ESA Goes Missing from International LATAM Flight

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esa goes missing on LATAM flightA bizarre series of events has unfolded in the skies between the U.S. and Paraguay, with an emotional support animal apparently going missing from a flight operated by Chile-based airline LATAM. 

The Story Behind the Missing Emotional Support Dog Logan

Connecticut man, Jonathon Rolon, whose parents were visiting him, says that their support animal failed to be returned to them after completing their flight home to Paraguay from the U.S. on August 27, 2018.

Due to the flight being international they were not allowed to bring their ESA onboard, which most airlines in the US must do, thanks to the Air Carrier Access Act.

Initially, Rolon’s parents were advised on disembarkation in the South American nation of Paraguay that their dog, Logan, had not boarded the flight due to a ‘ramp issue’. But when Rolon made his way back to John F. Kennedy airport to claim the family pet, the dog was not to be found there either.

Rolon claims he was informed at JFK airport by the carrier that the dog could not be located there as an airline worker had taken Logan home. However, he was then informed that the emotional support animal was missing from the employee’s care.

At this point, the dog’s whereabouts are still unknown, and it is reported that over 50 LATAM representatives and the Animal Care Centre of New York are currently involved in the search for Logan.

What to Expect for Logan and for Your ESA in the Future

LATAM has attempted to seek the public’s help in locating the family pet, posting almost 600 flyers in the area surrounding JFK airport, and offering a reward to any members of the public that can assist in the search. A LATAM representative said, “LATAM deeply regrets the situation and will continue to provide all the recourses at its disposal in the effort to reunite Logan with his family.”

The airline has also offered to fly the Rolons back to New York.

Jonathon Rolon said that the disappearance of their beloved pet Logan has been extremely difficult for the family to deal with, especially for his mother, who has fallen into a state of ‘extreme depression’ following the loss of the ESA.

Flying internationally can be scary when you don’t have your emotional support animal with you.

But don’t let that stop you from traveling in the U.S…

All airlines must follow the ACAA law and required to accept you and your emotional support dog free of charge IF you have the right papers. While some airlines ask for more documentation such as veterinary health forms, behavior testaments, etc., the one documentation you will always need no matter what is your emotional support animal letter.

If you are like the Rolons and need an emotional support dog, be proactive and find out today if you could benefit from ESA.

Take CertaPet’s free, 5-minute pre-screening to see if you qualify and if so, we will put you in contact with a licensed mental health professional ASAP.

No one deserves to have their emotional support animal left behind.

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