Weekly ESA News Report October 24th: ESA Tigers and More!

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dog reading about emotional support tigers and moreFrom a veteran who claims his tigers are emotional support animals, to a celebrity who got off a plane because she was allegedly asked to put her emotional support animal in the overhead compartment: it’s been a busy week in the ESA world!

Man Claims Tigers as Emotional Support Animals

We’ve heard of people passing all sorts of animals off as emotional support animals in the past months. Now a man has come forward to say that his ten tigers are a crucial part of his mental health treatment. Pahrump, Nevada Vietnam veteran Karl Mitchell says that the County Sheriff’s office is trying to take away his ESA tigers. He claims they are essential to support his condition.

“In my case I have PTSD,” says Mitchell. “And my doctor has written that she feels that the tigers are beneficial to my psychological well-being and so, therefore, I got what the law requires.”

Mitchell says that he has been using tigers as ESAs for years. However, the Sheriff’s department says that the man is keeping the animals without the special permits required by the county and the Department of Agriculture.

County records also claim the veteran is using his tigers for exhibition and entertainment purposes. This requires the use of special permits.

veteran claims tigers are emotional support animals

Image Source: https://www.ktnv.com/news/investigations/pahrump-veteran-claims-tigers-are-emotional-support-animals

The County cites an appearance at a celebrity birthday party, where Mitchell received $750 for bringing a tiger (which he claims was a donation), and an Instagram account full of celebrities posing with the tigers. They also say that a website representing Mitchell’s Big Cat Encounters, which claims to be a private shelter for the tigers, solicits money by asking for donations.

Mitchell had a USDA license but authorities revoked it years ago for multiple violations of the Animal Welfare Act.

“I have a right to have them regardless of the emotional support situation,” Mitchell explains. “And the right to have them as property in Nye County as a private person. I have that right.”

A hearing on the matter is scheduled for November 20th.

Tara Reid Abandons Delta Flight After Being Told to ‘Put ESA in Overhead Bin’

Actress Tara Reid has walked off a Delta flight after she claims she was told to put her emotional support animal in the overhead compartment of the plane. Reid, 42, was traveling to the set of a film in New York with her 3-month old Yorkie puppy Beso when the incident occurred.

Reid claims Delta staff told her she had to put Beso in the overhead compartment of the plane. However, she refused, citing the shocking incident of the death of French Bulldog Kokito. Kokito suffocated when placed in the same location earlier this year.

Delta staff claim that they simply asked Reid to place the dog’s carrier in the overhead compartment – not the puppy. Staff told Reid she could keep the Yorkie dog by her feet or on her lap.

Reid says she left the plane ‘gracefully’ and by choice. Delta claims the actress was unruly and disruptive when asked to leave.

tara reid with delta airlines logo

Image source: http://www.tmz.com/2018/10/17/tara-reid-delta-flight-incident-removed-airline-dog-overhead-bin/

She boarded another flight to NYC shortly after the Delta incident.

Reid later issued a statement on Instagram explaining her side of the story.

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