A Look at the Best Elevated Dog Bowls of 2020

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Dog owners know all pups are different, even when it comes to how they eat that delicious dog food. Some dogs (namely larger dogs and tall dogs) struggle eating their food when their bowls are on the floor. Others have no problem at all. Luckily, we can cater to each of our furry friends to make them happy. Getting elevated dog bowls for Fido is a great idea, for several reasons. For instance, an elevated feeder can improve digestion and your dog’s health.

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Here Is Our List of the Best Elevated Dog Bowls and Stands of 2020!

There are hundreds of elevated pet feeder bowls on the market today. You’ll mostly find metal, plastic, and stainless steel stands. You will also find bowls perfect for all dogs, from small puppies to large breeds. But they can vary in quality quite a bit. So much so that the tricky part is finding the one that best fits your dog’s needs. We’re helping you with that today.

OurPets Comfort Diner Elevated Dog Bowls

We’re starting off our list strong with the OurPets Comfort Diner Bowls. There are three models and each boasts a different height: four, eight, and twelve inches. Thus, this elevated dog dish is perfect for all pups, from small to giant dog breeds. It’s also worth mentioning that the bowls are stainless steel. This makes them easy to clean and completely safe for Fido.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
OurPets Comfort Diner Elevated Dog Food Dish$16.05
Elevate your dog’s dining experience with the Comfort Pet Feeder! This feeder promotes a healthy feeding position that aids digestion, reduces stress on joints and bones, and eases strain on your dog’s neck. There are two high-quality, removable stainless steel bowls that are dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean.

Next Up: The Pet Zone Adjustable Raised Dog Bowls

Another awesome elevated feeder is the Pet Zone Designer Diner. Our favorite thing about it is that you can adjust the height of the plastic stand. This way, as your pooch grows up, you don’t need to keep buying different raised bowls!

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Pet Zone Designer Diner ADJUSTABLE Elevated Dog Bowls$26.95
Your dog will be eating in chic comfort with the Pet Zone designer Diner, designed to close the distance between your dog and their food and water, thereby reducing strain on their neck and joints. Elevated Feeding also encourages effective digestion and may reduce instances of gastrointestinal problems such as bloat. The feeder accommodates small, medium, and large dogs by adjusting from 2. 75 inches; to 8 inches; to 12 inches high. It grows with your dog from puppyhood to their adult years!

dog eating kibble from a raised dog bowl stand

Go Natural with the Foreyy Bamboo Dog Bowl Stand

If you’re avoiding plastic, a good natural alternative is the Foreyy Raised Feeder Bowls for Dogs. The bamboo stand is waterproof and sturdy, the bowls are stainless steel, and the rubber base makes it anti-slip.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Dogs$19.99
This dog food stand is made from bamboo which have high water resistance properties. And the dog feeders elevated with anti slip feet make it stable and does not slide easily, it prevent your pet from sliding bowls around and provide protection for your floors. Four size to fit Small, Medium, Lagre Dogs and Cats.

It’s a great pick for clumsy dogs who scarf down their food and push their bowls as they eat. On top of all that, you can choose from three sizes depending on how big your furry friend is. For larger dogs, getting the large bowl model is a good idea.

Keep It Simple with the Iris Elevated Dog Feeder

You can kick it back to basics with the Irish Elevated Feeder Dog Bowls. Don’t be fooled by the simplistic design: dogs love this item. You can choose one of four colors, as well as how tall you want the feeder to be. The stainless steel bowls can be washed in the dishwasher and are completely safe for Fido.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
IRIS Pet Elevated Feeder with Stainless Steel Bowls$17.98
Keep your pooch’s digestive track healthy with this Large elevated feeder. Sturdy plastic legs raise the eating height, reducing neck strain and making it easier for your pet to digest their food. Two stainless steel Feeding bowls are ideally sized for food and water, and fit securely into the top of the dog feeder. Raised edges help prevent flying scraps from going all over the place, meaning less cleanup for you. It’s a win-win! Plastic feeder is made in the USA.

The Solid and Sturdy YML Wrought Iron Dog Food Stand

Why not give your dog’s feeding station a more glamorous look? The YML Wrought Iron Stand for Dogs adds that special touch. The legs are super durable, not to mention beautiful. There are three sizes: small, medium, and large. The large bowls are perfect for giant dog breeds who need a lot of food and water throughout the day.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
YML 10-Inch Black Wrought Iron Stand$15.58
Great for messy eaters or cute squished nose animals which find it difficult to get meals left in the corner of the container,also perfect for old dogs and small dogs who have or are losing their vision,who're difficult to find all of their food in a flat-bottom bowl.

labrador eating from stand with raised dog bowls

A Neater Feeder Makes Dining a Bit Less Messy

You know those dogs who manage to make a mess every single time they eat? Yup, the Neater Feeder Elevated Dog Bowls are perfect for them. The plastic stand will catch any dog food and water that your pooch drops. On top of that, the feeder is pretty durable and will last you a long time. They even have a slow feed model for voracious eaters!

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Neater Feeder Express Elevated Dog and Cat Bowls$45.99
Designed for Medium to Large sized dog breeds that stand over 9" at the shoulder & weigh over 18 lbs in weight. The Neater Feeder's revolutionary design catches spilled food at the top and gathers spilled water at the bottom. The Neater Feeder is also elevated to create a more comfortable feeding position for your dog that helps prevent digestion problems and joint pain. The elevated design also protects your pet's food from bugs.

Go Minimalist with the Simple Platinum Pets Dog Food Bowl Stand

For a cleaner design, you can order the Platinum Pets Dog Bowl Stand. The stainless steel structure is more robust than it looks and has garnered thousands of glowing reviews. Both the bowls and the pet bowl stand are scratch-, chip-, and rust-resistant. It’s a great pick and the discreet design will look great in your kitchen.

Rated 4.50/5.00 by Certapet
Platinum Pets Modern Double Diner Feeder$27.00
Our Diners feature hand forged wrought iron stands with sleek, clean lines that complement any home décor. Available in a variety of bowl sizes and heights, your customers can create the ultimate dining experience.

A Raised Dog Food Bowl Is a Good Idea for Many Dogs

No one gets a raised dog feeder just because they like how it looks. Well, some people may. But there are actual health benefits to getting one of these pet items—regardless of your dog’s breed!

The Benefits of Using Raised Pet Bowls

Let’s get into the most obvious benefit: easing joint pain. Crouching to eat and drink isn’t particularly comfortable. It leads to neck strain and joint pain. When you get elevated dog bowls, you’re making it easier for Fido to eat comfortably. This is particularly true for elderly dogs who have joint problems because of old age.

Another benefit is that it makes giant dog breeds more comfortable. Great Danes and Bloodhounds, for instance, have a hard time eating from “regular” dog bowls. Lifting them makes mealtime easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

These bowls also may make digestion easier on some pups. Because their food is higher off the ground, it is more likely to go down the esophagus smoothly. This could help your pooch finish their meal and keep it down.

elevated dog feeder with kibble stored inside

Is Fido Still Eating Too Fast? Try a Slow Feeder Bowl!

Some pet parents have already invested in a slow feeder dog bowl. It’s a great product for dogs who eat like there’s no tomorrow because it slows them down. That’s due to the built-in ridges in the bowl since it makes it hard for them to get mouthfuls of dog food.

As a result, getting one of those products helps prevent bloat in dogs, which can be deadly. If you don’t have a slow feed bowl for your always-hungry pup, now’s the right time to get one. Bonus points if you get an elevated dog bowl feeder with ridges!

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