The Friendly, Fun, and Very Fast Smooth and Wire Fox Terrier!

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happy wire fox terrier dogIf you’re searching for a breed that is fun, fast and has stacks of energy to fill your life with joy, then you may have found your perfect match – the fox terrier!

This lively breed is so cute, vivacious and courageous that they make a little pocket rocket of a puppy pal for those that want a companion to explore and make the most of every minute with.

A Brief History of Fox Terriers

Fox Terriers or ‘Foxies’ as they’re known to their devoted owners have a history as working terriers. This has led to the high energy and super-keen sensed breed that we know today.

Way back in the late 17th century, the British bred Fox Terriers to hunt foxes in England.

Initially, these breeds had short legs, meaning they could not keep up with the pack. Their owners required them to have more agility and speed, to track wild animals and drive them out of their dens. Therefore, Foxies soon appeared with a small body, but with longer legs.

This greatly improved their ability to track and help to bring foxes out into the open. Fox terriers were specifically bred to have white in their coat coloring, so as not be confused with the fox that they were tracking.

The first Foxies were smooth coated, however, they were soon also bred in wire coat versions, to weather some of the harsher climates of Great Britain.

Fox terriers quickly became one of the most popular dog breeds in Great Britain and the Fox Terrier Club was formed in 1876. The Smooth-coated Fox Terrier and the Wire-coated Fox Terrier were both recognized as breeds by the American kennel club in 1885.

The Appearance of These Dynamite Dogs!

True to their historical use as fox hunters, these dogs are small in size and stature, but fearless, which gives them the nimble ability to duck, dive, dodge, weave and chase anything that moves!

The Fox Terrier breed, like many other small breeds, seems to possess boundless energy packed into its tiny (yet long-legged!) body.

You can identify a Foxie by its relatively long legs, compact body and white coat with tan, black, or tan and black markings. The coat of the fox terrier comes in two types: smooth or wiry, and while the Smooth Fox Terrier and the Wiry Fox Terrier are generally classified as different breeds, essentially, they are the same dog.

Fox terriers have a small but long and tapered skull which give the breed it’s distinctive snout. Their tail is sometimes docked to a 3/4 of the original length. This breed is small but well-muscled and powerful – useful traits from when they were tasked with tracking foxes.

According to the American Kennel Club breed standard, male Foxies should not stand taller than 15.5 inches at their shoulder and female Foxies at 12 inches. Their weights should be around 18 pounds and 16 pounds to correspond with their height respectively.

wire haired fox terrier mix looking up

Fox Terrier: Smooth, Wirehaired, and Toy!

Unlike some other breeds, if you are interested in owning a Foxie, the good news is that you have a number of choices within the breed itself! Not only is there the classic Smooth Fox Terrier, but also the Wirehaired and Toy variations.

Smooth Fox Terriers

Smooth Fox Terriers are the classic version we all know and love of this dog. Their sleek, dense coats require minimal grooming, meaning they always look polished and perky!

Wirehaired Fox Terriers

Wire Fox Terriers are the same dog as their smooth coated counterparts underneath their wild and wooly coats, but you’d almost never know it! With a distinctive and unique look, a Wire-haired Fox Terrier will turn heads wherever they go.

Wire Foxies are perfect for those who want a pooch with that special something – but beware – their coats require much more specialized grooming compared to other breeds!

Toy Fox Terriers

Toy Fox Terriers, also known as Miniature Fox Terriers, American Fox Terriers or even Rat Terriers, are considered a different breed from Fox Terriers, obtained from breeding with Chihuahuas or Manchester Terriers.

They are a miniature version of a Fox Terrier, with a silky coat and larger ears that often point up.

Average Size and Weight of Foxies!

While the smooth coat and wiry coat Fox Terrier is around 12-15.5 inches tall and 16-18 pounds, the Miniature Fox Terrier is a tiny 8.5-11 inches tall and 3-9 pounds!

Temperament and Personality of These Energetic Doggos!

These dogs are quick-witted, spunky and extremely active. They are perfect for experienced dog owners. Foxies love exploring the outdoors along with exploring everything else they can get into!

They can have issues with unwanted aggressive behavior towards other dogs, so need good training and a firm owner.

Don’t let the Toy Fox Terrier’s or ‘Mini-Foxie’s’ tiny size fool you! Mini Foxies are notoriously energetic and intelligent, meaning they need stimulation at all times to prevent them from becoming destructive!

serious smooth fox terrier

What is Their Lifespan?

These dogs have differing lifespan according to their variation. Smooth coat Fox Terriers generally live between 12-15 years. Wiry Coats live for around 15 years, and Toy Fox Terriers between 13-14.

What About Fox Terrier Mixes?

Fox Terrier dogs are cute as a button, but what about a mix with another adorable breed? The best of both worlds! Some of the Fox Terrier mixes that are available include the gorgeous Toy Fox Terrier and Silky Terrier mix.

There is also the adorable Toy Fox and Tenterfield Terrier mix. Too much!

5 Potential Health Issues for Toys, Smooths, and Wire Fox Terriers?

Like other small breeds, fox terriers do have some potential health issues that owners should keep an eye out for.

Toy Fox Terriers, Smooth Fox Terriers, and Wire Fox Terriers are sometimes known to suffer from patellar luxation, Von Willebrand’s disease, Legg-Calve-Perthes disease or Legg-Perthes disease as it is sometimes known, and lens luxation.

The most common amongst these, as in many small breeds is the knee problem of the luxating patella. Be sure to have your pal regularly checked out by a vet to ensure they are not suffering from this painful condition.

Using a highly reputable breeder can reduce the risk of your pet pooch running into these health issues. But of course, it is wise to always take your pup in for regular check-ups with your local vet.

Puppy for Sale!

On the lookout for a Smooth Fox Terrier puppy, Wire Fox Terrier puppy or Toy Fox Terrier puppy? Well, there’s no doubt that Fox Terrier puppies are some of the cutest little charmers around.

toy fox terrier puppies sleeping

Fox Terrier Breeders

Welcoming a puppy into your life is a long-term commitment. However, if you’re ready to take the plunge, check out one of these reputable Fox Terrier breeders. Remember, if you choose a reputable breeder to obtain your pup from, you are giving your new pet the best start in life!

Toy Fox Terrier Puppies Price

The price of a Toy Foxie puppy depends on a number of factors. These include location, the reputation of the breeder and the lineage of the dog. Expect to pay at least $400-600 for a Miniature Fox Terrier puppy.

Smooth and Wire Fox Terrier Puppies Price

The average cost of a smooth coat puppy is $700-1000, a wire coat puppy is $800-1000.

Adopt, Don’t Shop! Ask an Animal Shelter About Fox Terrier Rescues!

Another even more rewarding way to welcome one of these dogs into your life is to adopt! Check out the United States wide Fox Terrier rescue groups! Perhaps they have a puppy or even an adult dog you can help to find their new forever home!

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