Feliway Diffuser and Spray: Helping Cats Find Their Ultimate Chill

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cat pheromone diffuser makes stretching cat calmWhen cat’s get their cray-cray on, Feliway could be the solution!

You may have already heard of this spray that calms down anxious, grumpy or distressed kitties, but were reluctant to try it. That’s understandable – spraying your home with cat pheromones does sound a bit questionable!

Trusted by vets and CertaPet! You can get all the info you need about Feliway in our short guide below!

Does Your Cat Need a Comfort Zone?

The Feliway spray and diffuser are designed to calm down cats. They release the feline facial pheromone (synthetic, harmless chemicals with 0 strong smells) to make your cat feel comfortable and at home. It’s exactly the same as dog calming diffusers that release dog appeasing pheromones.

When you get all snuggly with your cat and they rub their face against you, they’re rubbing these natural pheromones on you… essentially marking you as their human!

Cats associate these pheromones with comfort and stress-free kitty love.

Feliway for cats mimics these natural facial pheromones which are then picked up by the vomeronasal organ in your kitty’s nose, triggering a safe and secure feeling.

When Cat Calming Products are Useful

The pawesome feline-calming product can be used to calm your cat down in these stressful situations:

  • Car journeys to the vet.
  • New objects or people in your cat’s territory.
  • A new home for your cat.
  • Other disturbances (e.g. loud noises).Feliway multicat diffuser product picture

The aim of this pheromone-based product is to create a comfortable environment and avoid unwanted behaviors such as:

  • Scratching walls, carpets and furniture (you will need to offer them an alternative scratching post too).
  • Urine spraying.
  • Crazy hour (climbing curtains and chasing humans).
  • Shaking, aggression and hiding under beds.

With Feliway, Multicat Home Inhabitants Can All Find Their Chill!

Having multiple cats isn’t always as much fun as it sounds! When things get territorial, your cats might be aggressive to one another, start urine marking and other stress-related behaviors.

By creating a Feliway comfort zone, everyone (including you) can feel a sense of well-being and calm.

Bear in mind that the product is more effective on some cats than others – start with a small test area to see which of your feline friends really benefit from the spray.

Option #1: The Feliway Diffuser

The diffuser is the best option if your cat is feeling angsty in general – you use this to make an entire room a calm, comfort zone for your kitten.

The Feliway Classic starter kit contains 1 diffuser (you’ll need 1 per room if turning your entire home into a kitty paradise) and a 48ml vial. This will last about a month and cover a 700 sq. ft area. 

How Cat Pheromone Diffusers Work

The diffuser will gently release pheromones into the room. These pheromones are harmless and undetectable to humans, dogs, and any humans because, well, we aren’t cats!

You can use your diffuser full time if you’ve just moved to a new home, or on once-off occasions like the 4th of July when loud noises will spook poor mittens.

Simply plug in your diffuser in an open area (not behind furniture or tucked away in corners).

Option #2: The Feliway Spray

For a more concentrated dose of calm, the Feliway pheromone spray is perfect. Simply spray Feliway onto an item or area (e.g. favorite scratching wall, litter box, or even your shoes), wait 15 minutes for it to soak in and dry, then introduce your cat!

This 60ml spray can be used all over your home – anywhere you spray, your cat will think twice before scratching or marking it with urine.

Feliway recommends marking the area with the spray daily for at least a month.

The Many Uses for this Cat Calming Spray

  • Preventing the cat from scratching walls.
  • Keeping the cat from the curtains!
  • Making noisy machines (washing machine, oven) less frightening.
  • Making the litter box more attractive.
  • Introducing new items to your home (new TV or Christmas tree).
  • Making the cat carrier a comfortable spot on journeys to the V.E.T.

What About Feliway Collar?

If your cat is always on the move, a Feliway Collar may be more suitable! Instead of a comfort zone plug-in diffuser for just 1 room, a pheromone releasing collar will keep them calm wherever they are.

Feliway also has some other great products, including:

  • A multicat diffuser: for homes with multiple kitties
  • Wipes: ideal for use on electrical devices that you don’t want to soak with a spray (e.g. laptop).

Does it Work? Let the Reviews do the Talking

Reviews are mixed – some say it works amazingly, others see only a small change in their cat’s behavior. It really depends on your kitty!

This pheromone-based product has no side-effects (for humans, cats, dogs or anyone else) and can be used as many times as you like. It’s recommended by vets, CEVA animal health (a global organization) and is clinically proven to work on 9 out of 10 cats.

So why not give it a go? There’s really nothing to lose.

Where to Buy!

Feliway is available almost everywhere!

You can find it in pet stores, specialist kitty stores and even your vet may sell you some. Check that you’re buying an official item and that the packaging is completely sealed and untampered with.

Amazon Feliway

If you buy from Amazon you can have the product delivered to your front door in a matter of days – you also have the benefit of being able to browse all Feliway products and check out reviews from other cat owners.

More Feliway, Is More Better: Why Not Buy Feliway Refills in Bulk?

It’s always handy to have some Feliway refills stored in the cupboard! Who knows when an emergency trip to the vet will be needed. You can buy 1 or 2 refills or 6 if your kitty really benefits from it!

3 Similar Products for a Chilled Kitty Comfort Zone!

  1. Chamomile is calming for humans and cats alike! Stuff a blanket or toy with dried chamomile flowers for your cat to sleep with.
  2. Sentry’s Calming Collar – much like Feliway’s collar but with lavender and chamomile fragrances.
  3. Short-term medications might be needed if the anxiety is caused by a medical condition!

It’s important to talk with your vet if your cat is becoming overly anxious in non-challenging situations. Loss of appetite, aggression and excessive anxiety could be a sign of an underlying medical condition, so get your kitty to the vet for a checkup!

feliway cat calm spray knocked out fat cat

Common Questions about Feliway

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