Do the Right Thing: How Getting an ESA Letter Leads to a Better Life with Your Pet

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Do the Right Thing: How Getting an ESA Letter Leads to a Better Life with Your Pet

Warning! Your pet may not be living up to his or her potential!

“Come On, Get Happy” Your Pet’s #1 Job!

Did you know that there is a direct link between happiness and Emotional Support Animals (ESA)?

If you or someone you know or love suffers from anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder or another issue, then you no longer have to suffer from these emotional issues alone anymore.

You may qualify to have your dog become an official ESA!

Your Dog Offers More Support than You Know!

Dogs provide us with a great deal of emotional support, comfort, compassion and unconditional love.

In fact, research and studies published by ScienceDirect show that oxytocin (OT) plays an important role in social bonding in both animals and humans.

Studies have also shown that OT levels drastically increase while stress and anxiety simultaneously decrease when humans and animals are around one another.

Furthermore, anxiety, extreme stress, depression and PTSD involve significant emotional turmoil and distress, which can cause a vicious cycle as well as lead to other health problems.

However, dogs can help break this cycle once and for all.

Formal research has proven time and time again that dogs can help reduce anxiety and stress levels, treat depression, and improve overall health.

Therefore, many pet owners learn to rely and depend on their dogs for emotional support and comfort, and get their dogs to become official ESA dogs.

But What Happens if Your Dog Can’t Be With You… Or Live With You?

It’s heart-breaking to think about life without your best friend. Your happiness, well-being, and overall health decrease because your stress and anxiety levels increase.

And the same goes for your dog!

So, why live life without your best friend?

Your dog’s number one job is to make you happy.

So, allow him or her to live up to their full potential by getting your dog to become your best form of therapy. With an official ESA letter, your dog can be!

Get Happy and Stay Happy: There’s a Way to Lead a Better Life

Life is too short to live without your true companion.

An official ESA letter will save you from paying expensive fees, from being denied housing, or flying on a plane without your dog.

An ESA letter just might save your life.

With an ESA letter, you can finally get happy and stay happy by having your pet by your side in your home and in the air.

Live Happy: See if You Qualify for an ESA

Your happiness and your health are worth it.

Get an ESA letter so you and your dog can live happily ever after.

Don’t be afraid to look into an ESA letter or think that you won’t qualify.

Find out today by clicking here.

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  • Debbie says:

    I have qualified for an ESA through Certa Pet, however my question is how and when do I notify the property management? I recently moved in with my fiancé and he lives in a “no pet” rental. I just don’t want to get us evicted and want to know the best way to notify the property management company. Thank You

    • David says:

      This is a tough one if you are not listed on the lease. I think you need to first be added to the lease and then bring up that you have an ESA and that you were provided with it by a Licensed Mental Health Professional.

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