ESA Weekly News October 23rd: Emotional Support Dogs Booted Off Norwegian Air Flight

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This week, as always, we’re bringing you the latest emotional support animal news. Today, we’re bringing you a mixed bag. Our first story is about Henderson, a young man who was told he must get rid of his ESA goat. The second is the heartwarming tale of Zoë, the NFL’s first emotional support dog. Grab a cup of coffee and get caught up.

Emotional support French Bulldogs booted off flight

Two passengers onboard a Norwegian Air flight from London to Texas were escorted off because their emotional support French bulldogs started showing signs of distress. An airline representative did not specify the nature of the dog’s discomfort, but the breed is prone to Brachycephalic Airway Obstruction Syndrome. This condition is usual for breeds that have short snouts, which makes it difficult for them to breathe in high temperatures and at high altitudes.

Norwegian Air’s pet policy accepts emotional support dogs and states that they are only allowed in the cabin on direct flights to and from the U.S. A statement from a Gatwick representative confirmed that both emotional support dogs had complied with the security requirements.

The airline expressed that the safety and security of their passengers is always their number one priority.

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Emotional Support Goat Threatened with Eviction in Indiana

A few weeks ago, Huntington police officers and Animal Care and Control workers dropped by a local property. They told its residents, Henderson and his mother, that their emotional support goat could not stay there. Now, the family is battling for the right to keep their unusual companion.

Henderson is eighteen years old and a high school student. He has autism and mental health problems. His mother says he has always had trouble connecting with others, but he became pals with this goat, whom he named Oliver. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Oliver helps Henderson confront his emotions and live a normal highschooler’s life. But that doesn’t matter to Huntington officials. According to the City’s Code of Ordinance, goats must live on at least five acres of land. Henderson’s family home does not qualify. Thus, they were told the goat must go.

Neighbors are outraged, as they know how important Oliver is to the young man. The family has gotten an attorney, who is pursuing their case. It will be heard at the next Board of Public Works and Safety meeting. If the eviction isn’t withdrawn, the family lawyer says he will go to the Indiana Civil Rights Division and move to federal court.

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One Year After an Emotional Support Dog Joins the NFL

Back in October 2018, the San Francisco 49ers got an emotional support dog. They were the first in the National Football League to do so. Now, a year later, they’re happier than ever about welcoming Zoë into their team.

Austin Moss, the team’s director of engagement, got himself an emotional support dog. He was dealing with mental health problems at the time and Zoë’s presence comforted him. But he hasn’t been the only one benefitting from her presence. All the players love being around this cute French Bulldog.

A year on, Zoë is still the team’s beloved mascot. She helps them with anxiety, stress, and depression. They hang out with her all the time and their morale has shot through the roof. She’s part of the family now.

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CertaPet’s Thoughts on This Week’s News

We’re rooting for Oliver and Henderson. Having an emotional support animal by your side when you have a mental health disability is super important. We hope everything turns out for the best.

We’re sad to see ESA’s and their owners get escorted off a flight. But, at the same time, our four-legged friends’ health is a priority. It’s a hard situation to go through, but the airline probably had the passenger’s dogs’ best interest.

CertaPet also couldn’t be happier that the 49ers are benefitting so much from Zoë’s presence. It goes to show just how important dogs are in improving our mental health wellbeing.

If you, too, suffer from mental health problems, it’s time to get an emotional support animal. We can help you with that. Take our simple yet thorough 5-minute pre-screening test to get started. We’ll then connect you with a licensed mental health professional. They’ll meet with you through a video call and, if you qualify, prescribe you an ESA. But they’ll only recommend getting a dog or cat, so you don’t end up in trouble like Henderson did!

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