The English Bulldog: A Courageous Pooch

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english bulldog puppies walkingThe English Bulldog is a very popular dog breed in North America. Sometimes it’s only referred to as a bulldog, but it’s not the only bulldog out there.

The English Bulldog is quite different from French Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, and the Olde English Bulldogge. They were bred initially to be in bull-baiting.

Nowadays, they’ve distanced themselves from this bloody sport. And, have become better known for their family-oriented personality.

What is An English Bulldog?

The English Bulldog stands out because they’re medium-sized, close to the ground, and very robust.

Their wrinkly, droopy face, ears, and their scrunched nose give them a mean, ferocious look. This is probably why so many schools and institutions have an English Bulldog as their mascot.

But beneath that reputation, you will have a hard time finding a more loving and caring dog. All their fierceness from their bull-baiting days is now gone. And, what’s left is a sweet, gentle giant!

History of the English Bulldogs

This bulldog breed was created in England, as you might have guessed already. They come from an ancient line of Neopolitan Mastiff dogs. They were used at first for entertainment purposes, namely in the sport called bull baiting.

Their role was to pin down a bull so they could be slaughtered afterward. Fortunately, all the English Bulldog’s aggression has disappeared over the centuries.

When bull baiting was outlawed in 1865, a lot of people thought that was the end of the breed. After all, they weren’t particularly affectionate and had a reputation for being aggressive.

English Bulldogs weren’t seen as companion animals, let alone family animals. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Breeders were so in love with this dog’s strength and persistence that they didn’t want to see them go for good. So, they started to breed them so they let go of their vicious past and start being calm, sweet, and gentle.

From the moment they started being entered in dog viewing shows, they gained popularity. More and more people in the United States and in England started getting bulldogs. Nowadays, they can be found lounging on the couch and spending quality time with their owners. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the English Bulldog is the 4th most popular breed in the country.

Appearance and Personality of These Tuff Bulldog Breeds

No other dog looks similar to the Bulldog. Their head and skull are large and has a flattened general appearance. The lower jaw is larger than the upper jaw, which gives this dog’s comical look with their protruding teeth. The nose is dark, the cheeks are fat and plump, and the ears fall forward, looking like flaps.

The English Bulldog’s body is very compact. Their shoulders are muscular and broad, while the neck is short. This breed has stocky and muscly hind legs, with hind feet slightly curved to the sides.

Their coat is straight and short. It should also be smooth and shiny. Usually, it can be white, black, red, fawn, or a mixture of these. It may seem like they have hairless bodies, but they still have a coat. The Bulldog’s skin is wrinkly and they shed every once in a while.

Some people think that English Bulldogs aren’t ready for the red carpet. In fact, there’s even an ugly dog contest that English Bulldogs have won several times. In 2018, the winner of the annual competition was an English Bulldog called Zsa Zsa! This nine-year-old bulldog impressed the crowds at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in the San Francisco Bay Area with her “ugly” features.

Bulldogs are known for being a little stubborn but having a huge heart. English Bulldog puppies are friendly and easygoing. They get along nicely with people, but not always dogs. They’re not a very active breed. In fact, a long nap on the couch next to their owner is one of their favorite activities.

The Many Types of Bulldogs You Need to Meet!

Bulldogs come in very different coats. But what they all have in common is their loving personality and their funny, yet charming, looks.

Blue English Bulldog

The Blue English Bulldog has one of the most coveted bulldog looks. Their coat has tones of gray and blue and they often have blue eyes. The shape of their body is still the same, and they have the signature short bobbed tail as well. They’re loving and playful, but can be very expensive because they’re rare.

British Bulldog

This is just another name for the English Bulldog. They’re the ones you’re probably picturing if you think of the word “bulldog.” They’re extremely popular and have secured a place in people’s hearts and homes.

Mini Bulldog

The miniature English Bulldog is not a separate breed in itself. Instead, it’s the result of breeders trying to make the purebred English Bulldog smaller and smaller. They have every single characteristic as the purebred English Bulldog, only in a smaller size. They’re also referred to as being “toy” sized.

There are many other kinds of bulldogs. Just think of all the bulldog mix pups out there!

5 Facts on the Olde English Bulldogge

This is not your typical English Bulldog. Some people don’t even know they exist! Here are some facts you might not know about them:

  1. The Olde English Bulldogge is an American breed.
  2. They were bred to have the same looks as the English Bulldog but leave behind the breed’s health problems.
  3. The Olde English Bulldogge has a more proportionate body than the English Bulldog.
  4. This breed is heavier than other bulldogs, weighing up to 80 pounds.
  5. The United Kennel Club doesn’t recognize wrinkly skin as the breed standard for Olde English Bulldogges.

