Weekly ESA News Report Dec 4th: ESA Goes Missing in Florida

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From an emotional support animal that went missing in Florida, to an airline leaking private information about ESA and Service Animal owners! It’s been a busy week in the ESA world!

ESA Missing from Grandmother in Florida

An emotional support animal has gone missing from a parking lot in Florida this week. 80-year-old grandmother Elizabeth Mills said that she left her 4-year-old emotional support Chihuahua, Daisy, in her car while shopping at the Miami Gardens Publix store in South Florida. However, when she returned from inside the store, she found that the dog had disappeared.

The woman was understandably heartbroken and distressed, as she counts the tiny dog not only as a companion but an emotional support animal. Mills suffers from dementia and depends on the presence of her pet to keep her in a stable and positive emotional state.

“She keeps me calm, that’s the most of all,” Mills said. “She knows when I’m feeling bad or when I’m feeling good. She makes my day, and she keeps me very, very calm.”

Mills’ family says that Daisy the Chihuahua is a vital source of support for Ms. Mills.

“Daisy is really her lifeline besides God,” said Mills’ son Lavelle Jaenrette. “She misses the dog so much.”

It is unclear whether the Chihuahua jumped out of the window or was taken by somebody from the car intentionally while the vehicle was stationed in the parking lot.

Mills returned to the parking lot to hand out flyers in the hope that someone had found Daisy.

The family are still looking for the pet and have offered a $2500 reward for her return.

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Airline Breaches ESA and Service Animal Customer Security

Passengers of a United States airline were furious to discover their details were leaked via email last week. The breach of privacy occurred when an email was sent out containing the personal emails of customers who travel with emotional support animals or service animals.

About three weeks ago, Allegiant Air sent out an email to hundreds of passenger who had flown with emotional support animals recently. The email included information on policy changes for passengers traveling with animals on the airline, but also mistakenly included the private email addresses of hundreds of customers.

A class action lawsuit has been launched against Allegiant by the customers.

One of the affected passengers, Lois, expressed her disapproval at the breach. “Yeah, I am disappointed. And I fly the airline a lot,” she said.

The class action lawsuit says that not only were email addresses leaked by Allegiant, but also full names and addresses, making it easy to identify the passengers. According to those affected, Allegiant sent a $100 travel voucher as compensation in response to the lawsuit.

Allegiant airlines made the following comment on the matter:

“We don’t comment on pending litigation. I can confirm to you that $100 vouchers were issued to a small group of passengers impacted by an email error. The no-conditions vouchers were not offered, they were simply sent out to passengers as a courtesy. Our customer service policy is to apologize when we make an error and to provide a travel voucher as a gesture of goodwill. That is what we did in this case.”

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