Emotional Support Cat – Picking the Right Breed

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Emotional Support Cat

When choosing as an emotional support cat or emotional service animal (ESA) many people wonder, “what cat breed is best for me”? This is a very good question and one that we at certapet have looked into to help people make this choice.

Emotional Support Cat- Top Breeds

1. Siamese

Siamese cats are known to have their own diverse personalities. They can be very vocal and demanding. However, Siamese cats can be extremely loyal and have tendency to be more close to one or two of their family members. They are active and playful cats and sometimes called the “dogs of the cat world”, since they have been known to be taken on walks and be taught games like fetch, which makes them a great support animal. They also always rank in the top 10 for most affectionate of all cat breeds.

2. American Shorthair

The American shorthair cat is known as “America’s breed”. The first cats of this type were brought over from Europe by the early settlers. Today, the American shorthair is a family favorite. It consistently ranks as on of the 10 most popular cat breeds. The breed is known to have a very even temperament with a good disposition and above average intelligence. Another testament to its calm nature is the shorthair’s ability to get along with other pets and its gentle nature around children. A shorthair is considered an ideal pet for a working family with children.  The American shorthair is the classic emotional support cat breed for being a ESA.

3. American Bobtail

A very newer breed that was not known more than 15 years ago. These cats have made their position as loyal and companion cats which make great family pets. They are affectionate and active cats with tails almost half in length as compared to other cat breeds. They are not vocal and are very much independent cats. They usually are top 5 in the most affectionate cats.

4. Ragdolls

Ragdolls are extremely mild-mannered and friendly, and often seek out human companionship, such as following people around the house, sleeping with or laying on their owners. This breed is particularly good with children and other pets and is easily trained to learn the same tricks as dogs, such as playing fetch, rolling over and begging. Easygoing and loving, ragdoll cats get their name from their tendency to relax and go limp in one’s arms when picked up. One of the largest breeds of cats, ragdolls are also one of the most affectionate, often referred to as “puppy-cats” because of their dog-like personality.

5. Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are one of the largest of all cat breeds and originated in North America. These cats have long been an American favorite and are now becoming one of the most famous cat breeds in the  United States, especially in the northern states due to the colder climate. These cats are also very active, intelligent and trainable. They make good long time family companions and they have the ability to develop a good understanding with their owners. They are very affectionate with children and also with other pets.

emotional support cat

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