Breaking News: Frontier Airlines Update Their ESA Policy for the Better!

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frontier airlines new esa policy restricts breedsFrontier Airlines has updated their emotional support animal policy by restricting ESAs to specific breeds, required notification, and more, due to come into effect beginning as of November 1st, 2018.

Issues with ESAs have been rising in the past years, as more and more people seek out accreditation in order to have their dog accompany them while traveling, in public places and in rental accommodation. While the American Disabilities Act provides broad support for service animals, the same is not true for emotional support animals.

Frontier Says No to Any Species Other Than Cats and Dogs

Emotional support animals are instead covered by the Aircraft Carrier Access Act and the Fair Housing Act. Airlines claim the Aircraft Carrier Access Act is too broad to ensure there is enough restriction to create a safe, comfortable environment for staff and passengers in the air.

As a result, many airlines have taken control into their own hands, by releasing stricter policies to avoid ESA incidents.

One recent incident involved a passenger presenting at the airport with an emotional support peacock, while there have also been accounts of other staff and passengers being attacked by fraudulent ESAs.

Frontier hopes to avoid such incidents with its new policy.

Included in the changes to Frontier’s ESA policy are that:

  • The ESA must be either a dog or a cat
  • Only one ESA is permitted per person
  • A minimum of 48 hours advance notice must be given when bringing an ESA on board, through submission of forms required by Frontier Airlines
  • The animal must be contained at all times on board and in the airport, either in a carrier that can fit under the seat or on a leash

For those customers who traveled on an outbound flight prior to November 1st and are returning after that date, the previous Frontier ESA policy will be honored on their return flight.

Customers who are flying from November 1st onwards are subject to the new policy. If you have booked a flight with Frontier and were due to travel with more than one ESA you may either travel with one ESA or receive a full refund on your flight if you no longer wish to travel.

Any ESA that Frontier deems to be disruptive may be denied the right to fly. Some examples of disruptive behavior include:

  • Barking, scratching and whining
  • Growling, biting and lunging
  • Urinating or defecating in the cabin or gate area

Customers who do not follow the Frontier Airlines policy will be unable to travel with their animals on the airline.

Airlines have been increasingly tightening their policies recently, attempting to stem incidents occurring due to passengers exploiting the lack of clear federal legislation in the area.

CertaPet Agrees with Frontier Airlines’ New ESA Policy

At Certapet, we believe that Frontier releasing clearer policy regarding emotional support animals traveling on aircraft is a great thing.

These changes will mean safer and happier flights for ESAs, owners, staff and other passengers.

The new policy will assist those who legitimately travel with emotional support and service animals to feel confident and comfortable in their travels with their pet by their side.

If you think an ESA could help you, see if you qualify by taking our simple 5-minute prescreening test now. 

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