences that make exercising our dogs difficult.

Pet treadmills are great! You don’t have to leave your home to give your pet a decent training session, it means a reduced impact on their joints, and does wonders for promoting all-around pet health and well-being.

Help Your Pooch Shed Those Pounds: Why Your Dog Needs a Treadmill

The Chunky Doggie!

This creature is most commonly spotted post-holiday season, and is easily recognized by its unmistakable and rather offensive “Fat Dog Gait”. While the cat has been on a strict holiday season exercise regime, training daily by running on its cat wheel, there has been some serious food oriented canine training going on: eat, scavenge, sleep, repeat.

Let’ be realistic: even if you are a cat lover, the cat exercise wheel is not for everyone and not every dog, is a turnspit dog, but after making one bad diet decision after the other for a couple weeks, should Pete the Pug be surprised that his collar is an inch or two past “snug”?

A dog life is a hard life. Especially when the aid dog has been living off more than just kibble and the Holiday Spirit.

Fear not Pete, it’s time to beat those Winter Blues and runoff that fat of shame, ounce by ounce!

“How?” You ask when it’s freezing outside and you’re too embarrassed to be seen outside in your current state (those snooty dogs at the park would have a ball with this one)?

The Dog Treadmill Pete! Your humans need to get you one!

Getting your beloved canine a dog treadmill is a good start to making up for slacking in the walkies department, and for all those extra little treats he’s been getting.

Gammon? good!

Fat Pup? Not so much!

Fulfill your pups need to run with a dog treadmill workout. No cat wheels required.

How to Begin Journey to Dog Treadmill

Let’s Get Physical: What You Need to Look for in Treadmills for Dogs!

Small Dog Treadmill Vs Large Dog Treadmill

It’s all about the “L W H”.

Choosing the size of your treadmill may require some hands-on measuring on your part. You’ll need to measure your dog’s height, weight, and length. The length is referring to the length of a fully outstretched stride while your dog is running.

A good way to measure this is by getting him to lie down on the ground, on his side, and measure those outstretched legs.

Getting this right is so important because the last thing you want to do is buy a dog treadmill half the length of your dog’s full stride. Dog treadmills generally aren’t the “One Size Fits All” sort of equipment.

Check that the treadmill you are buying is appropriate for your dog’s “L W H”. A dog treadmill for a Chihuahua will not work for a Great Dane. A medium-sized dog might be better off with one size but not the other.

Ease of Storage

Something to consider is how easy the treadmill is to store.

If you live in a small apartment, or travel often and want to take the doggie treadmill with you, you might want to look at an option such as a collapsible and compact treadmill.

Speed & Incline

The speed and incline options mean that Pete the Pug can start slowly and that the speed can continuously be adjusted according to his energy and fitness levels.

The adjustable incline is a great addition as it would allow for your pet to turn the cardio session into a toning and conditioning one by keeping a slow and steady pace on an upwards incline.

Programs Available

The fancier your dog treadmill, the more programs it’s bound to have, which in turn means that it will have a program suitable for your dog, and for all stages of their workout trajectory.

Many dog treadmills have digital displays which enable owners to set time or distance of the workout, as well as the speed and incline adjustments. There are pre-programmed training sessions which are really convenient and give your dog the workout that is best for them at that time

Guard Walls

Guard walls are a must!

They should be soft, padded and secure. The last thing we want is for Pete, with added momentum brought on by his extra lbs, to go flying this way or that off of the canine treadmill only to refuse to ever get onto “that thing” ever again.

Nope to Dog Treadmills

Some dogs might not like feeling boxed in, but as with everything to do with a dog treadmill, make sure they get used to the space in a relaxed or even fun way. *Cough*Treats*Cough*.

A couple of healthy low-calorie treat or two won’t hurt when they’re getting your doggo treadmill confident!

Leash Attachment

The leash attachment is an important element, as it’s used for keeping your dog on the securely tethered to the machine and to prevent them from jumping or falling off.

Some people attach two leashes, one on either side, for a safer, more secure workout. Make sure your pup is safely secured every time they get on the treadmill.

This is also a great way to get some leash training in without having to deal with too many distractions.


The cost of the canine treadmill varies. Your cheapest, the bottom of the range dog treadmill goes for around $570 and the higher end machines can reach up to around $2400.

What’s important is that if you go for the less pricey machines, make sure to hang onto your manufacturer warranty, and choose one that looks the safest and sturdy.

Dog owners must know that exercise does not have to cost a fortune. Not every doggo needs an underwater treadmill or one with a remote control for a good workout!

Treadmill Training Time! The Top 6 Dog Treadmills for Sale!

  1. GoPet Treadwheel
  2. GoPet Treadmill
  3. MiniPacer Treadmill
  4. PetRun PR725
  5. PetZen Dog Treadmill (Or as the cool kids say: PetZen Dogtread. Yo!)
  6. DogPACER Dog Treadmill: Mini Pacer Dog Treadmill (The DogPACER Treadmill for mini dogs)

Dog Treadmill for Sale: Amazon! A Bang for Your Buck!

Amazo is probably a good place to research options and find the right treadmill for your dog as well as your budget and dog treadmill reviews.

Read the reviews of other, and look closely at the dimensions of the machine as well as the dimensions of the dogs it’s suitable for.

Dogs on Treadmills! The Best Thing For those Energetic Pups!

Dog treadmills are great for many reasons.

They’re great for golden oldies or dogs recovering from an injury and need limited and controlled exercise.

We have already covered that they are great for the Chunkie Dogs like Pete, but let’s not forget that last category: High Energy Dogs.

They are energetic.

They are fast.

They are INSANE!

They would just about run in loops along the ceiling if they were even a little faster.

The Zoomies are real, and when you’re stuck inside for whatever reason with a dog who’s bouncing off the walls, a dog treadmill is everyone’s only hoping for restoring calm.

Some dogs are simply high energy pups.

Others really need that physical exercise to keep them grounded and to prevent their behavior from getting out of control.

Dog treadmills are man-made miracle machines for owners of dogs from anywhere on any spectrum.

Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy, and happy dogs don’t drive their owners insane.

Save Some Money! How to Build a Dog Treadmill (or Carpet Mill)

Dog Powered Treadmills are great because each doggo can go at exactly the pace they are comfortable with.

There are a bunch of blog posts and articles with DIY designs out there for anyone who wants to build their own dog treadmill. With the right amount of research and preparation, it should be fairly easy to assemble.

Just be sure that, well, you did a good job. The path to the vet is often paved with good intentions.

Let Your Pooch Burn Those Calories! Dogs Love Treadmills!

Chunky or slim, we love all pups, but we want them the be the best, healthiest and most confident version of themselves.

Most dogs love to exercise. They love running. Make them work for those treats, it’s time to jog a dog!

As a dog lover and owner, it is your job to amp your pup up and get them excited about exercise and training time! So, help Pete shed his extra lbs, and make sure you shed your turkey, gammon and pie lbs too!

Your doggo needs you to stay healthy. You are all in this for the long run (no pun intended) and need to stay fit. More fitness means more fun for more time.

New Year’s resolutions? More Running! Running is fun! There should be all of the running, all of the time!

It is time, to get ripped!

Dog Treadmill Machine

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