Bulldog Puppy: Training and Maintenance

english bulldog puppy playing

We’ll admit, English Bulldogs aren’t notorious for being very smart and quick learners. In fact, it can be quite hard to fight against this dog’s stubbornness. Because of this, the method that works best when training them is the positive reinforcement one. They are so strong-willed that they will sometimes only obey in exchange for a treat.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t train your bulldog puppy. Much the contrary! It’s very important to get their attitude in check from a young age. You don’t want to end up with a bully bulldog, do you? Teaching them to sit, wait, stay, and come is crucial. If you don’t teach them these basic commands and others, you could end up with an aggressive and temperamental dog.

It’s also important to socialize your bulldog pup from a very young age. Expose them to children, new people, the outside world, and other dogs to make them a healthy pup. Thanks to these new experiences, he’ll not only behave better with strangers but will also be more well-balanced.

A socialized pup is an easygoing and relaxed pup.

As far as maintenance goes, these dogs are pretty easy to take care of. They have very short coats that don’t need constant grooming.

Two to three brushing sessions per week should be enough. You should also give them a bath occasionally if they get dirty. A good dog shampoo you can try out is the Wild Thang one. Even though English Bulldogs are average shedders, grooming and bathing should help with it and reduce it.

To keep the skin clean and healthy, remember to clean between the folds. Dipping a cotton ball in peroxide and wiping between the wrinkles should be enough. This will make sure no dirt is hiding in the pup’s skin ready to cause an infection.

Keep the ears and the eyes clean with a dry or moist paper towel. You also need to clip their claws every two nails.

English Bulldogs aren’t particularly adept of exercising. Moderate walks in weather that’s not too cold and not too hot will be more than enough.

But they are big fans of eating. Make sure you are giving them the right amount of food and not too many treats. Obese dogs might look cute, but they’re often very sick and hurting.

Bulldog Breeds: Health Concerns — What is Their Lifespan?

Bulldogs aren’t the healthiest of breeds.

This is why it’s wise to invest in pet insurance from a young age. These dogs have a high genetic predisposition to develop numerous health problems. It’s important to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder and to monitor their health carefully and closely. Your puppy won’t necessarily have all these problems, but they are at a higher risk to have them than other breeds. The average life expectancy is between 8 and 10 years.

Bulldogs are likely to have hip dysplasia at some point in their lives. This happens when the hip joint socket isn’t a perfect fit for the thigh bone. The result is something very painful and hurtful — the dog will experience pain when walking or standing up. It has no cure, so it’s important to check that your breeder isn’t selling you a dog with hip dysplasia in their genes.

Their wrinkly and closed-in-on-itself face means that breathing problems are very common. The air doesn’t circulate well in the dog’s air vents. English Bulldogs snort and snuffle a lot. They also snore when they’re asleep. Fortunately, there are surgeries to fight against this problem. It’s important to stay vigilant of your dog’s breathing cycles.

English Bulldog Puppy: The Price of Baby Bulldogs

English Bulldogs don’t have a cheap price tag on them if they’re bought from trusted breeders. The average price for an English Bulldog puppy is between $1,500 and $4,000. However, it could be even more expensive depending on where you live and which breeder you’re going to!

Bulldog Puppies for Sale

If you’ve decided to make the bulldog your best friend, you’ll want to know where to buy one. The answer is breeders. But not every breeder you see advertised!

You should pick out a breeder that is well-trusted and has a good reputation. Otherwise, you may end up with a sick puppy.

Bulldog Puppy Breeder

The American Kennel Club has made a list of reputable bulldog breeders. They’ve even come up with a tool that lets you filter the breeder by location. So, if you’re living in Florida, you can choose to see the closest bulldog breeders to you.

Baby English Bulldog Rescue

If you’re not willing to pay thousands of dollars for a pup, you can always rescue one. Animal shelters are constantly looking for new owners to give dogs a new, happier life.

Sometimes they even have bulldogs up for adoption. It’s something definitely worth looking into, as you’ll be rehoming a puppy in need of love.

5 Tips for First-Time English Bulldog Puppy Owners

old english bulldog running on grass

It’s not hard to make mistakes when adopting an English Bulldog for the first time. If you follow these simple tips, it shouldn’t be that hard to be a first-time owner for long.

  1. Brush your dog’s coat for ten minutes two to three times a week.
  2. Wipe clean your dog’s folds and make sure their wrinkly face has no moisture, food, or dirt trapped and hidden.
  3. Go for a walk with your dog once or twice every day.
  4. Don’t leave your English Bulldog in the heat (for example a car) or in the cold (outside during the winter). They don’t do well with extreme temperatures.
  5. Socialize and train your pup from a young age. If you can’t do it by yourself, enroll your pooch in an obedience dog training school.

The Olde English Bulldogge and Bulldog Breeds: They’re Just Too Cute to Resist!

There are so many breeds of bulldogs (the Frenchie, the American, the Olde Bulldogge, and the English). They have different characteristics, but they’re all cute in their own unique way. They make great life companions and would always follow their owner to the end of the world.

Common Questions on English Bulldogs

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Are English bulldogs protective of their owners?

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